Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Chapter 102 110

Episode 21 Things That Cant Be Changed (1)

Captain, what did you just say?

I came to my senses because of Shin Yoosungs disbelieving voice.

Say it again. What did you say just now? What? Companion?

That man is your companion?

Yoo Jonghyuk didnt reply to the voice filled with distrust. I was surprised as well but Shin Yoosungs shock was devastating. The Yoo Jonghyuk with a strong ego had called me his companion.


This suddenly scared me. No matter how I thought about it, he wasnt someone who would call me a companion. Didnt this b.a.s.t.a.r.d know I was going to be resurrected?

[The constellation Maritime War G.o.d is touched by your comradeship.]

[The constellation Bald General of Justice is blushing at your comradeship.]

[500 coins have been sponsored.]

Yes, now I understood. Yoo Jonghyuk, he was looking for coin sponsorship. It was a little strange to see that Uriel wasnt involved but he must be targeting sponsorship by one of the constellations.

I became convinced as I watched him bleeding. Considering that this was his third regression, it wasnt impossible for Yoo Jonghyuk to say the word companion. In the early rounds, he had called Lee Hyunsung and Lee Seolhwa companions when they died.

It hurt to think about the large number of coins he would be receiving right now. I couldnt help my emotions becoming cold. d.a.m.n, I shouldve said that line.

Captain, how can you say that?

Of course, Shin Yoosung didnt know Yoo Jonghyuks thoughts and looked as if the world had collapsed.

There was no choice. The 41st round Shin Yoosung

She never once heard Yoo Jonghyuk call anyone his companion. Shin Yoosungs fist hit Yoo Jonghyuks blade.

Despite the clash between the body and the weapon, the thing that received damage was Yoo Jonghyuks sword. It was the SS-grade Heaven Shaking Sword. Putting aside the special options, the durability and strength was one of the best. Yet this sword was damaged by Shin Yoosungs fist.

In the end, the Heaven Shaking Sword failed to overcome the shock and was bent. The mighty Splitting the Sky was helplessly deflected.

How dare you say this in front of me?

Shin Yoosung shouted and didnt use any special skills. She just threw a punch that contained ether condensed to the limit.

Yoo Jonghyuk coughed up blood and flew back at this blow. Her attacks, her speed and her variations. Shin Yoosung was superior to Yoo Jonghyuk in all aspects.

The Red Phoenix Shunpo and Breaking the Sky Sword that Yoo Jonghyuk was proud of faded in front of Shin Yoosung.

There was the terrible sound of the body breaking and Yoo Jonghyuk was pushed back. It wasnt a matter of talent but a matter of time.

Despite being weakened by the descent, the 41st Shin Yoosung was the Beast Lord who was close to the limits that Shin Yoosung could reach. On the other hand, the current Yoo Jonghyuk was in the early stages of Yoo Jonghyuks growth.

Why call him a companion? Is it because he sacrificed himself for you? Just because of this?

Blood emerged without stopping. However, Yoo Jonghyuk didnt give up. He didnt stop and kept wielding his sword. That jerk, why the h.e.l.l was he fighting?

I watched the bleeding Yoo Jonghyuk and became increasingly frustrated. Shouldnt he run away after realizing something was wrong? Wasnt that what he normally did?

Once again, Shin Yoosung opened her mouth.

Then what about me and the others? Jihye unni and Hyunsung oppa. Seolhwa unni? What the h.e.l.l are the people who fought with you?

I I dont know what youre talking about.


There is only one thing I know. Yoo Jonghyuk wiped the blood from his lips and said. You killed my companion in this round. Thus, you will also die.

d.a.m.n, this time I couldnt help feeling touched.

[Excessive immersion has restricted some of the features of Fourth Wall.]

I was fooled by his acting. Yes, I read Ways of Survival for this taste. Come to think of it, I had been in tears when Yoo Jonghyuk said something similar to Lee Hyunsung.

I suddenly felt restless. A mere reader became a companion of the main character, Yoo Jonghyuk.

Shin Yoosung looked at Yoo Jonghyuk with a face that seemed to have lost everything.

You cant be like this

An ominous aura filled her surroundings. It was a process where emptiness turned to betrayal and betrayal turned to anger.

You are changing. I cant tolerate it.

Ether filled Shin Yoosungs fists. I wanted to watch a bit more but I was filled with a sense of crisis.

[Excessive immersion leads to a profound increase in the proficiency of Omniscient Readers Viewpoint.]

If this went wrong then Yoo Jonghyuk would really die. I couldnt let him be killed here. I quickly switched the mode of Omniscient Readers Viewpoint.

It was from third person to 1st person protagonists point of view.

[Changing your viewpoint to first person.]

[Changing to the 1st person protagonists point of view has failed.]

What? Why?

[You have failed to meet the conditions to change the viewpoint.]

It felt like I had been hit in the back of the head. There were two conditions to use 1st person protagonists point of view.

One, I must be dead and in an out of body state. Two, the target and I should be thinking about each other.

The first condition was met but the problem was the second condition. That jerk wasnt thinking about me right now?

Then what was with all the running amok because of revenge? I watched Yoo Jonghyuk who was frantically attacking and became stunned.

Die. I will kill you.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, was he thinking about anything? Shin Yoosung watched Yoo Jonghyuk and opened his mouth.

It cant be helped. I was going to finish it quickly but I changed my mind.

Shin Yoosung smiled like she was a devil.

I will finish off Captains world in the most terrible way.

Shin Yoosungs eyes shifted away from Yoo Jonghyuk. My heart sank the moment I followed her gaze. s.h.i.t, I really couldnt wait here and watch. If I couldnt transfer to Yoo Jonghyuk then someone else

At this moment, a sharp sensation crossed my mind. An unexpected character was thinking of me.

Could I transfer to this person? Was it possible? Ah, thats right. It was because Yoo Jonghyuk said those words. Yes, maybe it would be better to transfer to this person. I dont know, lets just try it.

I started projecting my mind towards that person. Then after a while. My vision shook and I became dizzy.

[Changing your viewpoint to first person.]

My consciousness was sucked to another place.


The first time she heard it, Shin Yoosung questioned her ears. Companion. How was this possible? This was Yoo Jonghyuk, not another person.

Shin Yoosung couldnt understand the emotion that blossomed deep inside her heart. It was an emotion she had forgotten for a thousand years.

Yoo Jonghyuk, companion.

She didnt know what had happened to Yoo Jonghyuk. But if it was true, perhaps the Yoo Jonghyuk of that time towards her

Shin Yoosung touched the ground without realizing it.

It is low.

Shin Yoosung thought so. Thus, I thought so.

This is your last chance. She couldnt tolerate such a lowly thing. If you cancel your words then I will send you away without any pain. Say it. Say he isnt your companion, just someone you know.

The bleeding Yoo Jonghyuk didnt answer despite his condition. Shin Yoosung had crushed one arm and his legs were weak. Even so, Yoo Jonghyuks eyes were still alive.

Shin Yoosung stared at Yoo Jonghyuk and gritted her teeth before giving an order. Hold onto Yoo Jonghyuk.

The 6th grade sulfur mummies that had pa.s.sed through the Monster Gate started moving. Their white bandages grabbed Yoo Jonghyuks body and Yoo Jonghyuks limbs were pulled as if they were going to be torn apart. Shin Yoosung declared, Captain, Ill kill them one by one. Captain, you are the one who chose the most painful way.

Shin Yoosung walked towards the edge of the island, leaving Yoo Jonghyuk alone.

Kill her! She is the disaster!

The incarnations climbing up from the water discovered Shin Yoosung. Shin Yoosung waved her hands towards them. The incarnations were touched by the light that came from her hands and were torn apart like wet newspaper. There was no time for them to scream.


Monsters poured from the Monster Gate at her order. Two of the most powerful monsters were standing behind her like they were guards.

The 5th grade sea species, King Ma.s.swood. The 5th grade behemoth, Heavy Metal Bean.

They were monsters who could cause small disasters in this world. She was about to speak when a sharp strike came from the side.

Where are you going?

It was a flashy sword. The person wielding it wore a black hoodie over a slim skirt. Shin Yoosung immediately recognized who she was. Demon Slaying was burning in Lee Jihyes eyes.

You dared to make Master look like that?

The majesty of a great constellation emerged from Lee Jihyes body. It was the power of a person who was stronger than anyone in the sea. Shin Yoosung noticed the stigma that Lee Jihye wanted to use. This place was a river.

To G.o.d.

The moment she started reciting a pa.s.sage, transparent ships emerged from every corner of Han River.

There are still 12 ships!

23 ships appeared on Han River, scattering the water. It was a sight that made people speechless. The stigma of the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare, Ghost Fleet. Despite the oppressive aura of the ships, Shin Yoosung just smiled like she had missed it.

Indeed. This is Unnis skill.

Unni? You are a lot older than me!

However, you still have a long way to go. The captain should be on the ship. Why are you in a place like this? Shin Yoosung reached her in an instant and touched Lee Jihyes chin. There was no time for resistance. Poor Unni. You dont know anything.

s.h.i.t! What is this speed?

Lee Jihye hurriedly retreated but she couldnt escape Shin Yoosungs speed.

You dont know. Yoo Jonghyuk will use you and abandon you. You will die.

Lee Jihyes blade flew towards Shin Yoosung. Shin Yoosung lightly grabbed the blade.

