National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101 Untitled

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The camera zoomed in.

Even the cameraman who was filming this scene got shook by the scene, much less the others.

The director was the first person to regain his senses. He dropped his left hand down with an excited face. Cut!

One word pulled everyone back to earth.

This is amazing! This is really amazing! The directors happiness was showcased directly on his face.

The other people watching at the side were in awe too. This is the first time I saw such a handsome fighting scene! Oh my god, Im becoming a fan of China soon!

Hes from China. Now I feel that the Chinese are really sexy when they become manly.

I want to sleep with him.

Oh babe, dont be like this. Chinese people are more reserved. Youll scare him away if you act like this.

Amidst all the messy exclamations, the cameraman pulled the camera back.

Alan was still clutching his chest with his hands as he groaned in pain.

1The Chinese male actor and Alans assistant ran over together. Both of them were needed to lift Alan up. However, Alan wasnt grateful for their actions. He pushed the Chinese actor away while glaring at the youngster. His arms drooped beside his body. He clenched his fist tightly. When he noticed that everyone was looking at him, his face turned red.

He lost to a Chinese pig in front of so many people.What?!Alan was unwilling to accept his defeat. He wanted to fight his way back but everyone with eyes could tell that he was in pain. After pushing the people who were holding him up, his breathing became uneven.

1All this while, Bo Jiu just stood there without doing anything else. She only opened her mouth when Alan got near. This is how Chinese actors film fighting scenes. You said that youre very good at it a moment ago so I dont think you need any rest. I feel that my condition is good too. We can continue with the second scene.

The second scene?

Alans assistant was the first to shake his head. No way. This is too brutal. I must bring my artist for treatment first. He was talking to the director.

The director didnt want to force Alan even though his attitude was wrong from the start. However, before he could reply to the assistant, Alan opened his mouth and said coldly, I want the crew to compensate me. I cant act with such a violent actor.

Violent? The directors assistant opened her eyes wide.Was there something wrong with this person? He was the one who wanted to fight with the youngster. Now that he lost, he was pushing the blame onto the other?

The director was furious too. He narrowed his eyes and replied, From tomorrow onwards, you dont have to come anymore.

Alan didnt expect this result. This was a big budget production. He had rejected many offers so that he could act in this movie.How could the director just remove him like this?

He couldnt let such things happen to him.

Alan swung his hand as he thought about this and walked quickly towards his nanny car parked at the side of the road.

After getting into his car, he told his assistant, Bring me the media.

Now? The assistant felt that this wasnt a good time. The media are all waiting for the movie to be out. After all, theres a high expectation and many positive ratings for the movie so far. Even if you look for the media now and they published your statement, someone from the crew will tell them the truth.

The commentary circle cant be controlled, right? Send them my statement. The people there wont know what really happened. Theyll believe whatever I say. Alan had already thought about what he should do.

Hence, after calling the media, Alan started inventing his story. The event did happen but he reversed all the facts. He didnt tell them that he was the one who offended the young man first. He just said that someone hit him and even gained many fans through his actions. Even the director misunderstood him and asked him to leave the crew.

When he talked about this, he sighed pretentiously. I dont want to recall what happened. I would like to say that I have nothing against the crew and the movie. However, such an actor should leave the industry.

The people from the media recorded the speech. They confirmed that it was a huge piece of news but they were worried that publishing it under the crews comments section would cause trouble for them. Hence, they listened to Alan and posted it somewhere else.

1The people there didnt know what happened and thus many people online believed what Alan had said. Some expressed that this was rare news. Are there really such things happening? Who is that actor?

Alan personally replied, Yes, there are. I experienced it before.

Thats impossible. Some people felt that there were loopholes in the story. If youre right, why did the director chase you away?

Alan disregarded the main point and answered, Im not targeting anyone. You might not believe me but I was really kicked out. I can only reveal my experience here. Theres nothing else I can do. I took so much effort to advertise for the movie. Thinking back, its really

Alan didnt have many fans. However, his statement was enough to spark imagination. Public opinions heated up. Someone directed their attention to the crew and dug up the person who hit Alan. They wanted Bo Jiu to give everyone an explanation. After all, it was wrong of him to beat someone up and even kick the person out of the movie.

Because of this, the people that questioned Bo Jius suitability for the role appeared again.

I really feel that the movie is destroyed. What should I do?

I didnt expect the Chinese actor to be so Hah, Im not anticipating the movie anymore.

Everyone has different principles so Im not going to comment on anything. However, can the actor continue acting?

The negative news was everywhere and the intensity grew. The news even spread to China and was translated into Chinese.

The fans of Spade Z, wait, not just the fans of Spade Z; everyone that liked esports felt that Spade Z wasnt this kind of person. Besides logical fans, there were also some cute and confused younger fans. Are you saying that my Big Spade went to act in a movie? Really? He even went overseas to act?

During this time, anti-fans would appear and act as passersby. Ive been wanting to expose Spade Zs character for a long time but Im not his fan or his anti-fan. Spade Z is always like this. He likes to suppress people. However, I feel that Spade Zs fans are a little overboard. The other actor didnt mention who beat him up. How do you know that its your Spade Z just by looking at the description? Do you think that anyone can be an actor? Based on your logic, your Spade Z is the most powerful person in the whole world. Even professional actors cant get this role. If your Spade Z really got chosen by an international director, I will shut up.

Rumors spread in an instant. It caused an uproar both in China and abroad. After all, when Bo Jiu had left China, she wasnt just representing herself; she was representing the whole nation.

