National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 Untitled

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At the beginning, when they first discovered she was a female everyone froze as though they had swallowed a keyboard.

But now the information seemed to have sunken in. Both Coco and Lin Feng would always be reminded of the carefree and deadly killer assassin that could single-handedly watch their back and finances. They would never have to worry about losing with Spade Z around.

At the start, she had always hidden amongst them, before unleashing her rampage.

Gradually, with a rifle in hand and three consecutive jumps, she would easily break the enemys tempo.

Without Big Spade, Supreme Alliance would never have won the National League even with their captain.

When their captain went to America to get his wrist treated, Big Spade took up all the responsibility and pressure from both their competitors and her own fans, allowing Supreme Alliance to tide through the challenges.

This was their vice-captain.

With her beautiful maneuvering, skillful tactics, and startling hand speed, the FC king of Zone C that left no grass untouched.

They would never be able to forget the times they had lost, when they had hung their heads in disappointment, and the spur for the next fight and finally the revival that led to their battle.

Fighting alongside each other. Bo Jiu tapped her wine glass, at this moment, gender didnt matter.

Yin Wuyao was the second person who toasted her. As an uncle, his reaction was milder. To our next reunion.

Feng Shang wasnt good with words, toasting her in silence.

In their hearts, they knew that this might be the last time they gathered.

Yun Hu was going abroad and the others were setting off in their own paths.

Xue Yaoyaos eyes turned red, but she raised her glass with a smile. To our next reunion.

Coco, Yun Hu, and Qin Mo raised their glasses.

Qin Mo was the last to stand, handsome, elegant, and pristine as always as though he still wore the Supreme Alliance uniform. To Supreme Alliance.

To Supreme Alliance.

Just a simple three words, sending waves through their gaze. Perhaps many years later, they would forget the number of victories they had and the hard work they had put in. But they would never forget this moment. All of them were a part of Supreme Alliance and would be a part forever even though they were bound to part ways.

The dinner ended around midnight.

Yun Hu and Lin Feng had drunk and thus took a cab back. But it was unlike before. In the past, they would both sit at the back but this time, one of them sat beside the driver while the other sat behind.

Lin Feng could hear the continuous ringing of Yun Hus phone. Someone was probably sending him WeChat messages. He could vaguely hear a boys voice.

Slightly intoxicated, Lin Feng leaned his head against the door silently.

Without the others, their interaction seemed tense. Lin Fengs desire to speak started to dwindle as he continuously used his phone.

It must be the boy from before. This meant their relationship must be rather stable and from the bits he heard, they seemed to be discussing their life abroad.

Lin Feng tilted his head, glancing out of the window as though he had placed something down. That would be for the best.

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