Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Chapter 101

Episode 20 Disaster of Floods (5)

The situation became clear.This Yoo Jonghyuk believed in something he shouldn't have.

I shouted towards Lee Seolhwa, "Lee Seolhwa! Take the kids and escape from this island right now. The Disaster of Floods is different from the past. We must fight her together. If we don't all fight"

Kim Dokja, don't disturb me if you don't want to die."Yoo Jonghyuk came up behind me and grabbed me by the neck. All of a sudden, my body lost strength and my knees fell to the ground.

I bit my lip and exclaimed, "Yoo Jonghyuk, listen to me! The Shin Yoosung waking up now isn't the Shin Yoosung you know. Once you meet her"

I wanted to say more but my voice suddenly changed into a squeaky sound.Dammit.I used Hit a Pressure Point to gradually relieve the energy that Yoo Jonghyuk had released into my blood.

Now I had to subdue him

Of course, no one in Seoul could subdue Yoo Jonghyuk.No, there was only one.That person was coming right now.

[The Disaster of Floods is waking up.]

Along with the message, a green light emerged from the meteorite.Finally, the hatching of the meteorite began.

I heard the voice of the intermediate dokkaebi.

[The incarnations of Seoul are really hot-tempered. Other areas aren't so eager to wake up the disaster and are struggling to avoid the disaster]

It was difficult for Bihyung to stall any longer.

[Do you miss your first companions? Now, prepare to face the disaster. Your companions are waiting for you in the other world.]

[A new main scenario has arrived!]

[Main Scenario # 5 Disaster of Floods]

Category: Main

Difficulty: SS

Clear Conditions: Kill the Disaster of Floods, Shin Yoosung.

Time Limit:

Compensation: 100,000 coins, ???

Failure: The fall of Seoul.

The large meteorite split apart and revealed the interior that was reminiscent of a womb. A completely nude woman was trapped inside like a fossil.

It was a mysterious woman with pure white skin.Her beautiful hair was tied up in a ponytail and wrapped around her body.This was the appearance of the adult Shin Yoosung.

A girl?

"What is this? That is a disaster?"

Lee Jihye and Lee Hyunsung stopped while some incarnations secretly looked at her. They seemed to feel the severe gap in power.

[The exclusive skill 'Fourth Wall' has offset your mental shock.]

The Disaster of Floods was different from other disasters.Unlike other disasters who were weakened by the early hatching, the Disaster of Floods had no such thing.The Disaster of Floods was stronger the earlier she woke up.

The moment that Shin Yoosung opened her eyes, white fur grew all over her body.The white fur was reminiscent of an animal's pelt and covered her body in the form of clothing.

Shin Yoosung slowly emerged from the meteorite and stepped on the ground.She was like a child taking her first step.She had just taken a step when everyone around her was frozen.

She was a species with a different strength.Even the strong ones among the incarnations found it hard to move. However, there was a person who wasn't troubled by her pressure at all.

"I have been waiting, Shin Yoosung."

Shin Yoosung slowly turned towards the man.

"Captain?"It was a short encounter but Shin Yoosung instantly realized something.Captan was waiting for me this isn't the first time you have seen me? Right?"

Yoo Jonghyuk nodded."I need your help."

Before that, what regression are you on now?"

"Why are you wondering?"

I need to know.

Yoo Jonghyuk hesitated for a moment before replying."The third time."

"Ah, I see Then you met me in the second regression. Right?"


She was the reason why Yoo Jonghyuk could reach the 46th scenario in the second regression.It was thanks to the Disaster of Floods in front of us.

The Disaster of Floods was Shin Yoosung from the 41st world line.She came to the past because of the Yoo Jonghyuk of the 41st regression.Shin Yoosung was abandoned by his world, travelled for many years and eventually descended into a scenario of the past Earth.

This is the third regression. I gave you information last time but you still failed?"

That's why I need more information."

The second regression Shin Yoosung chose Yoo Jonghyuk and gave him all the information she knew. It was a final consideration for the Yoo Jonghyuk that she knew.It was only for the second regression.

Shin Yoosung opened her mouth.It took thousands of years."

I could feel countless years of fatigue piled up in Shin Yoosung's expression.The things done by the 41st round Yoo Jonghyuk were worse than murder.Thousands of years. This period of time was enough to make a person collapse and for their ego to wear down.Shin Yoosung endured all that time and finally became a disaster.

"Captain, do you know how hard it was for me? I endured all these years to comply with your request."

"What do you mean?"

"I wanted to see Captain."

Yoo Jonghyuk didn't see the despair in Shin Yoosung's smile. He opened his mouth in a nonchalant manner.Give me all the information from the 41st regression. Did the future me say anything?"

I wanted to shout at him but my voice wouldn't come out.Shin Yoosung's eyes were as calm as the eye of a storm.Only I could read the turbulent emotions hidden deeply in her eyes.

Nothing has changed.

Thanks to Yoo Jonghyuk, Shin Yoosung moved alone in the labyrinth of worlds for over 1,000 years.She worked 200 years for the sake of humanity. She kept her promise to defend the world for 200 years.Then for another 200 years, she remembered Yoo Jonghyuk and her companions.

Throughout the years, Shin Yoosung used the handful of memories to protect herself.However, questions rose the more she remembered.

