National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102 Untitled

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There werent many words but the message was clear: The reason for Alans expulsion was explained in the video below.

No one could resist clicking onto the video clip.

The video started off with the youngster entering the filming site. She slung a black bag over her shoulder, another hand stuffed into her pocket.

The youngster in the clip had exquisite eyes, her skin like porcelain and flawless, her silver hair ruffled from the wind, looking carefree and ravishing. She wore a black ear stud that reflected off light, shining and glistening.

Flamboyant, arrogant, dashing.That was the foreign fans first impression of Bo Jiu.

At the beginning, they werent very welcoming. Isnt he just a pretty face, the director expelled Alan for him?

Alan appeared, his first words an insult. You Chinese Pig.

The crowd went silent. They watched the youngster. His eyes were deep but firm. The next course of actions seemed like a no brainer to any of them.

But that was just the start. Alan continued to provoke him. There was another Chinese actor in the filming crew that was taunting the youngster.

Unexpectedly, that was when the climax started. The youngster came out with his makeup, his black trench coat floating behind him.

In that moment, they all had one thought: like a royal of the undead.

1The fans started to exclaim aloud! F*ck, this is the perfect prince charming!

He totally changed, how did they do it?

Im going to tear up, I apologize for my previous insults, I shouldnt have made my judgement before seeing him! It isnt just his looks, his imposing aura is astonishing, it was a wise decision by the director!

I once believed no one would be able to portray my male god perfectly but Im starting to anticipate this

I cant wait for the movie!

The film crew hadnt disappointed as the video clip continued to play on.

It was obvious Alan had a personal vendetta against Bo Jiu, his actions clear to the world. Thus, the fans started worrying about the youngster, afraid she would crumble beneath the punch.

The next highlight started!

The youngster walked over smoothly, standing tall and firm beside Alan. She said slowly, almost nonchalantly, I hate it when someone hits my face.

The youngster continued, This is how the Chinese film fighting scenes.

She was clearly returning the insult!

The latter half of the video clearly explained how Alan was chased out of the production team.

In that moment, the video clip went viral!

Spade fans were the first to comment, I never regretted becoming your fan.

Next were the ones who could judge right and wrong. Beautiful!

Dont be mistaken, it wasnt a Chinese that made the comment but a local. Ordinary citizens had the same consensus, especially those with a conscience.

The youngster can be considered civilized. If it had been me, I would have cursed him!

I would stand up against anyone who insults my country, isnt that basic?

Does Alans face hurt?


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