Omnipotent Sage Chapter 786

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The Void Universe was extremely vast, and the same true for the area outside.

There was a space outside of the Void Universe—the Devil Realm. The biggest differences between the Devil Realm and the Void Universe lay in its lack of complicated spacetimes within compared to the Void Universe, and the limited variety of pneuma. This space, filled with dense Evil Qi, had vast planets whose surfaces consisted entirely of swampy terrain. Overflowing with Evil Qi, the mire in these swamps bred countless Devil Eggs. These eggs hatched every minute, birthing new Devil Tribesmen. They varied in appearance, but most were Fierce Owls.

Fierce Owls overpopulated this space. In the Void Universe, two vast planets were thousands of miles apart and separated by the void. However, in the Devil Realm, even if the space here was not jammed with Fierce Owls, most of it was occupied by them. They fought each other hand-to-hand and devoured each other. This became the theme of the Devil Realm.

The center of the Devil Realm was a suspended mainland. It resembled somewhat like the suspended stone of the Suspended Stone Spacetime in the Heaven Realm World. However, it was much larger because no one saw the edge of this area.

This mainland housed Devil Tribesmen in densely packed buildings. Of course, compared with those Fierce Owls outside, these Devil Tribesmen were individuals of great wisdom and power. Therefore, all kinds of buildings, magic formations, and the pneuma here proved to be the best among the entire Devil Realm.

Four people sat around a small table with a crystal ball in an ordinary building on this mainland. A series of pictures flashed in it, from the moment Zhou Bao joined the Void Competition to the time he returned to the Suspended Stone Spacetime after he killed that Earthly Immortal.

“What do you think of this one?”

Looking frail, a middle-aged man flicked the crystal ball and the images disappeared. Then, he leaned back and murmured silently.

“He’s very interesting. He possesses the bloodline of Zhuyan and has excellent combat capability. Brother Wuyan, this man really intrigues me.”

“I feel the same. But you are not allowed to take advantage of him now,” the middle-aged man said. Except for being one of the seven ancestors of the Devil Tribe and the lord of this tribe, he owned many other strange titles.

Thin and weak, his complexion was paler than normal skin. His long eyes looked cold and detached and his shoulders broad. He resembled a huge clothes-hanger from his back, although unharmoniously with his emaciated body.

“I know what goes on in your mind!” His slender fingers gently tapped on the crystal ball in front of him as he added, “but you must be aware that the problem with the Void Universe is about the Void Immortal Realm. That is why the Heaven Realm World moved away in those days. The Void Immortal Realm is the foundation of the Void Universe. We are well aware of how many old monsters are there. If we don’t solve this problem, it will be no use killing all the living creatures in the Void Universe!”

“Similarly, the key to enter the Void Immortal Realm lies in the Void Universe. The Heaven Realm World serves as the only entrance to the Void Immortal Realm. If we occupy the Heaven Realm World, we can enter the Void Immortal Realm through it!”

“The Heaven Realm World is troublesome!” Zhao Wuyan nodded in agreement. “The Heaven Realm World has been declining over the past millions of years. Everyone witnesses that with their own eyes. But I always feel there is something wrong with the decay of the Heaven Realm World!”

“You mean this is a trap?!”

“Although it is nearly impossible, it is still possible!” said Zhao Wuyan. “I always feel the Necromancer’s Tribulation in those days in the Heaven Realm World occurred too abruptly!”

“That’s because the Heaven Realm World was too indulgent with those necromancers!” Sitting beside Zhao Wuyan, a beautiful and elegant woman in black giggled and said, “We are very clear about what they had done at that time. Even we could not bear some of their evil deeds. Nevertheless, those great emperors never halted them, but instead, allowed this organization to bloat without restraint. Finally, they reaped what they sowed!”

Zhao Wuyan nodded and said, “You’re right. Those necromancers were troublesome, but most of them have been eliminated by the various macro worlds. Now, necromancers are rarely seen in the Void Universe. Even if there exist necromancers, they will not be too unbridled and arrogant as the previous necromancers. They received the legacy from the previous necromancers, but they dedicated their hearts to serve their masters. Their numbers are limited and they will not conduct research recklessly as their predecessors did. On the contrary, they will directly apply the research results of their predecessors. Therefore, they rarely form cliques. They can neither threaten us nor the Void Universe.”

The woman sitting next to him smiled and said, “So what we have to worry about now are only the troublesome things left over by the necromancers from those days. We don’t need to take notice of the necromancers themselves. Brother Wuyan, as for the dilemma you fret, we don’t have any evidence that the Necromancer’s Tribulations tied to the decay of the Heaven Realm World. However, we can test it!”

