Nightfall Chapter 998

The sigh was light and clear as if it was a dewdrop on a flower and that there was a reflection of the flower in the dewdrop. It came from deep in the darkness and purified the dark night. The moon seemed clearer. The relics of the imperial city seemed cleaner. Willows slightly swept the water. It almost looked like nothing had happened tonight.

People reacted distinctively different upon hearing the sigh. Some were surprised, some scared, some stunned, and some became pale and retreated into the crowd. It was because they knew that person in the darkness must be someone from the Academy. But they had no idea who he was.

Long Qing knew who that was. He looked into the darkness but could not find the person, which made him worried. Many years ago, that person ended the massive battle between Taoism and Devil’s Doctrine with a single sigh. A few years later, he sighed again in the White Tower Temple, trapped the Chief Monk of Scripture of the Xuankong Temple, and released Ning Que and Sangsang. What will he do tonight with his sigh?

The dying Liu Yiqing smiled in relief upon hearing that sigh. It was not because someone from the Academy finally showed up or that it was a proof of something. But rather, he was certain that what he wished for would come true.

Hengmu Liren realized who that person was. Because throughout the cultivation world, no one else could have broken through the two thousand cavalrymen from the West-Hill and came to him.

He inhaled deeply. The thirteen slim slashers became brighter and the golden flowers around him became more massive. They were all ready to launch an attack towards the person who sighed.

He was not intimidated at all. Instead he was filled with a fighting spirit despite the draining of Haotian’s Divine Flame from his body. But there was no excitement in his eyes, and the naive cruelty was replaced with calmness immediately. As arrogant as he was, he must pull together all of his energy and power in order to defeat this legendary figure.

Long Qing stared at the darkness while he said, “Let go of him.”

It was not said to that person in the darkness but to Hengmu. Liu Yiqing was seriously wounded and dying. Yet Hengmu did not want him to die. He wanted him to suffer from tremendous torture but stay alive. That was why the person in the darkness sighed profoundly and the mountains and rivers echoed. It was clearly conveyed that he would not allow such cruelty.

Hengmu did not show any emotions and his hand was still on Liu Yiqing’s chest. He spoke toward the darkness, “As expected, the Academy sent someone here. Isn’t that what the Divine Halls wanted? Why should I let go of him?”

Long Qing said, “I was waiting for Ning Que, not him.”

Hengmu asked, “What’s the difference? They are both traitors from the Academy. And he is much more important than Ning Que.”

Long Qing said, “The more important he is, the stronger he must be. No matter who came from the Academy tonight, I would try to get hold of him. But since it’s him, this makes no sense.”

Starlights were flaming in Hengmu’s eyes, and his voice became a roaring campfire in the wind. He stared at the deep of the darkness and said, “I would still try to take him down.”

Long Qing showed pity toward his ignorant courage.

Right then the person in the darkness sighed again. It was the sigh of an adult when he saw a kid playing non-sense. It was also sympathetic.

Hengmu sensed his sympathy and turned even more gloomy. Yet his mind was calmer because he had to keep absolutely calm if he wanted to take down that person.

That person finally spoke, “Do you have any unfulfilled wishes?”

Such a conversation was usually heard during a rencounter of two powerful figures. The winner would ask this question to the loser to show his empathy. Whereas if he had asked that prior to the fight, it would be a ridicule.

Hengmu knew that he was not making fun of him. Although he said it very slowly and calmly and did sound mocking, he knew that it was not his style to make fun of people.

That question was for Liu Yiqing. Liu Yiqing lifter his head and looked through the white cloth at the City of Linkang in darkness. Though he could not see it right now, he use to be so familiar with the city and knew it in details.

As a cultivator, he had reached the State of Knowing Destiny many years ago. As a swordsman, he had come by himself tonight, destroyed the imperial city in a single strike and acquired the truth of swordsmanship. As a man, he had killed two emperors of the South Jin and was bound to make a name in history. Therefore he had no regrets.

As a human being, he had fulfilled his every wish. But as the leader of the Sword Garret and as a South Jin citizen, he did have many concerns for them. However, he did not mention it because he believed that if the Tang Empire and the Academy could win this battle, they would settle everything nicely. If they could not make it, then the Sword Garret and the South Jin would probably be wiped out. There was no need for him to say anything further.

Therefore he kept quiet and compressed his thin and straight lips. He was waiting for his final relief with joy.

Another sigh was heard in the darkness. It was filled with sensations, respect, and a sense of farewell.

A refreshing breeze arose from above the moat and blew up to the night sky. It cleared the clouds covering the moon, swept the relics on the ground, and came to the imperial city and the sedan.

Hengmu Liren became stern and shouted out while his thirteen slim slashers were pulled out of their sheaths at the same time. They glowed with a dazzling light and the magnificent Divine Flame while he swayed them toward the refreshing breeze.

I can cut the breeze with my slashers. Even if you are some genuine breeze, I will slash you! Even if you are the legend of the cultivation world, you could never break through this confinement formed by my slash intent and the Divine Flame.

The slashers brightened up the night and Hengmu Liren’s eyes started to glow. His slash intent and the Divine Flame poured out. He felt illuminated and could almost ride on the wind. He never felt so perfect throughout his life!

However, nothing happened. The refreshing breeze was not cut and nothing went through the confinement. He was perfectly alone in the darkness. It was because even before he swayed his slashers, the refreshing breeze had already swept by. Before he set the confinement with his slash intent and the Divine Flame, that person had come to him. Before his perfect strike was launched, the fight was already over.

A scholar stood by the sedan. His old cotton-padded gown was stained with dust. A cudgel and an old book were clipped on his belt. He was gentle and looked like a common school teacher in the country.

Looking at this person, Hengmu Liren could not refrain from trembling. It was not because of fear. Instead, he was enraged and questioned, “Are you Mr. First from the Academy?”

The scholar was definitely the Eldest Brother from the Academy.

The Eldest Brother did not answer. He turned to Liu Yiqing and said, “Sorry.”

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