You, who wanted to be acknowledged by Yoo Jonghyuk, died in the sea you loved so much. You were horribly slaughtered by the j.a.panese who hated your sponsor.

Everybody, attack with full power!

The 12 ships started firing the moment Lee Jihye shouted. Shin Yoosung laughed as she watched the flying sh.e.l.ls.

Do you know what Yoo Jonghyuk said after losing you?

The sh.e.l.ls. .h.i.t Shin Yoosungs body. There was the loud sound of an explosion. Shin Yoosung emerged from the smoke and kept talking.

In the future, sea battles will be a bit difficult.

The countless sh.e.l.ls didnt damage Shin Yoosungs white fur armour. It was one of Shin Yoosungs unique skill, her strongest defense skill called Beast Kings Sensitivity. The white fur wrapped around her didnt tolerate even a single scratch.

Dont worry Unni. That wont happen this time.

Shin Yoosung laughed.

Ill send you away without any pain.

Episode 21 Things That Cant Be Changed (2)

Shin Yoosungs right hand quietly rose towards the sky.

Cry, King Ma.s.swood.

Then the ichthyosaur king behind her quietly raised his body. The king of the ichthyosaurs, the King Ma.s.swood used Ice Breath. Han River instantly froze and the ghost fleet firing their sh.e.l.ls gradually lost their function. The fleet was unable to move.

Unni, I will give you one piece of advice. The ghost fleet is nothing without water.

Everything happened in an instant. Shin Yoosungs fist moved as well. There was the sound of something popping. Lee Jihye lost her sword and flew through the sky.

Of course, it is useless to give the advice at this time.

The bleeding Lee Jihye flew away and had already lost consciousness. King Ma.s.swoods Ice Breath had spread completely across Han River.

Aaaagh! What?

The incarnations crossing the cold water shrieked. The hundreds of people were destined to be frozen along with Han River. It was a person watching nearby who saved the helpless incarnations.

[The character Lee Hyunsung has used the stigma Great Mountain Smash Lv. 5.]

Lee Hyunsungs abnormally inflated right arm hit the frozen river. His right arm seemed to burst as he used Great Mountain Smash to break up the ice.

His efforts were rewarded. The surface of the cracked Han River collapsed and the influence of Cold Breath weakened. The incarnations took the opportunity to climb onto Nodeulseom.



Shin Yoosung saw Lee Hyunsung standing in the middle of them and smiled sadly. Yes, Hyunsung oppa. I knew you would be here.

You know me?

You were our most rea.s.suring shield. You saved my life many times.

Shin Yoosung gestured and the huge chimpanzee behind her hit his chest and walked forward. The 5th grade behemoth, Heavy Metal Bean. He stomped his hind legs and the nearby incarnations rolled around on the ground.

Lee Hyunsung rushed towards Heavy Metal Bean. Lee Hyunsungs swollen arm hit the Heavy Metal Beans steel muscles. Lee Hyunsungs power was amazing. He wasnt pushed back by the 5th grade behemoth despite his blood vessels bursting and blood flowing from his mouth. No, he was rather overwhelming.

Shin Yoosung kept speaking to Lee Hyunsung. You are the same as ever. Hyunsung oppa. One of Yoo Jonghyuks most loyal

Who are you?

You saved the lives of countless people and protected Yoo Jonghyuk to the end. Then you were hit with the breath of the iron blood dragon and scattered into a handful of ashes.


Do you know what Yoo Jonghyuk said then? Shin Yoosungs tongue was a sharp scalpel that transplanted the wounds she received onto another person. I lost a bad shield.

Shin Yoosung saw Lee Hyunsungs changed expression and struggled with a solitary pleasure. Yes, you should feel this too. The pain I felt, the sights I saw. I wont unleash all of them but you should understand this too.

However, she didnt know. This round of regression was different from what she knew.

Lee Hyunsung hit the Heavy Metal Bean and opened his mouth. I dont know what youre talking about but I dont follow Yoo Jonghyuk.


I am in Kim Dokjas party.

Kim what?

The Heavy Metal Bean fell to the ground with a loud sound. Shin Yoosungs expression hardened and she approached Lee Hyunsung.

What are you talking about?

There was a popping sword and Lee Hyunsung flew through the air. Shin Yoosung had punched Lee Hyunsung in the belly. The ether storm pierced through Lee Hyunsungs solid skin and he flew to the middle of Han River.

The blow was hard enough to cause all his organs to rupture. The Lee Hyunsung of the third round would no longer be able to live. However, a question remained in Shin Yoosungs head.

It was a name she had never heard of before. Kim Dokja Who was he?

Shin Yoosung tore off the heads of the incarnations rushing towards her and slowly walked towards the frozen river. The frightened incarnations fled and were torn apart by the claws of monsters. Little by little, despair filled the eyes of the people.

A sense of resignation spread through the incarnations facing the impossible disaster.


Of course, there were some people who tried to resist. The kings grouped up and used long distance skills to fire arrows and ether bullets. Shin Yoosung knew them.

King of Beauty, Min Jiwon.

The Maitreya King Cha Sangkyung.

The Neutral King, Jeon Ildo.

It was strange. They were those who originally shouldnt be alive or had already gone under Yoo Jonghyuks leadership. It was because all kings other than Yoo Jonghyuk shouldve been incorporated into one throne at the end of the fourth scenario.

Then what the h.e.l.l was this?

Attack! There is only one enemy!

Who the h.e.l.l was this army under? Where had the Absolute Throne gone? Who was governing this world?

It was at this moment that she felt killing intent. The ground where Shin Yoosung was standing was frozen.

Ice Breath?

She reflexively looked behind her and saw a large serpent pouring its breath towards her. It wasnt the King Ma.s.swood. She raised her right hand and the King Ma.s.swood moved.

Two ichthyosaurs roared towards each other at the same time and started to b.u.mp against each other.

The king and queen bit at each other, turning the entire Han River into a huge battlefield. An ichthyosaur the size of a dragon was fighting King Ma.s.swood. This ichthyosaur, Shin Yoosung knew its ident.i.ty.

Queen Mirabad?

She knew that the queen was on Earth but there was no reason to attack her. No, what was this?

Are you the future me? A voice was heard.

She looked back and Shin Yoosungs mind became blank. The nostalgic days shook her soul.

Save Ahjussi!

The girl shouted while a woman tried to stop the girl.

Yoosung, no!

Shin Yoosung recovered from the shock and noticed everything.

Haha yes. I knew it.

Shin Yoosung moved towards the girl. She knew why Yoo Jonghyuk had done this. He was a human who would just any means and methods to achieve his purpose.

Yoo Jonghyuk, you son of a b.i.t.c.h

Yoosung, flee!

Yoo Sangah simultaneously activated Hermes Walking Method and Arachnes Spiderweb. Shin Yoosungs eyes narrowed.


However, Yoo Sangahs dagger didnt reach Shin Yoosung. Shin Yoosung made a simple hand gesture and the flying monsters gathered around the gate flew towards Yoo Sangah. In a flash, Yoo Sangah disappeared into a horde of monsters.

Shin Yoosung ignored Yoo Sangah and approached the little girl. The girl looked up at her with fear and anger. The girl wasnt able to move an inch. Shin Yoosung raised a hand to the girls cheek.

Yoo Jonghyuk really did find the me of this world.

Uh, ah

He tried to kill the little me to stop me. Right?

A terrible joy filled Shin Yoosungs head. The faded hatred and anger quickly returned to their place. There were some things that couldnt be changed no matter how many times a person went back to the past.

The disaster Shin Yoosung laughed. h.e.l.lo, my past self.

The moment her hand moved, a strong blow came from the rear and swallowed up Shin Yoosung. The dust rose and a giant praying mantis appeared.

A 6th grade insect king?

t.i.tano! Do it!

The sickle attacks of the praying mantis turned the ground into tofu. It was a scary attack. Of course, it wasnt an attack that could kill a disaster.

Get lost.

The ether condensed in Shin Yoosungs right arm and drilled a hole in the t.i.tanopteras stomach. The praying mantis spilled green blood and fell to the ground.


The outraged Lee Gilyoung jumped from the head of the praying mantis. A yellow mucus emerged from Lee Gilyoungs body and spread into the air.

Go! Antinus!

A wind parasite emerged from Lee Gilyoungs body. It was a 5th grade parasitic species. Shin Yoosung was startled.


Shin Yoosung knew this presence. It was because she destroyed Chronos before coming to Earth. Antinus was the from the dominant species on Chronos. She was a monster in the form of a queen.

Shin Yoosung couldnt believe it. The child had dominated Antinus?

You are better than expected, Kid.

After her moment of surprise, Shin Yoosung grabbed the parasite in her hands. Antinus mucus that was touching her fingertips started to burn black. It was natural. The guides had bodies that couldnt resist the disasters.

You have the talent to tame a guide. You are a child with the talent of a Lord. Right? He also found

Lee Gilyoung shouted without caring about her questions. What did you do to Dokja hyung?


Where is Hyung?

Lee Gilyoungs fist hit her belly. It was a direct blow but Lee Gilyoung was the one whose wrist broke. He was a great talent but the opponent was too terrible. Shin Yoosung grabbed Lee Gilyoungs neck and lifted him into the air.

.Who is Dokja? Blood poured down the struggling Lee Gilyoungs face. Say it. Otherwise I will kill you.

