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  • Never Date A Man In Pink

  • Genres : Romance -  Korean -  Magic -  Femaleprotagonist -  hidden gem -  fairy
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Never Date A Man In Pink summary:

A prophecy says Ye Rim will be rich and famous, but a man wearing a pink shirt will become her lover and cause her death! Dr. Kim is a handsome and famous plastic surgeon with a bad temper, but he hides a secret. When a supernatural peril looms over them, discovering her best friend is a fairy that is sabotaging her love and career life is not as bad as discovering there is another prophecy about her! _____________"Uhn. Mr. Arrogant. Carry me, " she demanded, after mocking the doctor's sincerity."What do you mean, 'carry me'?!" Dr. Kim turned to her, amazed at the singer's impudence."Carry me. Let's go. You said you aren't tired. You have this 'super stamina' of yours. I'm a convalescent person in high heeled shoes, and do you want me to go uphill by foot?"He laughed in astonishment."Convalescent?! It wasn't even conjunctivitis!""Let's go. It's not easy to do that on pumps that don't even pair up. Besides,…" she started to laugh before she finished the sentence, because just thinking of it was hilarious. "You're going to look like a drama actor to your grandfather, saying, 'I even carried her on my back!' "Ye Rim tried to mimic his voice, which made him barely contain a laugh."Okay, let's do this." He bent down in front of her, waiting for her to climb onto his back. "Like a drama."____________Fate united Nam Ye Rim and Jung Eun Ha through a supernatural event on the day of their birth. Years later, Ye Rim strives as a singer in a shabby place, singing old songs to a diminishing audience. The fairy Eun Ha learned to use her wand by herself, but all she can do is jinx and accidents. A few months before the due date, the prophecy seems about to happen when in unusual circ.u.mstances Ye Rim accidentally meets a man in pink shirt. What is this man’s secret and how the incident involving the two besties’ births is interconnected to the supernatural events happening in the city right now? Read and discover!_____________ Hello. It's a story meant to have a slow pace, and will include mystery, crime, horror, monsters, fairies, hot leads and hot support characters, some misunderstandings, a lot of comedy, lots lots lots of plot twists... And a dose of romance, of course.I'm not writing to get a Nobel Prize in Literature or anything. Also, English is not my first language, so... Peace.____________ Updates: 4 chapters/weekLet me know your thoughts, please rate and comment. Knowing someone is reading and somehow appreciating, helps a lot! Lots of love!Buy me a Coffee? https://ko-fi.com/vanjos

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