Zhao Wuyan nodded and replied, “Fine. You cause a big stir and see how the Heaven Realm World reacts. As for this guy, we’d better leave him alone for the time being. He is a variable and should play a role at the most critical time, but not now. Just let him do his best!”


The other three people replied in unison and disappeared.

After they vanished, Zhao Wuyan flicked the crystal ball once again and Zhou Bao’s appearance reappeared in it. However, it was no longer the scene in the Suspended Stone Spacetime where the Void Competition was held, but in the Human Emperor Palace. Zhou Bao sat on the chair right below the throne and accepted compliments from other people, with a bored expression on his face. Killing an Earthly Immortal, no matter when and where, was something that awed people.

“Killing an Earthly Immortal in one fell swoop is indeed powerful. But, young man, you still have a long way to go. I will offer you the best opportunity. As to how far you can go in the future is your capability!” Zhao Wuyan sighed gently and flicked the crystal ball, dispelling the pictures.

When the leaders of the Devil Realm discussed matters, the Heaven Realm World descended into chaos. King Wuyang Zhou Bao killed an Earthly Immortal in a head-on battle.

That meant Zhou Bao possessed the combat capability of an Earthly Immortal or a Great Ancient Emperor. This alone could reverse the situation of the Heaven Realm World.

No matter what means or power he used, he killed the Torrential Thunder Emperor, who launched a sneak attack against him. This matter changed the tune of various macro worlds and influences in the Void Universe about the Heaven Realm World. They revised their opinion of the Heaven Realm World from a moribund world to a world that suffered a sharp decline in strength but still had some immeasurable potential.

Yes, immeasurable potential. In public, the Heaven Realm World possessed a powerful man like Zhou Bao who could kill an Earthly Immortal; in secret, they had the legendary Sea Emperor—the Vast Sea Emperor from antiquity times, who still had the power of an Earthly Immortal. Apart from these two people, ordinary people could not fathom what kind of people hiding in the depth of the endless spacetime of the Heaven Realm World.

At any rate, by Zhou Bao defending the Heaven Realm World, its awkward situation improved drastically. At least anyone from another macro world no longer dared give Yan Yuntian a condescending attitude, as bold as brass. Only those macro worlds with Earthly Immortals backing them could straighten up when facing Yan Yuntian. Only the influences that had more than one Earthly Immortals could plot against the Heaven Realm World. However, they would never behave so arrogantly again. On the contrary, they treated the Heaven Realm World as an equal. The change of their attitude complicated this situation further.

However, Zhou Bao paid no attention.

But it did not mean the way things progressed did not concern him. In fact, he felt a growing sense of unease in recent days. It happened for some reasons. As he grew more powerful, he gradually developed a deeper understanding of the Way of Heaven and became more sensitive to some special things. To put it in a rather vulgar way, he was carried away by a whim.

The higher one’s cultivation was, the more accurate his feeling was. Although he could not deduce the course of the incident by touching his fingertips like the powerful men in novels from his previous life, he still felt uneasy about all this.

“It seems I am still not powerful enough, otherwise, I will not be so uneasy now!”Zhou Bao sighed secretly. He mulled over all the big things that occurred recently in his mind and focused on the Devil Tribulation he once worried about.

Devil Tribulation!

“Will the Devil Tribe truly attack the Heaven Realm World?”

He did not stress about the Devil Tribulation too much. After all, it only bore little impact on him. With a Supreme Fairy Weapon, he was able to both attack and defend. He would not suffer heavy losses even if the Devil Tribe occupied the Heaven Realm World.

“But why my unease? Is there anything I don’t know or haven’t anticipated?”

Just as he scratched his head, a dim light flashed across the sky, passed through the protective formation of Jilei Mountain, and appeared in front of him.

“Emperor Wuyang, you’re still so carefree!”

Since he killed the Torrential Thunder Emperor, Zhou Bao received this new nickname. Although he was still named King Wuyang in the Seven-deity Regions, this new nickname spread widely.

“Do not speak these useless things in my presence, Chief Wang. You’re influential and of great power, so you mustn’t visit me without an ulterior motive!”

Wang She smiled. “You’re right, I do come for a reason. There’s something amiss with the Void Universe recently. Although the Devil Tribulation occurred in the Easternmost Land the last time had been suppressed, traces of the Devil Tribe are found in the Northernmost Sea!”

“The Northernmost Sea?”

“Yes. To be specific, it is the southern part of the Underworld Sea. Originally, that place was guarded by the Torrential Thunder Emperor. But since you killed him, it is now left without anyone defending it. Then, the Devil Tribe suddenly appeared. It will be somewhat troublesome to handle this matter, I’m afraid!”

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