At this moment, a booming sound was heard in the distance and sh.e.l.ls fell towards the ground where she was standing. Shin Yoosung jumped lightly and avoided the sh.e.l.ls. The Ghost Fleet started firing again? How?


She could see Lee Jihye and Lee Hyunsung running in the distance. Doubt filled Shin Yoosungs head..

It was strange. Surely those were deadly blows. How were they still alive? Did her strength control fail? Her?

Shin Yoosung feel annoyed and inserted more strength into the hand holding Lee Gilyoungs neck. In any case, it was better to ask them.

Goodbye Kid.

The moment she increased her grip, pain spread in her head. She was startled and dropped Lee Gilyoung to the ground. Her trembling right hand was wriggling abnormally.

Surely she wasnt infected with a parasite? No, it was impossible. A 5th grade parasite couldnt interfere with a returnee. Then what was this? Why wasnt her body listening to her all of a sudden?

Then she heard a voice. Stop, Shin Yoosung.

Strangely, Shin Yoosung found something deep inside her react the moment she heard this voice. One side of her heart started to ache like crazy. She didnt know it. It was obviously a voice she didnt know.

W-Who the h.e.l.l are you? Get out of me!

What was this nostalgic feeling? Shin Yoosung grabbed her head like she was resisting her own senses.

You! Get out of me!

She was filled with the desire to vomit as unknown memories revolved in her head. The films of the worlds were becoming tangled together.


She was distracted by the voice when the young Shin Yoosung approached.

The young Shin Yoosungs lips moved. Ahjussi, are you there?

Episode 21 Things That Cant Be Changed (3)

Controlling the body of a disaster? I didnt intend on this from the beginning. Originally my plan was something else. I decided to modify the plan the moment my mind transferred to Shin Yoosungs body.

[Exclusive skill, Omniscient Readers Viewpoint stage 3 has been activated!]

[The 1st person supporting role viewpoint has been activated.]

To be exact, I had to modify it.

I cant admit it.

Then what am I? How long have I lived?

What can I get for returning?

In the midst of Shin Yoosungs turbulent pain, I saw the world with her eyes. I breathed through Shin Yoosungs nose and killed people with Shin Yoosungs hand. I expressed Shin Yoosungs thoughts with her voice. I was Shin Yoosung.

[The exclusive skill, Fourth Wall is shaking!]

Then I met Lee Jihye. I knew the moment I met her that Lee Jihye would die here. Thus, for the first time I tried something that I hadnt done before.

[The 1st person supporting role viewpoint interferes with the behaviour of the character.]

[The exclusive skill, Fourth Wall is shaking ominously.]

There was an electric current in my head followed by tremendous pain. Yet the moment Shin Yoosung dealt the decisive blow, I was able to pull back her right hand. It was a fine adjustment so Shin Yoosung didnt notice, but I definitely did it.

Lee Jihye didnt die.

[Your understanding of the character Shin Yoosung has increased.]

The same thing was repeated with Lee Hyunsung. My mind had become a bit ragged but I thought that I might be able to do something. I poured more of my heart into it and increased my grip on Shin Yoosungs body.

Finally, it happened when Shin Yoosung grabbed Lee Gilyoungs neck.

W-Who are you?

I succeeded in controlling Shin Yoosungs right hand.

[You have a very high understanding of the character Shin Yoosung.]

Someone elses arm moved according to my will. It was an amazing experience.

Ahjussi? Shin Yoosung asked.

Get out of me!

Shin Yoosungs right arm under my control starting shaking. The abnormally deformed arm turned black and swollen, like the blood vessels were bursting. The young Shin Yoosung rushed to grab the blackened arm.

Ahjussi, youre in there right? Ajusshi!

The young Shin Yoosung grabbed my right arm. At this moment, a strong spark entered the right arm. It was a spark similar to a storm of probability. The surprised people came running but the sparks blew them away.

The disaster Shin Yoosung and the young Shin Yoosung saw each other at the same time. The wave of memories were gathering.



It wasnt possible. If the Disconnected Film theory was correct, the two people shouldnt have a shared history.

You can kill me. Its okay.

I wanted to survive.

When I thought about it, the Disconnected Film theory only applied to characters. I came from outside the novel. What if my existence played a role in connecting their memories? What if I connected the two films?

I could feel both Shin Yoosungs holding my hand. The third round and the 41st round. The two different times were facing each other.

Is it worth it for me to live?

Then what is the value of this life?

No! This these memories

The panicked disaster Shin Yoosung stuttered and bit on her blue lips. A mighty energy was being created inside Shin Yoosungs body.

There was the sound of something tearing and the young Shin Yoosung was thrown away from the right arm.

Shin Yoosung was damaging her own body in an attempt to get me out. Blood flowed from her and her combat power started to rapidly drop. The balance of her flesh was being broken due to the excessive magic power.

Shin Yoosung! Wait, stop this!


Shin Yoosung grabbed her head and struggled to expel me. I shared her senses and felt like I was going crazy from the nausea and pain. Shin Yoosungs mind was blank.

I was troubled for a moment. If this continued, the disaster Shin Yoosung


My consciousness left Shin Yoosungs body and all five senses disappeared.

[The skill conflict error is normalized.]

[The delayed privilege of the King of No Killing has reappeared.]

[Your body is resurrected from death.]

Maybe this wasnt the right choice. However, I wanted to give it a try.

[A constellation who likes to change gender is sad.]

I would always regret it if I didnt.

[The recreation of your flesh has begun.]

[The exclusive skill Fourth Wall offsets the mental shock caused by your death.]

[Compensation is being prepared for the Omniscient Readers Viewpoint stage 3.[

It was my second resurrection after dying from the fire dragon.

I felt my nerves being reconstructed and struggled once again. The regenerated lungs filled wit hair and the optic nerves were connected, restoring my vision. The abstract activity of the mind was transplanted onto the cerebral cortex.

[The privilege of the King of No Killing has been completed.]

[100 karma points have been consumed.]

[The wastes of your flesh have been completely removed and the performance of your body has increased.]

[Physique and magic power has increased by 2 levels each.]

[You have exceeded in overall stats limit for the scenario.]

Fortunately, it was the second resurrection and I didnt have an unseemly appearance.

I looked around and saw my scattered items and clothing. It was lucky that no one had taken them. I started putting on my clothes when I heard an eerie voice behind me.

Kim Dokja?

Ah, come to think of it, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d was right beside me. I looked back and saw Yoo Jonghyuk staring at me with disbelief. His shoulders were still covered with the sulfur mummies bandages.

How on earth?

I sighed. I couldnt explain about the King of No Killing here so I said something else. Dont say that you will kill me again. I really will die this time.

Kim Dokja, you!

I will explain it later. There is no time.

I swung the Blade of Faith and freed Yoo Jonghyuk from the sulfur mummies bandages. The sulfur mummies shrieked and stared at me. Then I activated Way of the Wind through Bookmark.

I carried the injured Yoo Jonghyuk on my shoulder and rushed towards the frozen Han River.

From afar, I could see incarnations fighting with monsters. There was a black aura rising from Yongsang-gu, Seoul. It was for certain. The disaster Shin Yoosung was over there.



I found my party members running towards me. I put Yoo Jonghyuk down on the ground and ordered.

Take a break.

Then I ran straight towards the disaster Shin Yoosung.

Dokjssi, it is dangerous.

Its okay. I stopped Lee Hyunsung and moved forward. Shin Yoosung.

The Disaster of Floods was sitting down while holding her head. Blood flowed down and hit the ground.

I was certain that the incarnations didnt dare approached because of the terrible aura she was emitting. Right now, everyone could kill the current Disaster of Floods if they combined forces.

You who are you? The disaster Shin Yoosung looked at me with trembling eyes. Its all ruined because of you this isnt the round that I know.

The soul that had lasted over a thousand years was shaking with fear.

No, not at all.

The change began with Yoo Jonghyuk and then her spirit started collapsing the moment she encountered the Shin Yoosung of the past.

She hated Yoo Jonghyuk. Her anger had acc.u.mulated over a thousand years. The strong emotions had crumbled at the memories she received.

Maybe this hope could change the world. It was the small bit of hope that the disaster Shin Yoosung saw. It might be very small but hope could overwhelm despair.

I approached Shin Yoosung and knelt down beside her. Shin Yoosung stared at me.

Well done. I kept thinking about what she would most want to hear. No such thing had appeared in Ways of Survival. I could only come up with the words myself. If I was Shin Yoosung Ive been waiting for you for a long time.

Shin Yoosungs eyes shook uneasily. You have been waiting? Who are you?

A person who wants the same world you do.

At this point, Shin Yoosungs eyes changed drastically.


Little by little, Yoo Sangah touched my shoulder.


I nodded and got up. My companions were looking at me. I looked at them and opened my mouth.


I liked the Disaster of Floods episode. I loved all the characters who appeared in this episode and valued them. Perhaps that was why I hoped for this episode to not happen.

I wont kill the disaster.

I thought about it. In the original third round, the Disaster of Floods died after the young Shin Yoosung was killed. However, I wondered if there was another ending to this episode that I didnt know about. It was an ending that had never been attempted.

I wont accept any arguments. This time, I hope you will listen to my suggestion.

Ahjussi, what is this bulls.h.i.t?

There was no time limit for the fifth scenario. What if the Disaster of Floods gave up her role and what if we didnt hunt the disaster?

