National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Untitled

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With that, Qin Mo asked, Allow you to kidnap me?

Bo Jiu paused.Was this a trap? But she hasnt taken any action, how did he guess her motives?

Qin Mo arched a brow. What is it? You have been talking about it in your sleep, dont you remember?

I talked about kidnaping you in my sleep? Bo Jiu asked.

Qin Mo reached out and tapped her face softly, his emotions shielded by his smile. More than once, you repeated it three times yesterday while hugging onto me. I never knew you had such a fetish.

She had accidentally let it out during her sleep. It seemed as if her plans were still safe. The situation was better than she had expected.

After all, she hadnt met Movie Queen An yesterady; he had been teasing her. But Madam Zhang was still listening. Couldnt he save her the embarrassment?

Bo Jiu tilted her head over towards Madam Zhang.

That was when she realized there wasnt anyone around. After she was done with the photo, Madam Zhang was ecstatic but still returned them their privacy.

This meant Qin Mo and Bo Jiu were the only ones in the room and since it was just the both of them, she didnt have to worry about anything. Since the Almighty had mentioned the kidnapping, she decided to sound him out.

Bo Jiu took on a gangster approach. Are you truly willing to be kidnapped?

Qin Mo watched her; her excitement was obvious. You can try.

The intelligent Bo Jiu took hold of the opportunity. With a clean turn, she held down his right shoulder, pressing him onto the bed. She didnt remove her wig, the long silky locks splashing onto her face.

Qin Mo glanced up, his bandaged arm falling onto the bed. He watched as she held him down, his gaze darkening.

Bo Jiu wore a black dress and her fair skin and defined collar bone were peeking through when she moved. Even her long and slender legs could be seen through the dress.

Her legs curved, demanding his attention.

Qin Mo retracted his gaze, his eyes dark and deep as though it reached the depths of Earth.

At this moment, Bo Jiu was still wondering how to kidnap the Almighty.

When she came back to her senses, the limped arm had curved onto her waist, inching upwards onto her back, his fingers seeping into her long locks.

Bo Jiu stilled. She sensed the change in his breathing.

The next moment, the person she was supposed to kidnap had held onto her. With a sudden slip, their position exchanged. She pressed against the sheets as the light was dimming around them. It was a narrow space, his heated breath smashing onto her ears, his voice deep and hoarse as his body started to burn. Havent I told you not to dress like a female in front of me? You are asking for trouble

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