What does all of this mean?

Time erased her cause and sense of justice.Once the cause disappeared, only the poor human truth remained.

She felt resentment towards Yoo Jonghyuk who turned her and her companions into a tool of 'regression.'Loneliness and despair of losing the world permeated her bones. Shin Yoosung hated Yoo Jonghyuk who made her into this.

"Captain has never changed."

"Don't say unnecessary things and turn over the information. I don't have time."

What are 'we' to Captain?"


I did everything for you. I gave you one chance. However, Captain is still here."She graciously helped Yoo Jonghyuk in the second regression."You will keep going forward. You will turn people like me into tools and abandon me in the terrible labyrinth of worlds. It is all because of that G.o.dd.a.m.n sense of justice. I hate you for living in this world alone."

Now Shin Yoosung was facing the Yoo Jonghyuk of the third regression.

There is only one thing I'm going to tell you. Captain can't save anyone."Shin Yoosung laughed.Your third regression ends here."

Light emerged from Shin Yoosung's hands the same moment I was able to release myself using the pressure point. I ran with all my strength and was. .h.i.t by the ether storm.

"Get out of the way Yoo Jonghyuk!"

My belly was split open and my mind became blank. A ma.s.sive crater formed in the centre of the island. Me and Yoo Jonghyuk jumped into the air and then rolled along the ground for a while.

It hurt. s.h.i.t. It really hurt.

"Kim Dokja?"The surprised Yoo Jonghyuk looked down at my fallen self.

My breathing was fast and the sky had turned yellow.It was true that I had been lucky so far.The world was originally like this.Only one thing had to go wrong for the world to be destroyed.

"Kim Dokja!"

b.a.s.t.a.r.d, there was no need to make a big fuss.I smiled at Yoo Jonghyuk and told him,Hey, kill me. You usually want to kill me."

"What do you mean?

"There is one minute left so I'll let you kill me. Kill me."

Yoo Jonghyuk looked at my belly. I wanted to touch my belly but it felt like nothing was there. Blood constantly emerged from my mouth and I was dizzy enough to vomit. I kept struggling to breathe.

[The exclusive skill 'Fourth Wall' has offset some of the pain.]

If it wasn't for Fourth Wall then I might be weeping.I couldn't feel it last time because I died in one blow.

"Wait Kim Dokja! It isn't too late."

"It is too late."

"It isn't!"

If you kill me now then you can gain coins. I'm already dying. Just kill me."

Yoo Jonghyuk made an expression that I hadn't seen for a long time.It was the expression he made when he first saw me on the subway.

"I can't do it."

My vision blurred.I could see Yoo Jonghyuk trying to stop the bleeding but I had already lost too much blood. More than anything my internal organs were gone. There was no way I could live. It was unreasonable even for Lee Seolhwa.My consciousness slowly scattered into the air like a collapsing sandcastle.

[You have died.]

A moment later, a system message was heard.

[Current karma points: 100/100]

[You have enough karma points to use the privilege.]

[The privilege of the King of No Killing is activated.]


As expected, I opened my eyes in the darkness.It was this state again.It was a truly dirty feeling.

[Due to a collision error with your exclusive skill, the privilege of King of No Killing would be delayed.]

[Thanks to your death, your consciousness has been completely liberated from the constraints of your body.]

[Exclusive skill, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint stage 3 has been activated!]

I heard familiar messages in the darkness.The next moment, a screen appeared in front of me.It was the third person observation.


It was like the intermediate dokkaebi said. The Disaster of Floods was more than the other disasters combined. Shin Yoosung gave an order and the air distorted, making monsters pop out.

Monster Gate, the main feature of the legend grade attribute Beast Lord.The numerous monsters domesticated by her as she travelled the dimensions were being released as nightmares on Earth.

"Tear, break, destroy."

Many 7th grade and 6th grade species could be seen. There were even some comparable to the 5th grade fire dragon.

It is time for the disaster.

Nodeulseom exploded and waves covered Han River.The confused incarnations became the food of monsters. The late-arriving 'kings' started giving orders. Then I saw a person with a fearsome aura behind Shin Yoosung.

"I'm going to kill you, Shin Yoosung."

This crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d?Yoo Jonghyuk's ether blade moved through the air with a terrible sound.

Shin Yoosung avoided the attack and smiled lightly. Your level of Breaking the Sky Sword is quite high already? However, you can't beat me no matter how you try. At most, it is this level?"

You must turn in this round."

"We'll see. I won't die now. It might be possible if it was 10 years later."

"I will kill you."

Captain, aren't you too agitated? What is the reason?"

I quietly prepared 1st person protagonist's point of view.In the current situation, it was best to transfer to Yoo Jonghyuk's body.I didn't feel good but it would be a bit easier to deal with the disaster if I transferred to this guy.

"Something is strange. Are you really Captain?" Then Shin Yoosung's eyes shifted to my dead body. "Who is that person? I haven't never seen such a person before."

Yoo Jonghyuk stayed silent.He just swung and swung his sword.This was his only answer.How long did he swing his sword?

Yoo Jonghyuk slowly opened his mouth.

"That guy."

Shin Yoosung's face gradually filled with doubt and disbelief.The silent Yoo Jonghyuk finally spoke.

"He is my companion."

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