Perhaps this scenario would just continue without anyone dying. Some people understood while others looked confused. The first one who nodded was Yoo Sangah and then Lee Hyunsung opened his mouth.

You must have an idea. I will follow Dokjas will.

It is fine if thats what Hyung wants. But can I hit her as much as she hit t.i.tano?

d.a.m.n, do whatever you want. Since when hasnt Ahjussi done what you wanted? But is it okay?

I listened to the party members words and then looked at the young Shin Yoosung.


The girl had tears in her eyes. Perhaps Shin Yoosung had seen it, everything that her future self experienced.

Thus, it was cruel to ask the young Shin Yoosung about what to do with Shin Yoosung. I stroked the childs hair and finally looked back at the disaster Shin Yoosung. She had a distorted expression like she was a wounded beast.

You will spare me? Dont make me laugh. Who are you to say that?

The only thing she had left was her pride.

I have lived through the 41st round of regression. I remember everything that no one in this world knows. What do you know? How did I spend that time? How can I forget all of that?

The words of the future Shin Yoosung stopped. It was because Yoo Jonghyuk was watching her.

In this moment, Shin Yoosung realized the real meaning of what she said. Being lost among worlds. Losing her loved ones. Nevertheless, living in that world again. There was only one person in this world who understood her grief.

Every regressor lives hating the things that havent happened yet.

Regressor Yoo Jonghyuk started talking.

That guy will be a bad person in the future and I should kill him. That person will kill my companion in the future and I should kill him. That person will be my companion in the future and I should save them.

I could read the emotions that ended Yoo Jonghyuks eyes. Since I was able to read them, Yoo Jonghyuk felt strange to me for the first time. I had never seen such an honest Yoo Jonghyuk.

It is a future that hasnt happened yet. I know they dont remember me and that they havent done anything yet. Still, I believed and acted like they did. Thats how I lived. It is because everything clearly happened to me and I cant live by denying it.

Anger returned to Shin Yoosungs eyes.

Yes! It is because you lived that way! My companions

So you also live that way, Shin Yoosung.


If you want, I will bear your hatred.

I couldnt say anything because I was too saddened by Yoo Jonghyuks words.

Survive this round for the sake of killing me.

Yoo Jonghyuk spoke some final words. Perhaps this was the warmest that Yoo Jonghyuk could be.

It was the first time I noticed that Yoo Jonghyuks back was so big and wide. His back was wide and lonely.

Shin Yoosung stared at Yoo Jonghyuk with her mouth wide open.

Ironically, she understood the man who she hated for thousands of years due to all the years she lived.

Captain wait. Captain!

I was able to feel the ripples in Shin Yoosungs heart.

Is this really okay?

Keep going for this reason.

This world, you dont have to abandon it

Some anger hadnt disappeared and some sorrows hadnt been erased. However, as long as she lived, salvation would come one day.

I told Shin Yoosung, Shin Yoosung, this is your round now.

I couldnt change anything when I was a reader. It was because I was a reader that I could change it now. I thought I could change it.

At least, until the voice of the intermediate dokkaebi was heard.

Episode 21 Things That Cant Be Changed (4)

[Im sorry but thats a bit difficult.]

I thought it was time for this guy to come out. It was the f.u.c.king intermediate dokkaebi. This guy managed the entire Seoul scenario and couldnt help moving at this time.

However, I was a bit confident. Why is it difficult? We arent breaking the scenarios rules.

[Spare the disaster? Are you insane? You must want to die.]

No, it is the opposite. I am doing this to live.

The voice of the intermediate dokkaebi became harder.

[Dont you know that this is a violation of the rules? The content of the scenario is to kill the disaster. If you dont stick to the scenario]

Dont worry. I will kill the disaster. Everyone looked at me the moment I said these words.

Ahjussi, what are you? In particular, Lee Jihye looked at me like I was a psychopath.

It wasnt strange. I previously said I wouldnt kill the disaster and now I said I would. Most of the party members were waiting for my next words. I felt a bit flattered by the trusting silence.

Just not right now.


The scenario doesnt indicate a time limit. Then it is up to us when we want to kill the disaster. The intermediate dokkaebi looked like he had eaten Chinese medicine. Thus, there is no need to rush.

The disaster Shin Yoosung looked up at me with a bemused expression. She hadnt known that such a thing was possible.

[The constellation Scribe of Heaven is looking at you with strange eyes.]

The agitation of the constellations couldnt be felt. There werent many episodes that rebelled against the scenario, even when I searched all of Ways of Survival. Thats why it was of great interest to the constellations.

This was particularly true in situations where the distinction between good and evil was ambiguous. The number of subscribers from the absolute good or absolute evil constellations would rise in an overwhelming manner. It was their daily routine to discern the good and evil of the characters.

[I cant allow it.]

Are you going to interfere in another scenario? Have you forgotten what happened last time?


My confidence came from the fact that this was a main scenario, not a sub-scenario.

It was also the fifth scenario that was scaled to engulf all of the dome, making it difficult for the intermediate dokkaebi to change the criteria of the scenario. In addition, the intermediate dokkaebi had already received disciplinary action from the bureau.

He must be afraid of being punished again and didnt have much chance of winning this fight against me.

I saw Bihyung biting his nails nearby and told him, Be prepared. If something happens, you are the only one I can believe in.

Dammit, why should I?

Dont forget that we will die together.

Bihyung settled down and the intermediate dokkaebi opened his mouth.

[Very interesting. But it wont turn out as you think.]

Yes, I knew he wouldnt give up easily.

[Not all incarnation in Seoul Dome are the same as you.]

The intermediate dokkaebi flicked his finger. Then system messages popped up.

[A new sub-scenario has arrived!]

I knew what he was thinking. If he couldnt touch the main scenario then he would set up the sub-scenario.

[From now on, I will double the bounty on the disaster.]

The original compensation was 100,000 coins and it was doubled, which meant 200,000 coins. It was an amount that could make someone rise to the top of Seoul Dome in an instant. It was enough to risk their lives

For some reason, no incarnations came running.

Dont move.

Cherish your lives. If you dont want to die like moths!

The powerful kings were controlling the incarnations. They were King of Beauty Min Jiwon and Maitreya King Cha Sangkyung. There was also the Neutral King, Jeon Ildo.

[The constellation Maritime War G.o.d is proud of the incarnations on the Korean Peninsula.]

Of course, there were forces that the kings couldnt control but they also didnt act. They had already seen the power of the disaster. It was natural that a small number of people wouldnt act, regardless of whether the reward was 100,000 or 200,000 coins. There was also our party covering the disaster Shin Yoosung

[How disappointing. The incarnations of Seoul Dome are cowards.]

There was an ominous feeling in the air. The intermediate dokkaebi was thinking about how to make this situation worse. I had to act quickly. At this point, I had to go for victory.

Do you yield? Honestly, wont everyone be satisfied?

[Everyone will be satisfied?]

I didnt say anything else. Im sure the intermediate dokkaebi understood without me saying anything.

[Haha, I see. Is that what you were thinking? I heard from Dokgak but you truly put on a great show.]

The reason for the existence of the dokkaebis was the scenarios. They were the scenarios that many constellations responded to and many constellations liked.

In the world of the Star Stream, there was only one case where there was a miracle that reversed the scenario. It was if the majority of constellations saw the scenario and wanted to change the direction of the scenario.

[Certainly, violence isnt the only stimulus.]

I tried to appeal to the constellations with disaster Shin Yoosungs situation. I chose words to avoid the filtering and continued to ignite the constellations by exposing information. I made them sympathize with the disaster Shin Yoosung.

It was all to support my rebellion. As a result, this whole situation was created. Indeed, I could hear the messages of the constellations in my ears.

[The constellation Bald General of Justice respects your will.]

[The constellation Last Hero of Hw.a.n.gsanbeol admires your will.]

Everything was going as planned.

If you understand then can you decide now? Give me the reward or continue with the fifth scenario.

There was no problem with continuing the sixth scenario even if the fifth scenario hadnt ended. It was possible to run multiple main scenarios. If the dokkaebi was smart then he should stop while the constellations were satisfied.

[Incarnation Kim Dokja. You are the smartest and scariest out of all the incarnations I know.]

I felt a strange sense of incongruity from the dokkaebis expression.

[However, it is this cleverness that is grabbing at your ankles.]

What does that mean?

The dokkaebis following words werent for me.

[Okay Constellations. Now I will show you the story you have been waiting for.]

Sparks filled the air. The intermediate dokkaebi was moving the scenario.

[The intermediate dokkaebi has intervened in the scenario.]

[According to the scenario contract, control of the Disaster of Floods Shin Yoosung has been transferred to the intermediate dokkaebi.]

Shin Yoosungs expression started to change at the system messages.

N-No. Wait. I aaaack!

A black aura rose from disaster Shin Yoosungs body. I hurriedly shouted, Wait! What are you doing?

[I am fulfilling the contract. This is a cog in the scenario.]

I only realized now what he was trying to do. It was the scenario enforcement right. It was the power to control the fate of all parts involved in the scenario. I knew it existed in Ways of Survival but I didnt think it would be used immediately.

[The personality of the character is forcibly changed.]

[The personality of the character Shin Yoosung will be fixed to evil.]

The disaster Shin Yoosung was becoming a monster. I bit my lip. The scenario enforcement generally wasnt used because the dokkaebi consumed a lot of probability. But to use it now

[Many constellations are cheering the development of the scenario.]

