National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 Untitled

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What are you looking at? Yin Wuyao was the last to arrive. His uncle get-up was out of place. He stuck a cigarette in his mouth and turned towards Qin Mos line of sight since it wasnt common to see such an expression on his face.

He hadnt expected to see a familiar face, his mouth loosening slightly. He glanced back towards Qin Mo, his eyes deeper than the ocean.

Princess leaped out from Bo Jius arms, circling Qin Mo. Qin Mo sat there, he carried the cat and turned towards Bo Jiu, his voice low and deep. Come over.

Bo Jiu chuckled. His expression was delighting her. She finally understood why the Almighty enjoyed seeing her shocked expression. Watching her Little Secretary being startled was a satisfying feeling.

Bo Jiu walked over.

Qin Mo stood up, removed his black jacket, and covered her head.

Before Bo Jiu could react, she was pushed into his embrace. Immediately, the familiar minty scent filled her lungs, drowning her senses. Someone pressed the back of her head, pushing it down softly.

As a chilliness touched her lips, she stilled.

It wasnt just Bo Jiu, everyone else was startled.

Feng Yis first and only thought was the excuses he was going to feed the media!How could Qin Mo kiss him under such circumstances!

No one expected Qin Mo to kiss Bo Jiu in such a manner. Even though Bo Jiu was covered, everyone knew what they were doing. His wrist was still covered in a white bandage, his jaws lengthening with the kiss. His suave position was enough to send hearts racing.

The fans never expected to feel so heated up over someone elses kiss. But that was how it was. It felt as though their hearts were about to explode.

1It wasnt a fleeting kiss. It was announcing his authority without care. He was seemingly using this kiss to let everyone know that the person in his arms belonged to him.

The moment their lips met, Bo Jiu was caught off guard. It was only at the end when Qin Mo ended the kiss and looked straight at her that she regained her senses.

The crowd was wild, their cheers and exclamation echoing in her ears.

Bo Jiu reached out to hold herself, even her breath was unstable. She leaned over devilishly, returning the kiss.

The scene was out of control since there were fans who couldnt accept it.

Qin Mo knew there were some who couldnt accept it but he didnt need anyones acceptance for the person he was with or the person he wished to kiss.

Previously, some of the Spade fans recognized her as their Spade Z. Amongst them were the few that discovered it during the National League. But seeing the truth materialize wasnt the same.

Their idol, who had taken the first clear single-handedly and was flaunting her skills to the entire crowd, was actually a girl. An extremely pretty girl.

And she was really with Almighty Qin. Perhaps they had been together for the longest time.

Those interactions on Weibo and signs of affections; the memory of their bed photo was enough to send their hearts racing.

Their brains werent lacking. Spade fans glanced over, watching as she broke into a radiant smile.

But there were other fans and some of them werent convinced that she was a girl. Some of them were wondering who Almighty Qin was kissing so publicly.

But when they realized it was Spade Z, their expressions changed.

What exactly was happening? Were they really gay? But why was Spade Z crossdressing?

Things were starting to get out of control. As the manager, Feng Yi had to step in. It was probably how Supreme Alliance worked. He thought of millions of reasons but decided to be honest. He came clean, explaining everything, Big Spade prepared a surprise for everyone, crossdressing for the farewell party. As for the relationship between members, it is as you have just seen.

At this moment, he didnt seem to bother what the fans were looking for.

As a CP, it might be cute but once they confirmed they were really gay, they may no longer be as cute. Regardless, this was Supreme Alliance.

They were plagued with never-ending problems. Their hearts were beating so fast it was on the verge of exploding.

It was heaven for those rooting for the couple but for the other fans, they would rather not have attended the event.

Of course, it was largely because of their affection and love.

The presidents announced to the crowd, This is a farewell party, this may be the last time we see this line up of Supreme Alliance.

When the fans heard the announcement, the ones that were disappointed silenced. They glanced up towards the team.

They werent all wearing their uniform. It was unlike the times they competed and when the row was dressed in the same passion-inducing uniform.

Xue Yaoyao, Coco, Feng Shang, Yin Wuyao, Lin Feng, Yun Hu, Spade Z, and Almighty Qin

After today, Supreme Alliance would be down by three members. The Feng Yun CP was also breaking apart. Almighty Qin was injured and might never be able to play esports again.

They seemed to have forgotten how they had felt in the beginning. They had yearned to watch them play, even if it was just one match. There would always be that person in your life whose presence was a reminder that hard work would be rewarded.

They had watched Xue Yaoyao as she had grown.

They had watched as Almighty Qin had fought against the crazy tide single-handedly.

They had watched as the youngster had hung his head after losing just one match.

They had the freedom to choose their partner, especially when together, with foreheads touching, their smiles brightening their faces.

The fans seemed to understand. They had never seen Almighty Qin smile so tenderly. The warmth he radiated was enough to melt an iceberg. This was because of one single person.

Burning, deep and felt with affection; this was all melting into one gaze as he glanced down at that one person in his arms. With an enigmatic smile, he said, You little thug.

Bo Jiu: Didnt you start it?

This was perhaps what love was like.The gender was unimportant as long as it was you.


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