No one was able to know what happened or whether Bo Jius actions were appropriate with the limited news online.

At the start, the atmosphere of the crew had been harmonious but because of the happenings, shooting was halted.

Bo Jiu apologized. But she said, As a Chinese, I cant bear it when other people humiliate my country. However, this was the reason why the filming got delayed. Im really sorry for what happened.

She was apologizing to the crew, not to Alan or the public. After all, everyone here knew what happened.

The famous lead actor, the one who had called Bo Jiu his brother, reached out and patted her shoulder. He said in a humorous tone, If I were you, I might have beaten him up harder. Honestly, your performance surprised us. Your stance was really beautiful. Is that Chinese Kungfu? If youre free, you can teach me. You can teach me how to use chopsticks too. I havent managed to figure out how to use it. How are you able to eat with two wooden sticks? Wont the food drop? Wont your hand get stuck? If you teach me, Ill treat you to some red wine. How about that?

No problem. Befriending a real gentleman was a straightforward process. The other people mentioned that it was fine and thus the youngster shouldnt be the one getting blamed.

She hadnt done anything wrong, be it following the script during filming or her way of reacting to Alans actions.

On the other hand, Alan had provoked the youngster and leaked information about the crew. He had also abused his power for the sake of his personal grudge.

1This wasnt how an actor should act. He had brought a negative impact to the crew. Self-conduct was the basis of everything. Such an actor wouldnt have a good portfolio.

The people on the shooting site knew the truth but no one knew how they should reveal it to the public. They werent the main parties so they didnt know the details of what had happened. If they spoke up, things might get worse.

The director looked at Bo Jiu with a meaningful gaze. This was how the entertainment industry was like. As a public figure, you had to bear with fake rumors. No matter how unfair it was, there was nothing they could do.

Whats the situation now? Movie Queen An walked over from the east with her clothes draped over her. She was wearing a pair of glass shoes with a dark red suit placed over her shoulders. Her long legs gave her a charismatic aura.

Movie Queen An used to have an elegant presence but now, she was fuming. How did those rumors come about?

Her question was directed to the director. After all, only the two of them knew why Bo Jiu agreed to act in this movie.

Movie Queen An was the one who had introduced Bo Jiu to the director. She hadnt expected this to happen to the person whom she brought into the crew. Moreover, she understood Jiu well. If she reacted like this, it was normally because the person had touched her bottom line.

Its my fault. The director was someone willing to admit his mistake. This was the reason why his movies always had a good box office. Ill ask the crew to make a statement to explain the details.

How will you do it? The assistant felt that it wasnt a good move.

But at this moment, a Chinese man was walking quickly towards them. No one knew where he had appeared from. He was wearing a black t-shirt with something hanging on his waist.

The person walked straight towards Bo Jiu.

The other people were stunned.Who was he? A paparazzi? Where had he been hiding just now? None of them had noticed him. Was he coming to interview the youngster?

The director immediately attempted to block the youngster. However, unexpectedly, Bo Jiu took a step forward. Her gaze landed on his wrist.

It was a military dagger, a model that was specially used for field training. Only a small part of it could be seen but Bo Jiu was familiar with this kind of thing so she noticed it immediately.

Also, the person walked with a straight and strong back. His actions were like a wild leopard. If he was able to stay in the shooting site for such a long time without getting discovered, it meant that he had an amazing anti-reconnaissance ability. Besides a soldier, no one had such outstanding abilities.

Are you Brother Mos man? Bo Jiu spoke up first.

The man was stunned for a second. Then, he nodded honestly and passed a phone to her. This was what I filmed just now. Young Master asked me to pass it to you. Ive recorded all the things he said from the moment you entered the shooting site to the fighting scene. Also, if Im not on a mission, I want to beat that person up too. Thanks for hitting him. After he finished speaking, he left without waiting for Bo Jius reply.

1The director understood Chinese so he made a decision after listening to their conversation. Upload the video online and tell everyone that we chased Alan out because of his character. He was the one in the wrong but he still turned the facts around and framed other people. I dont want an actor like him.

Okay! The assistant took over the phone and logged into the crews account. Everyone could publish posts, anywhere, anytime. She didnt include any opinions in the statement. She just explained what had happened.

While everyone had their attention on the phone, Bo Jiu was thinking about other things.

Yes, she hoped to explain herself since she was representing her country now. But something else had caught her attention.The Almighty asked his man to follow her. What was he trying to do?

At this moment, Alan started spreading even more rumors after achieving some success.

The other Chinese actor didnt leave. He was still in the shooting site but he didnt know about the video because he wasnt at the scene.

He made use of the popularity of this news and reposted an anti-fan post. Sigh, Im part of the movie too. I really like this person but after seeing him in real life, my impression of him got worse. After all, were overseas.

This sentence proved that it was indeed Spade Z who brought shame to the nation. Some people couldnt control their emotions anymore. A few media joined in the debate. A huge volume of negative news erupted.

Spade Zs official Weibo was flooded.

Fortunately, Sister Turtle managed to contact Manager Feng in time. He asked all the fans to wait for official news from the film crew before making any comments.

Many people felt that they should keep quiet too. Everything they said might become a hot topic. Also, before the truth was revealed, they wouldnt defend their idol immediately. After all, Spade Z had once said that in front of the country, there was no idol.

These fans were still alright but the fans who knew the truth from Feng Shang had a hard time keeping their mouths shut. They really gritted their teeth forcefully to prevent themselves from opening their mouths.

Finally, they didnt have to wait anymore.The official film crew from America had replied!

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