[Many constellations hate your new drama.]

It could only be used if many constellations agreed to this development. Dammit, why?



The party members nervously approached my side. They realized that something was wrong. However, I couldnt understand. Why had the constellations suddenly turned their backs on me?

Bihyungs expression was dark as he looked at the sky.

Sorry, I tried to persuade them but it didnt work.


Your reputation is worse than you expected.

The intermediate dokkaebi said, [Arrogant incarnation. Do you think the constellation would be that easy?]

Then what about all the favourable indirect messages?

[Well, humans originally have the habit of believing what they want to believe.

I had misjudged due to the indirect messages that popped up one after another.

[Many constellations are laughing at your decision.]

[Some constellations have withdrawn their support for you.]

Thats right. Not all constellations sent indirect messages. Only a small number of constellations sent messages.

[Many constellations are wary of your intentions.]

It might be natural that public opinion was bad towards me. I cheated them through a trick and canceled the event. The constellations probably already knew that Bihyungs channel had a capacity of 9,999. They knew but had been deceived by my scenario. Now they were no longer fooled.

[The constellations of the Korean Peninsula are looking at you sadly.]

[The constellation Prisoner of the Golden Headband is looking at you with compa.s.sion.]

Maybe I was too shallow when I thought about the constellations.

[It seems like your luck ends here, Incarnation Kim Dokja.]


A disturbing aura flowed from the body of Shin Yoosung who had been forced to become evil. It was a killing intent that felt like it could melt flesh. The incarnations screamed and fled. I could see Yoo Jonghyuk pulling out Heaven Shaking Sword in the distance.

[I hope you show a good scenario to the end.]

I slowly withdrew from the disaster. Shin Yoosungs face distorted sadly. It ended up like this. I quickly glanced at Yoo Jonghyuk. Things had turned out this way and it was obvious what choice he would make.

Wait a minute, Yoo Jonghyuk.

You have failed.

Dont touch the child. I hid the young Shin Yoosung behind my back. I wont forgive you if you touch this child.

Yoo Jonghyuk glared at me. There is no other way.

A way I bit my lips until they bled.

There is a way. We need to show the constellations their favourite scenario.

What do you mean?

Defeat the disaster.

Yoo Jonghyuks expression hardened. It is suicide Kim Dokja. Are you going to be a pushover?

I saw Shin Yoosung turning into a demon and destroying everything around her. I didnt want it to be like this. This wasnt the ending I wanted. This d.a.m.n world, even resisting a scenario became another scenario.

[Many constellations are excited by your words.]

[Many of the constellations want an exhilarating melee.]

Yes, they wanted to see this.

Support me Yoo Jonghyuk. I will stop the disaster.

I had to give it a try.

Kim Dokja, you

I can do it.

I blinked slowly and the option I had postponed emerged in front of me.

[You have experienced the first person supporting role viewpoint.]

[You can take one of the supporting roles skills.]

[Presenting the list of available skills.]

[Please select a skill to acquire.]

I opened the list and picked an option without hesitation.

No. 3, Beast Kings Sensitivity.

[The exclusive skill Beast Kings Sensitivity has been acquired!]

As if waiting, an ether storm emerged from disaster Shin Yoosungs hands. It was the ether storm that made a hole in my belly and made Yoo Jonghyuk incapable of fighting.

I protected my party members and received the storm head on.

[The exclusive skill Beast Kings Sensitivity Lv. 3 has been activated.]

A pure white fur cloak. It was a unique skill of Beast Lord Shin Yoosung. More than half of my magic power was consumed activating it and I became dizzy, but I succeeded in receiving the attack of Shin Yoosung. The dignity of Beast Kings Sensitivity didnt lose to the mighty storm.

Yoo Jonghyuk frowned. You stole her skill but it is still impossible.

I know.

I looked at disaster Shin Yoosung. Despite her nature being set to evil and losing control of her body, her eyes were filled with emotions. She told him.

Its okay. Kill me.

Who could swing a sword after seeing those eyes? The woman who wandered for over a thousand years and suffered. I had to kill her now.

This was the price I paid for failing to change the story For the first time, I felt resentful that Ways of Survival had become reality.

Open your eyes and watch carefully. I looked up at the sky and declared. This is the scenario you wanted.

[The exclusive skill Bookmark can now be activated.]

Now that Shin Yoosung was in her final phase, it was an unwinnable fight. In the end, it was a fight that no one could win.

[Character Bookmarks is activated.]

[Available Bookmark Slots: 4]

[Bringing up the list of available bookmarks.]

I will release Delusion Demon Kim Namwoon from the 1st slot and add Judge of Destruction Jung Heewon.

Episode 21 Things That Cant Be Changed (5)

[The level of the Bookmark skill is low, shortening the activation time.]

[Activation Time: 30 minutes]

[Your understanding of the character is significant. You can select some of her skills to import.]

Shin Yoosung ran towards me and I ran towards her. No one wanted to kill each other and there was no sincerity. This was only a fight for the constellations amus.e.m.e.nt. Everything was a scenario and therefore everything was fake. However, the result of this battle was that someone was going to die.

[Judgment Time Lv. 5 has been activated.]

The activation skill was level 5. It seemed that Jung Heewon had been training hard. Jung Heewon wasnt here but it wasnt bad.

[The constellation Scribe of Heaven is embarra.s.sed.]

[The constellations of the Absolute Good system are deep in thought.]

It was natural to be confused since someone who wasnt a judge had used an unauthorized skill. Yet they were bound to give me permission. It was because the presence in front of me was obviously evil.

[The Absolute Good constellations have agreed to the use of this skill.]

A hot aura sprang up from deep inside my body. It was a blind sense of righteousness that would punish all evils in the world. The history of the archangels who fought a holy war with the great demons pa.s.sed through my head in pieces.

Punish evil.

Judgment Time was originally a skill used by the great valkyries. Thus, the user of this skill received the archangels favour.

The madness that excluded everything other than the narrow definition of justice wriggled in my brain. Jung Heewon felt like this every time she killed other people for me. It was terrible.

A wave of unrivaled magic power burst out from the Blade of Faith. The ether blade resonated and moved in a straight line towards Shin Yoosung.

Blood splashed from the shoulder of the surprised Shin Yoosung. The Beast Kings Sensitivity that wasnt damaged by the sh.e.l.ls of the Ghost Fleet was finally torn. Drops of blood fell onto the white fur.

Judgement Time. The user of this skill couldnt be defeated as long as the enemy was evil.

Now all my stats rose to the point where I could resist the disaster Shin Yoosung. Judgment Time was a fraudulent skill. There were only a few skills in all of Ways of Survival that could give such crazy buffs.

Everyone attack!

I mightve become stronger but Shin Yoosungs skill masteries were still ahead of me. Thus, I needed help.

When she is attacking normally, support using ranged attacks. When trying a wide range attack, be sure to get behind me!

The party members nodded at my words.

If you dont have ranged support then kill the monsters emerging from the Monster Gate. It is urgent as well.

In fact, it was because monsters were still emerging from Shin Yoosungs Monster Gate that Yongsan-gu was almost on the verge of collapse.

Everyone fight!

The kings ordered and the full-fledged battle began. The forces of the kings blocked the monsters coming from the Monster Gate. Most of them were 7th grade species and were quite daunting. Fortunately, the incarnations didnt seem to be greatly pushed back.

Ill take care of that monkey.

Lee Hyunsung ran towards the 5th grade Heavy Metal Bean.

I will take Yoosungs king.

Lee Gilyoung moved with the young Shin Yoosung.

Queen Mirabad controlled by Shin Yoosung roared and some of the insect kings subordinates that Lee Gilyoung summoned rushed towards the King Ma.s.swood. The cold breaths of the ichthyosaurs poured towards each other and Lee Jihye stepped forward.

Ahjussi, let the support firing to me.

Ill block her movements.

Lee Jihye fired the cannons and Yoo Sangah made a trap with Arachnes Spiderweb, keeping the movements of the disaster Shin Yoosung in check. Of course, it was only a small help.

The sh.e.l.l bombardment barely damaged her and Shin Yoosung just tore apart the web. It was better than nothing.

Yoo Jonghyuk. Can you fight?

Apart from me, only Yoo Jonghyuk could follow the movements of Shin Yoosung and endure her attacks to some extent.

Dont worry about me.

Yoo Jonghyuk spilled blood on the floor as he stood beside me with the Heaven Shaking Sword. He mightve already used Recovery because his condition seemed better than before. There wouldnt be long until he received the backlash of using Recovery.

I asked, How many minutes do you have left?

30 minutes. You?

I am the same.

It was only possible to use Bookmark for 30 minutes. Thus, I had to end it in only 30 minutes. The black aura flowing from Shin Yoosungs body thickened. It meant that her physical stats were increasing due to the evil energy.

Yoo Jonghyuks expression hardened. It seems that she joined hands with a great demon to cross worlds.

Yoo Jonghyuks guess was right. In fact, now her soul was mortgaged to a great demon. Then that great demon turned her over to the d.a.m.n dokkaebis.

[Hahaha, interesting. Very interesting.]

The intermediate dokkaebi sounded pleasantly surprised.

[The scenario is now like this.]

It was a battlefield were blood splattered and flesh was damaged. The destruction of Seoul Dome, which I wanted to prevent, was approaching with every second.

