Nine Realms Sword Master Chapter 2949

Chapter 2949: No Wonder Me

No matter how the people of the Condor Clan guessed, they never expected that the Condor Eagle would fight with the Clan Chief.

In fact, they did not know that the two peerless might have fought many times, but this was only secretly.

The patriarch of Shenying wanted to obtain the Feather of Heaven, but Shenhuoying refused to give it, so he naturally considered using force.

Unfortunately, he is not the opponent of Shenhuoying.

Even if it was the moment, it still lost to Shenhuoying.

The two sides fought for a while, and the patriarch of Shenying had already fallen behind.

No way, Shenhuoyings generation age is much higher than that of the Shenying patriarch. The Shenying patriarch grew up in the Shenying clan, and he knows any skills and soul techniques he has learned. Shenhuoying knows him well, and his attacks Naturally, it is impossible to threaten the Shenhuo eagle.

The patriarch of the Condor had suffered a big loss and knew that there was absolutely no chance of winning if he tried hard.

But he couldn't launch the Shenying Clan to attack the Shenhuo Eagle.

Now, he has only one way to go!

That is to take back the **** feather of the sky!

Only the **** feather of the sky can help him fight the **** fire eagle and suppress everything.

After making a decision, the patriarch of the Condor immediately withdrew and returned, shouting loudly, "You will follow the order at a constant speed!"

All the members of the Shenying tribe were stunned, looking at the head of the Shenying patriarch in amazement.

"Master Patriarch..."

"Everyone is listening, Lord Shenhuoying is crazy! It has been deceived by this white night, but I can't hurt Lord Shenhuoying, so I want you to get me the white night as soon as possible! Can you hear that?" Shouted loudly.

As soon as these words came out, the people of the Shenying tribe looked at each other and didn't know what to do.

All the people at the scene have eyes, and they can see what is going on, and they also understand that Patriarch Condor wants to use everyone to help him.

Seeing that the people of the tribe were unmoved, the patriarch of Shenying was particularly furious.

"This person holds the sacred feather of my condor tribe's treasure of heaven! You seize it at a constant speed and hand it over to my hand! Otherwise, if this person is taken out of the condor clan and plunders my clan's treasure! Then we return it. What face do you have to meet the ancestors of the Condor tribe? What qualifications do you have to claim to be members of the Condor tribe?" The Condor chief roared.

Hearing these words, the Shenying tribe couldn't sit still.


The **** of heaven is still in the hands of this white night! That is the treasure of the Condor Clan!

Of the God-Fire Eagle and the Patriarch of the God Eagle

Even though there are real grievances, the **** feather of heaven... is the ancestral treasure of the Shenying clan, how can it be held by outsiders?

For a time, all the strong men of the Condor tribe surrounded them.

All of them were murderous, staring at Bai Ye with unkind faces.

"What are you doing?"

The Shenhuo Ying was furious, and shouted loudly: "What a courage! How dare you be so rude to my Shenying guests? Stop it quickly!"

This drink was like a thunderous roar, deafening and fierce.

Many people shuddered and shuddered.

But the patriarch of the Condor will not stop there.

He immediately yelled again: "You wait to stop! Lord Shenhuoying has been deceived. It is with that Baiye group now. You wait to kill it. Retake the **** feather of the sky and rescue Lord Shenhuoying. You are The hero of the Condor tribe! It is our hero! You will enjoy the treatment of being buried in the tomb!!"

This sound was like a thunder, rushing into the ears of every member of the Eagle Clan!

Buried in the tomb?

What a supreme glory this is!

For the Condor tribe, being able to enter the imperial tomb is definitely the supreme honor of shining blood. By then, not only will they have an incomparable honor, but also their relatives and friends will get countless benefits because of this. There are also in the Condor tribe. Unique position!

Hearing this, these people of the Condor tribe could no longer sit still.

Everyone breathed tight, their eyes turned red, and they stared at the white night like wild animals.

Bai Ye knew that these people could no longer persuade.

The patriarch of the condor perfectly grasped their psychology.

At this moment, even if the Shenhuoying speaks, it is impossible to contain these people!


Finally, someone couldn't help but roared and rushed towards Bai Ye.

When the others saw this, they no longer hesitated, and roared forward to kill.

The scene went into chaos in the blink of an eye.

Countless terrifying souls poured into Bai Ye.

"Stop! Stop! Stop it all!" Shenhuoying was furious and roared one after another.

However, its words are completely useless at the moment!

"I am the patriarch of the eagle, you, no!" The patriarch of the eagle sneered and looked up at the sky eagle.

"Asshole! Do you really want to die?" The God Fire Eagle roared, once again releasing its power to suppress it.

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