National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095 Untitled

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If we had to describe Bo Jius feelings with one sentence, it would be:I would rather have met Auntie Zhang.

Why was she so unlucky?

Of all the people she could meet, she met Movie Queen An.

It was rare to see one single expression remaining on Bo Jius face for a long time. There were many fluctuations in her heart.

This might be the reaction Qin Mo wanted to see. He leaned over and pinched her face. Why? Are you frightened?

Bo Jiu was still in a daze. She quickly gathered her senses. She needed to be sincere when she talked to Movie Queen An later. She wondered how she should start the conversation. When she looked up again, she saw the handsome face right in front of her. There was a smile on the elegant face.

It was obvious that the Almighty was laughing at her plight. He didnt do it obviously but she wasnt blind.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. She decided to talk about the Almighty. Brother Mo, didnt Movie Queen An ask you anything when you carried a lady home yesterday?

After seeing you, do you think she has anything to ask? Qin Mo pinched Bo Jius face again.

Bo Jiu: It was hard to reply to the Almighty. He didnt reveal anything while shooting the question back at me.

What did Movie Queen An say? Fine, she would be more direct. After all, the Almighty was better at beating around the bush than her.

Qin Mo looked at her casually. He leaned closer. Do you really want to know?

Of course.

Qin Mo moved even closer. His tone was indifferent. Show some sincerity.


Bo Jiu was stunned for a moment.

Qin Mo rubbed his finger on her lips.

Auntie Zhang opened the door and saw this scene: Light shone in through the door. The two equally beautiful people seemed to be painted with a thin layer of gold.

1Her young master lifted the ladys chin with his hand and he looked as if he wanted to kiss her. However, he seemed to be waiting for her to initiate the move too.

The sound of cricket subsided.

Bo Jiu noticed Auntie Zhang. She sat up straight and smiled. She didnt seem awkward as her gangster image was already formed. She spoke in a lazy tone, Auntie Zhang.

Since Movie Queen An had already seen her, she wasnt afraid of being caught by Auntie Zhang.

Auntie Zhang looked at the face carefully after hearing the voice. She seemed confused.This wasnt this Young Master Jiu?

She thought that her young master had done something bad to Young Master Jiu. But, from the looks of it, that wasnt the case! Most importantly, why was Young Master Jiu dressed like this?

Auntie Zhang felt that her brain cells were lacking. If she didnt see that face personally, she wouldnt have linked this lady with her favorite youngster.

Auntie Zhang looked at Qin Mo instinctively. Young Master, this

Qin Mos expression didnt change as he replied, There was a Supreme Alliance event yesterday. One of the components was to let this fellow dress up as a female. Its just for fun.

I see. Auntie Zhang was enlightened. However, she still couldnt control her gaze. She sized up Bo Jiu and commented softly, He really looks like a lady. Really.

If her young master didnt say anything, she might suspect him. Auntie Zhang only had one thought now. She took out her phone and said, Madam will be shocked to see Young Master Jiu.


The moment the photo was taken, Bo Jiu looked at Qin Mo and whispered, Brother Mo, you just lied to me just now. What do you think you should do?

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