[Many constellations are excited by the battle.]

Lets go.

Yoo Jonghyuk launched himself quickly along with his words. Shin Yoosung puffed up and blew a breath towards us.

Beast Kings Breath. It was an ether storm of destructive that was comparable to the 5th grade sea species Ice Breath.

Avoid it!

Yoo Jonghyuk invoked Red Phoenix Shunpo to the extreme and escaped from the attacks of the disaster Shin Yoosung. I didnt avoid the attacks like Yoo Jonghyuk and used Beast Kings Sensitivity instead. I felt genuinely impressed with Yoo Jonghyuks combat senses.

The disaster was a disaster but Yoo Jonghyuk was a monster. It was only Yoo Jonghyuk who could resist the disaster without the Judgment Time buff. He was a strong, cool, ruthless regressor. I was relieved that he was currently on my side.

Do it properly, Kim Dokja!

Im doing it!


I just needed to approach and deal a blow, but it wasnt that easy. After several successful attacks, Shin Yoosung became more violent.

She was in a berserk state and kept firing the ether storm. Her magic power might be depleted but I was barely able to withstand it with Beast Kings Sensitivity.

Yoo Jonghyuk had dealt some blows but the damage hardly acc.u.mulated. How long did we exchange blows? It had been already 20 minutes when I came to my senses.

Yoo Jonghyuks physical strength dropped sharply and the magic power potions I drank like juice were running out.

Strong. I never thought I would struggle so much despite using Judgement Time. My stiff body creaked violently. The side effects of Judgment Time were gradually being felt.

[Hahaha! This is a really nice scenario. Constellations, dont you agree?]

I listened to the voice of the intermediate dokkaebi and moved forward with all my strength. The fur of the Beast Kings Sensitivity flapped like crazy.

My skin became black from the ether storm. One step, two steps. I got near but time wasnt on our side. I wouldnt be able to do enough damage before the 30 minutes was up.

Then something happened inside Shin Yoosungs body. Her body shook like she was struck by lightning and her dark eyes temporarily recovered its senses.

Attack me.

The disaster Shin Yoosung was controlling her body with her will.

Stop me.

I didnt say it but I heard it.

Protect this round.

I broke through the temporarily weakened ether storm and ran forward with Yoo Jonghyuk. I swung my sword and blood splattered from Shin Yoosungs body.

[The constellation Scribe of Heaven is looking at you.]

I did my best not to show the worst performance.

[The constellation Prisoner of the Golden Headband is looking at you.]

Shin Yoosung screamed as she was cut by the blade and the storm blew Yoo Jonghyuk back.

Go, Kim Dokja.

I pierced through the gap that Yoo Jonghyuk made. The Blade of Faith dug exactly into Shin Yoosungs shoulder without hesitation.

Magic power ran through the blade and ripped through the Beast Kings Sensitivity. Then Shin Yoosungs left arm was cut off.

Blood fell. I stared into Shin Yoosungs face. Just like in Ways of Survival, Shin Yoosung was smiling. I realized that she deliberately allowed herself to be hit by my sword.

[A number of constellations cant take their eyes off your battle.]

Dammit I smiled weakly and the sword fell from my hands.

Shin Yoosung laughed.

Dont you look stupid?

She grabbed me and threw me to the ground without any screams of anger. However, it didnt hurt. It wasnt an attack.

Do you want to continue?


I swung my sword towards her and Shin Yoosung fired a breath at me again. It was like an answer to a question. We frantically damaged each other.

it cant continue like this.

My Beast Kings Sensitivity was losing its effect because I was lacking magic power. Judgement Time strengthened my body to the limits but it was just a temporary crutch. Blood flowed and the world spun because of dizziness. However, I didnt stop. The damage was definitely acc.u.mulating.

[Some constellations reluctant towards you have become curious.]

Go crazy.

[The constellations roaming the battlefields are paying attention to your battle.]

Make a lot of fuss.

[The constellations of the great battlefields praise your will.]

Just wait until the day I go and pull out your tongues.

How many more blows did we exchange? My weakened body staggered back.

[There are 30 seconds left for Bookmark.]

Some internal organs were damaged and a broken rib kept irritating my lungs. I did the best I could yet the disaster was still strong. The recovered eyes of Shin Yoosung were once again turning black.

In any case, this Disaster of Floods seemed stronger than the original novel. The disaster Shin Yoosung looked at me with anxious eyes.

It isnt enough.

She couldnt commit suicide. The intermediate dokkaebi wouldnt allow her to die that way. This was the limit that she could penalize herself. I was also at my limit in a different way.

How are you going to stop me?

Dont worry. Theyll come soon. The person who will stop you.

From the beginning, I had no intention of killing Shin Yoosung with my own hands. It was impossible for Yoo Jonghyuk in his current state. There was still one person remaining who could kill her.

The moment Shin Yoosungs mouth was about to open, the ground around her exploded.

There was the distant roar of artillery. A woman dressed in a blue prison uniform appeared from the north. The monsters split apart and troops advanced to this side. A woman in a mask stood in the middle and commanded the army.

The King of Wanderers. I thought she had gone somewhere but she had been taking care of the monsters as she advanced from the north. However, they werent the one I was waiting for.

I looked at a person who was running this way. The woman turned this way and asked, Sorry, am I late?

Just a bit late.

Stop pretending. Arent you still alive?

The Judge of Destruction. 10 days later, Jung Heewon was much more restrained than I knew. She lightly patted my shoulders and moved.

Leave it to me and take a break.

A red aura rose as she activated Judgement Time. It was much more powerful than the skill I stole. Jung Heewon was the last card I had left. If this failed

Had I done enough damage to Shin Yoosung? Would Jung Heewon finish the job well?

What are you so worried about? Jung Heewon asked with a smile. Confidence that was different than usual filled her voice. It wasnt just Judgment Time that she believed in.

[The constellation Scribe of Heaven is talking to himself.]

The constellation Abyssal Black Flame Dragon shows hostility towards Jung Heewons sponsor.]

That reminded me, Jung Heewon had a sponsor. Who had she chosen? Shin Yoosung watched Jung Heewon with shaky eyes.


I roughly know the situation. My sponsor was making a lot of noise along the way. Jung Heewon faced Shin Yoosung with sad eyes. Thus, there is no need to worry.

Jung Heewon lightly swept her sword in front of her. Flames started to rise from the places her hands touched.

It was early in the morning. On a night where the darkness of Seoul was the darkest, Jung Heewons blade burned. The flames on the blade were brighter than any flames I had seen. It was the holy white flames of a stigma that would punish all evil.

[h.e.l.l Flames Ignition.]

I naturally knew this stigma very well. I remembered the description of the stigma from Ways of Survival.

In some cases, it was one of the greatest stigmas of Ways of Survival and boasted powerful destructive power comparable to the stigma of The Great Sage the Equal of Heaven.

h.e.l.l Flames Ignition was the stigma of Demon-like Judge of Fire.

Jung Heewon laughed coldly. I will finish this d.a.m.n scenario.

The archangel Uriel chose Jung Heewon as an incarnation.

Episode 21 Things That Cant Be Changed (6)

Jung Heewon ran forward. Her muscles were strengthened by Judgment Time to the limit and the Demon Slaying buff gave her a sharp edge.

Along with Uriels h.e.l.l Flames Ignition, her combat power was enhanced to the most ideal form.

The blazing flames of judgment. They werent judging Shin Yoosung. Even so, it was Shin Yoosung who would receive the flames.

[The constellation Demon-like Judge of Fire is watching the battlefield with sad eyes.]

Jung Heewons blade declared the opening.

[The character Chu w.a.n.gin has used h.e.l.l Flames Ignition Lv. 1.]

The stigma was only level one but the h.e.l.l flames burned through Shin Yoosungs ether storm.

The power of a great demon, the Beast Kings Breath poured out but Jung Heewon didnt care. She just grasped her sword as firmly as possible and drew a line connecting the sky and earth. The Beast Kings Breath turned to smoke as soon as it met h.e.l.l Flames Ignition.

Someone muttered, Oh my G.o.d, what is that?

h.e.l.l Flames Ignition was a stigma that could evaporate the sea of a planet when it reached the final level. When the Messiah appeared in the original novel, it was Uriel who opened the way in preparation for him.

The archangel feared by all demons, the great demons enemy that was closest to a great demon.

Shin Yoosung nodded as she saw Jung Heewon rushing through the flames.

I see. Uriel. You were waiting for this.

The disaster didnt back down in the presence of the terrible archangel.

It is enough to make an ending.

No, she looked rather relaxed. It was as if she had finally fulfilled her duty.

The ether wrapped around Shin Yoosungs fist and the flames that clung to Jung Heewons blade collided. Shin Yoosung stumbled and Jung Heewon pushed forward without missing this gap. No matter how good the overlapped skills, the powerful buffs would have a short duration.

Jung Heewon was well aware of this and accelerated her attacks. The surrounding land was affected by the holy flames.

Shin Yoosung persisted despite being long exhausted. She was like a seasoned actor playing the last performance of her life as she tried her best to live.

[Many constellations are excited about your design.]

The constellations that came over from Dokgaks channel were excited.

[15,000 coins have been sponsored.]

The hateful donations of the constellations rose sharply. Affection and hatred were just a moment of entertainment for the constellations. Unfortunately, the story that lasted a moment for them was a life for humans.

