National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089 Untitled

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The youngster leaned over, removing her t-shirt, the reflection of her bound chest falling into the mirror. She had made arrangements to ensure that her Z logo couldnt be seen. As she removed the chest bind, her curves were more defined than before. Her exquisite collar bone came through, alluring and captivating.

Bo Jiu turned towards the silicon Lin Feng had prepared and smiled, tossing it into a bag. Her left hand reached out, placing something on her back. A sea of white skin filled her gaze.

The long dress covered her perfectly. She glanced up into the mirror and wore the long black curly hair, using a black clip to fasten it in place.

The hot-blooded pretty boy from before had turned into a majestic aloof young girl.

Bo Jiu still held the silver lighter. She lit a cigarette and took two puffs before remembering the Almighty told her to kick the habit. She reached out and extinguished it lazily.

Bo Jiu turned towards the mirror. Dressing up had always been easy for her. She didnt need much makeup, just some mascara to lift her lashes and a sweep of a blazing red lipstick.

She glanced back at the mirror, a classic demoness staring back at her.

Princess frowned from the side, watching her cautiously.

Meow, what was this strange youngster trying to do!

Bo Jiu reached out, carrying him in her arms. She was wearing a black maxi cotton dress and holding a snowy white cat in her hands.

Bo Jiu looked very much like a vampire that came out from a manga.

1Outside the changing room, the other three members who had performed were sipping on their wine. Even Lin Feng was there, avoiding eye contact.

Big Spade was the only one missing.

The fans werent the only one looking.

Qin Mo sat there, his legs stretched out, his fingers hooked over the wine glass. He tapped it twice, glancing over at Coco. Where is he?

Coco was still fantasizing on how their captain would react when he saw the female Little Spade and hadnt expected the question.

Qin Mo continued, You have been staring at me ever since you came off stage, what exactly are you looking at?

Coco trembled.How could he have forgotten that his captain had always been good at seeing through others?

Are you hiding something from me? Qin Mo shook his wine glass, taking a sip as he glanced over sideways.

Coco was about to crack under the pressure. Just then, a commotion was heard.

Here it comes!

Coco lit up, glancing up towards the sound.

Lin Feng was glancing over in that direction as well. The emcee had walked to the front of the stage.

At this moment, Lin Feng caught sight of the figure with flowy long hair. His expression froze slightly and he cursed, F*ck, why is it her again? Captain is going to act strangely again. Itll be going too far if Captain let Little Spade down again.

Lin Feng could still remember her.She was the girl that his captain had kissed at the masquerade and in the convenience store!

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