National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 552

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3 pm, the top floor of Qin building.

The members of the Supreme Alliance were all focused on their phones.

“Is it real?”

“It should be, it should be Little Spade in the photo and he seems to be confessing.”

“I don’t believe this, Little Spade is taken?”

“Wait a minute, Little Spade is the first member to leave singlehood?”

“Didn’t we all agree to be monks? I’m upset!”

Yun Hu was the only one who kept silent, his lids clear as he glancd at the posting.

Fu Jiu was like him, it wasn’t possible for him to be taken.

How could this be explained?

Feng Yi walked in with the proposal, catching sight of the group that had their heads lowered. His brows lifted in curiosity. “Hurry and practice, aren’t you worried about being punished? If you don’t start practicing now, you won’t be allowed into Pure Color.”

“Fox, come over!” Lin Feng tugged Feng Yi over to his side, his fingers tapping the photo. “Look at this, isn’t it explosive news!”

As expected of the Supreme Alliance’s manager.

Feng Yi struggled to maintain his intellect image, pushing his spectacles up his nose bridge as he replied nonchalantly, “How explosive…”

Before he could finish the question, he snatched the phone over from Lin Feng’s hands, his eyes dimming. “When was it posted?”

“Three hours ago.” Lin Feng took another glance at the photo. “She’s a beauty, a pure one.”

In the past, Feng Yi had never bothered about the member’s relationship, but it would be best if they remained single in order to maintain their popularity.

But Fu Jiu wasn’t the same.

After the incident at the ball, he wasn’t sure of Boss Qin’s feelings towards Fu Jiu.

“Don’t let Boss Qin find out about it.”

Lin Feng was confused. “Why can’t he find out? It’s good news! Little Spade rejected all the confessions from before, but this time, he actually accepted it and she happens to be a beauty. From the reviews, Little Spade was exceptionally cool at that moment, prince charming material.”

The moment he finished the sentence, a familiar voice replied from behind, but the voice seemed unusually cold, sending chills down their backs.

“It is indeed good news.” The sentence dragged slowly, adding an unexplainable pressure.

Silence fell over the room.

The group lifted their heads towards the doorway.

There, Qin Mo stood tall, his face expressionless and his eyes a pure shade of black, which resembled a pool of ice, glowing faintly.

Lin Feng couldn’t explain the chill that ran through him.

The chilliness seemed to amplify when Qin Mo reached out to grab the phone from his hands.

Before he entered, Qin Mo was still plotting on how to convert that person today.

After he entered, Lin Feng’s words seemed to drown out his entire mind.

The photo on the web forum made things worse. The youngster had a faint smile as he glanced over at the young girl, his eyes warm and clear.

Qin Mo lowered his lids, his lashes falling slightly. His grip tightened around the phone, a whiteness forming from the pressure…

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