[The constellations of the Korean Peninsula are looking at you sadly.]

In front of the many watchers, I drew the ending of this scenario by myself.

[The constellation Secretive Plotter is focused on your choice.]

In the meantime, Jung Heewon had turned the Beast Kings Sensitivity into rags and the flames of h.e.l.l Flames Ignition were gradually burning Shin Yoosung. Injuries were also piling up on Jung Heewons body. It was a close match but victory wasnt on the side of the exhausted Shin Yoosung.

Jung Heewon ignored all defenses and plunged through the ether storm, stabbing her sword into Shin Yoosungs belly.

A bright blaze of flames surrounded Shin Yoosungs body. The holy flames burned at the energy of the great demon in her body. The black aura coming from her turned to smoke.

Blood splattered from the place where the sword was pulled out. Shin Yoosung looked down at her blood like it was a prop on a stage. It was finally settled.

I suddenly saw the collapsed King Ma.s.swood and Heavy Metal Bean. The Monster Gate had closed and the fight against the monsters was ending. I approached Shin Yoosung.

Control of her flesh had come back but her body wasnt normal. Shin Yoosung looked down at her body and stated.

I am dying now.

In normal cases, the Beast Lord wouldnt die from these wounds. The Beast Kings Vitality was as good as Yoo Jonghyuks Recovery. Unfortunately, she was. .h.i.t by h.e.l.l Flames Ignition.

The flames of h.e.l.l were deeply embedded in her body, burning her vitality to extinguish all evil. Uriels stigma was a fire that never burned out until all the evil was gone.

[The exclusive skill, Fourth Wall is shaking!]

[Due to excessive immersion, stage 2 of Omniscient Readers Viewpoint will always be activated.]

The fire was inside her body and Shin Yoosung would never survive. Shin Yoosung watched me and smiled weakly. Im glad to be here during this round of regression. It was good to hear Captain say those words.

It hurts. Im going to disappear like this.

Now I can die in peace. Something really might change.

I dont want to die

The omniscience was a curse. Knowing someones heart meant always deceiving someone.

She smiled and stared up at the air. There was an intermediate dokkaebi with a stiff expression. Im going to die now. Isnt it okay as a drama? This was a great scenario.

[Some constellations are nodding.]

[Some constellations are complaining.]

The intermediate dokkaebi was silent. Well, he hadnt expected this. The scenario was completed but it wasnt as he intended. Now he would pay for what he intended.

I looked back and saw Yoo Jonghyuk approaching. He asked, Is she going to die?


You must be lacking hatred.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was really

Yoo Jonghyuk pulled out his sword. I was about to stop him from trying to kill Shin Yoosung when his Heaven Shaking Sword stopped. The cold blade was supporting Shin Yoosungs head. Shin Yoosung said, Hold on until the end. I will die soon Captain.

Shin Yoosungs thoughts flowed into my ears.

There is something I want to hear from you.

Just once.

I wish to hear it just once.

They were words that could never be said. Yoo Jonghyuk couldnt hear these words and spoke nonchalantly. I have something to ask.

What is it?

I felt miserable as I saw the antic.i.p.ation on Shin Yoosungs face. It was because I knew her expectations would never be rewarded.

Who is the great demon that helped you cross over to this world?

She stared blankly at Yoo Jonghyuk for a moment before laughing. Captain is the captain to the end.

You dont change.

Tell me.

Have you heard of the Great Demon of the Horizon?

That is why I admired you.

I know the name.

If Captains luck is bad, you will meet him soon. However, never fight him. It is almost impossible for Captain to kill him

For a long time, a really long time

Her earnest sincerity didnt reach its target and I struggled. I wanted to say something. This stupid Yoo Jonghyuk, who couldnt hear the vivid voice in front of him. The moment I opened my mouth, Shin Yoosungs hand grabbed me.

Yoo Jonghyuk kept speaking. I will remember.

Yoo Jonghyuk turned around at these words. Then Yoo Jonghyuks inner thoughts were conveyed to me.

I will get revenge for you.

I trembled at the sadness in these words. I looked down at disaster Shin Yoosung. I see. This person was already aware of it. She didnt need to hear it to already know.

Something was pouring down from Shin Yoosungs eyes. For the first time, I thought that Omniscient Readers Viewpoint might not be omniscient.

Goodbye, Captain.

Good job.

Ill leave it to you.


Only a few stray sentences were left as I stared at the two people. Their thoughts had definitely reached each other. I clearly read this story. Then Shin Yoosung started to scatter into ashes.


The young Shin Yoosung approached me and held onto me. What did she feel when she saw her future self disappearing? No matter how many books I read, there were some emotions I couldnt reach. The disaster Shin Yoosung smiled at me and the young Shin Yoosung.

Im envious.

The lower body of the disaster Shin Yoosung had almost disappeared. The speed of her destruction was accelerating.

[The constellation Demon-like Judge of Fire has closed her eyes.]

[The constellation Prisoner of the Golden Headband is sighing.]

As the constellations watched her, I kneeled and grabbed the hand of the disaster Shin Yoosung. Shin Yoosung was surprised by my unexpected behaviour and looked at me.

I invoked Beast Kings Sensitivity with my last remaining magic power. It was to pa.s.s on a gift to her.

The mysterious senses of the beast kings touched and for a short moment, Shin Yoosungs soul was connected to mine. It was a sensibility that only beasts shared.

The pa.s.sing wind whispered something. It was a story that neither the constellations or dokkaebi could hear. The dying Shin Yoosungs eyes widened like she couldnt believe it.

Are you serious? Really?

Fortunately, the message was properly delivered. Her chest had already turned to ashes and now she had no voice left.


Tears slowly filled her eyes. She tried to tell me something but the cold wind stopped her. The connected films of two worlds were breaking again.

The pieces that she was made of turned to ashes and scattered. Her eyes, nose and mouth. Her voice. The person who lived over one thousand years scattered into pure white ashes like snow.

The ashes like a trail as it disappeared into the sky. It was like a distant journey or even a dance.

I looked up at the faint traces drifting in the air. I couldnt believe it was real and the young Shin Yoosung held onto me tightly.

Did she really die?

I steadied my heart.

Cant you change it? Really?

Then she nodded.

Ahhh. Ah

Lee Gilyoung grabbed my sleeve and wiped his eyes with it. Yoo Sangah was crying and I didnt know why but Lee Hyunsung was also tearful. Yoo Jonghyuk didnt cry while only Lee Jihye didnt know the exact situation. Why is everyone crying? I am also sad.

My forehead was cold and sleet was falling from the misty sky. There was no snow or rain. The cold sensation relieved the people. It was funny. Humans felt most alive when they confirmed the death of another.


The people of Seoul Dome collapsed once their tension disappeared. There were people laughing, crying or feeling angry.

The donations of the constellation flowed here and there. The responses were different but there was one thing they all agreed on.

The Disaster of Floods Shin Yoosung had died.

There was a frozen intermediate dokkaebi staring up at the sky. Bihyung, who had been watching silently, finally opened his mouth.

[Intermediate dokkaebi. The scenario has ended.]

[ How? This ]

[If you dont do it then I will end it.]

A moment later, a message was heard.

[The fifth main scenario is activated!]

[The compensation settlement is being prepared.]

Finally, the scenario declared her death. The future Shin Yoosung had died and the disaster was over. This was the conclusion of the fifth scenario. Everyone thought so and believed so.

To be exact, everyone except me had to believe this. From beginning to end, everything had to be a perfect drama. It was a drama that declared things couldnt be changed.

A tragedy that followed the constellations and scenario. This was the only way for the 41st round Shin Yoosung to escape from the d.a.m.n scenario.

At this moment, the young Shin Yoosungs hand heated up.

I will kill The girls eyes were fixed on the intermediate dokkaebi floating in the air. That dokkaebi, Ill kill him.

I was trying to restrain her when sparks flew in the air. The sky was crumbling and a portal was opening.

Two white dokkaebis emerged from the portal. The low-grade dokkaebis found the two dokkaebis wearing white armour and backed away at once.

It was natural.

These dokkaebis were people that all dokkaebis hoped to never meet. The bureau. They were the dokkaebis of the Executive Branch, responsible for investigating the probability in scenarios. The two dokkaebis had a fearsome atmosphere as they approached the intermediate dokkaebi and arrested him.

[ Executives. What are you doing?]

An executive dokkaebi declared to the shocked intermediate dokkaebi.

[Intermediate dokkaebi Paul. You shall be arrested for violating the Star Stream regulations.]

Episode 22 Three Promises (1)

The Executive Branchs emergency arrest.

According to Ways of Survival, an emergency arrest was only possible when a dokkaebi acted in a manner that severely violated the probability of a scenario.

[Intermediate dokkaebi Paul. From now on, you will be led to the Executive Branch. You will remain silent about all scenarios and be deprived of all progress in the main scenarios.]

The expression of the intermediate dokkaebi Paul kept changing.

[You will lose the achievement points of all the scenarios you have built up and will be demoted to a low-grade dokkaebi after your punishment]

[D-Demoted? Wait! Wait a minute!]

The intermediate dokkaebi Paul hurriedly shouted. He made an unfair expression and looked at the dokkaebis around him.

[A sudden demotion? Shouldnt you tell me what I did well?]

[Are you really asking because you dont know?]

