National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 489

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Although Xue Yaoyao had never really seen too many expensive things, she knew instantly that, with a single touch of the fabric, the dress was by no means cheap.

Highness Jiu was always like this.

More thoughtful than anyone else.

Warmer than anyone else.

Thank you.

Xue Yaoyao closed the gift box with a big smile.

She thought that it was her biggest fortune to have met someone like Fu Jiu in her living years.

Fu Jiu was still holding the side of her face, smiling trickily, beautiful as always.

The masquerade party wouldnt start until 6:30 pm.

To prevent the youngster from escaping, Qin Mo called someone right after the board meeting which ended at 2 pm.

Unfortunately, no one picked up the first call.

After half an hour, Qin Mo called again.

This time, it was answered.

However, it was a female voice. Is that you, Almighty Qin?

Qin Mos fingers paused after hearing that voice. Xue Yaoyao?

Yes, its me. Xue Yaoyao didnt know why her skull numbed every time she talked to Almighty Qin.

Qin Mos eyes deepened, made a hand gesture to Secretary Liang, who was walking up to him, and then walked to the floor-to-ceiling window with his hands to his back. Suppressing his voice, he said, Get me Fu Jiu.

Even through the phone, Xue Yaoyao could tell that Almighty Qin was not happy.

Highness Jiu is in the shower; he asked me to pick this up for him.

Qin Mos eyes turned colder, and even his voice turned lifeless. Where are the two of you?

At a hotel?

When he thought about the word hotel,Qin Mo squeezed on the file in his hand tight.

At Fu Mansion, Xue Yaoyao explained. Lord Jiu wanted to ask me things regarding womens wear; he needed some help with that.

It was Fu Jiu who asked her to pick up the phone call on purpose, with the goal to make him think that they were together

At the top floor of the Qin Group.

Secretary Liang watched as that tall, straight back had its coldness fade away gradually before he heaved a sigh of relief.

The balefulness that had just exuded from his CEO was really scary, one that made the hearts of others palpitate. It was as though he had received news that would prompt him to destroy the whole office the next second. He wasnt sure what made his CEO act that way.

Now, he looked better, but, only a little better.

Qin Mo wasnt happy at all. Ask him to call me back after his shower.

Okay. Xue Yaoyao patted her chest after hanging up, and said to youngster who was sitting across her. Speaking with the Almighty is so pressurizing.

Fu Jiu smiled slightly. Youll get used to it, call your friend over and head out from here. When Im ready, I will exit from the back.

What about calling the Almighty back Xue Yaoyao reminded.

Fu Jiu checked the time. I will do it after ten minutes.

At the CEO office.

Qin Mo looked at the busy traffic outside his window.

He curled up his thin lips, and sneered.


That guy really didnt care about anything and was already this close to Xue Yaoyao

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