Another dokkaebi of the Executive Branch asked. Paul hesitated for a moment at the dignified voice before continuing.

[I dont know. What the h.e.l.l did I do wrong?]

He even had the audacity to move forward.

[Look at the constellations. Arent they all happy? Didnt the scenario end brilliantly?]

The executive dokkaebi frowned at Pauls confident words.

[There is no problem with the probability. I used the scenario enforcement with the consent of the constellations and the constellation also]

[This is the problem with streamers. They sing songs of the constellations.]

Not all dokkaebis respected the constellations. It was because among the dokkaebis of the Executive Branch, there were some who had once been constellations.

They were constellations but they lost their characteristics and were forced to live as dokkaebis. They were the dokkaebis of the Executive Branch. Paul continued despite his customers being insulted.

[Your words are going too far.]

[Dont panic Paul.]

[You might be an enforce but I cant tolerate insults to my customers.]

Paul rode the momentum and continued.

[I can guess why the executives came here. It is probably because I used the enforcement rights.]

[The scenario enforcement can only be used when the majority of constellations support the probability of the scenario.]

[Im aware of that. Otherwise, there is the risk of a probability storm. But the constellations satisfaction is high]

[Satisfaction? Paul, look at yourself and tell me.]

Paul looked down at himself and he paled.


The s.p.a.ce around him was filled with blue sparks. It was the forerunner of a probability storm.

[Why am I receiving a probability storm?]

The probability storm was a punishment for going against the flow. The probability of the world now wanted to erase Pauls existence. The enforcer dokkaebis laughed.

[The enforcement right is a power that demands the greatest amount of probability from a dokkaebi. Did you think you would be safe using this authority for such a crude development?]

[That, that isnt the case!]

[Paul. You have a chance to end the scenario without using the executive rights. It was a fresh development I had never seen before. Why did you stop it? Thanks to your brutality, an emergency was dropped on Seoul Domes bureau.]

[T-That no, wait a minute. I exercised the enforcement rights according to the opinions of the constellations!!]

Paul looked around.

[C-Constellations! Didnt you agree with my development?]

However, no constellations answered.


The numerous indirect messages from the constellations died out.

[Unbelievable Why?]

All the constellations who supported his development had left the Korean channels.

The executive frowned. [You stupid fool. Cant you see that the constellations are gone?]

Many of the constellations who wanted to kill me and who instigated him had left the Korean peninsula in large numbers once it turned into a drama.

It was natural. It was strange to keep watching when an unwanted development occurred. In fact, Bihyungs channel lost close to a third of its subscribers.

The remaining ones were:

[The constellation Demon-like Judge of Fire is looking at the intermediate dokkaebi Paul.]

[The constellation Prisoner of the Golden Headband is chuckling at the intermediate dokkaebi Paul.]

[The constellation Secretive Plotter is mocking the intermediate dokkaebi Paul.]

They were all constellations who didnt agree with the intermediate dokkaebis development.

[N-No. I cant be destroyed in this way. Executive!]

[Dont worry. You wont be destroyed.]

[W-What does this mean?]

A glimmer of hope appeared on Pauls face.

The executive dokkaebi said something that turned off the light completely.

[You will be given a worse punishment than destruction. Our bureau received a large probability debt because of you.]

The executives will use Dokkaebi Pauls Redemption Code.]

Then the body of the dokkaebi Paul was forcibly pulled into the world. The intermediate dokkaebi Paul trembled. His true voice emerged because he lost his broadcasting rights.

T-This is a conspiracy. It cant be like this!

Then Bihyung spoke from beside him,

[This is why you didnt want to finish the scenario quickly.]


In the end, Paul exploded. Paul held the Redemption Code and pointed at Bihyung.

Executives! Arrest him as well. I have evidence that his channel broke the rules of the Star Stream!

[He will naturally come along as well.]

Pauls expression brightened. However, the people of Korean knew that people should listen to the dokkaebis words to the end.

[It is because he is the dokkaebi who called us.]

W-What dont tell me?

The executive dokkaebi said.

[Yes, the dokkaebi who reported you is Bihyung.]

Bihyung briefly waved towards the red-eyed Paul. The executive smiled coldly.

[Dokkaebi Bihyung. He is a very good dokkaebi. Look at his humility. He has the integrity of a streamer who ignores everything and immerses himself in the scenarios. It is different from you and the dokkaebis who only wear luxurious clothing.]

Bihyung had a shy expression on his face. He didnt know that his poverty would help him in this way.

N-No! That guy Bihyung is!

[Shut up.]

Paul screamed terribly from where he was tied to the Redemption Code. The executive dokkaebi kept talking.

[You have been punished twice before. This is your third time. You are familiar with the third punishment, right?]

T-This is ridiculous! Do you think my superiors will allow this? You are making a mistake right now. If you touch me

[I will listen to your bulls.h.i.t after going to the bureau.]

A glowing portal appeared in the air. It was finally time to say goodbye to the intermediate dokkaebi. Perhaps I wouldnt see him in the future scenarios anymore. Pauls eyes glared at me. A flame burned inside me the moment I met his eyes.

[The Fourth Wall is shaking due to your high emotions.]

The Shin Yoosung of the future had scattered into ash. She mightve been saved if it wasnt for the intermediate dokkaebi.

She could never return to her time but she mightve been able to live in this new world. The intermediate dokkaebi trampled on that last possibility. That was why I opened my mouth. Wait a minute.

He might receive the death punishment but I couldnt be satisfied. My words shocked my party members.

[Are you calling us?]

The dokkaebis were surprised. They didnt expect an incarnation to stop the dokkaebis of the Executive Branch. The executive dokkaebi looked at me quietly and opened his mouth.

[Thats right. You are the incarnation Kim Dokja. Right?]

The other executive dokkaebi laughed.

[Do you know this person?]

[He is a famous incarnation in this area. He is one of the strongest incarnations on the peninsula but he hasnt signed with a sponsor.]


I watched the leisurely dokkaebis and spoke to Bihyung through the Dokkaebi Communication.

Bihyung. Ill give you 100,000 coins.


Bihyungs eyes widened.

Promote me to a platinum member of the Dokkaebi Bag.

No, why all of a sudden?

Just do it.


I looked at the executives and rushed Bihyung. Bihyung sighed and started to manipulate something in the air.

[100,000 coins have been consumed.]

[Congratulations! You have become a platinum member of the Dokkaebi Bag!]

Originally, there would be splendid special effects for the promotion but I asked Bihyung to omit it. Unlike the gold membership that could be obtained for 5,000 coins, the treatment of platinum members were different.

[Yes, Incarnation Kim Dokja. Why did you call us?]

The executives didnt know about my promotion and asked me again. These dokkaebis were really big and I was nervous facing them. They mightve fallen but some of them were originally great people.

I breathed lightly and opened my mouth. I am requesting the Dokkaebi Solo Meeting Right.


The executive dokkaebis were confused by my words. Then laughter soon emerged.

[Only platinum members can ask for the solo meeting right Dont tell me?]

Thats right. Please check it.

The two dokkaebis looked at each other again. They manipulated the system to identify a few things and soon let out a cry of amazement.

[It is real.]

[How can an incarnation become a platinum member?]

Arent I qualified now?

The executives hesitated for a moment before nodding.

[Thats right. What do you want with the solo meeting right? The platinum qualifications allows you to meet with a senior dokkaebi. The appointment schedule]

I dont want that. The dokkaebi I want is currently with you. I pointed a finger at the dokkaebi I wanted. I want a solo meeting with the intermediate dokkaebi Paul.

Episode 22 Three Promises (2)

The two executive dokkaebis glanced at each other. How long did this last? Then the two dokkaebis burst out laughing at the same time.

[Kuk. Kuhahahat!]

[Interesting. Dont tell me]

The smart executives seemed to have noticed something. Paul watched the scene with a puzzled expression.

[I will allow a solo meeting with the dokkaebi Paul.]

[The free solo time is 20 minutes.]

The executives of the bureau agreed to my request like it was interesting. I figured they would do this.

Originally, the executives didnt like streamers. They were closer to the subscribers than the streamers. The moment they spoke, a transparent dome formed around me and Paul. The original solo meeting right was a s.p.a.ce for constellations and dokkaebis to secretly meet.

[The solo meeting with the intermediate dokkaebi Paul has begun.]

However, the usage could be changed according to the user. I saw Bihyung talking to the executives outside the dome.

Paul was trapped with me and revealed his hostility. Why did you want to see me? Do you want to deal some medicine to those up there?

His body was still affected by the executive dokkaebis Redemption Code. As long as the code existed, Paul wouldnt be able to use his own power as well as the authority of a dokkaebi. In other words, the person in front of me was completely helpless.

Dont bluff. I know your current situation.

Paul winced and withdrew to the edge of the dome. Yet there was still a smile on his face. Haha, I see. I know what you are thinking. Do you want to get revenge for that slave?

How funny. Dont you know it is a superficial human desire? Yes, you can try it once. I dont know how you found about the solo meeting rights but this is a place where we cant hurt each other. No matter how hard you try!

I ran to him and punched him as hard as I could. Blue blood emerged from his nose and the person who couldnt grasp the situation screamed and belatedly collapsed. I told him, I cant kill you but I can beat you to a pulp.

Keooook! You dare!

Yes, now your true nature is emerging. I dont want to hear those disgusting honorifics.

Heok, kuheok

Is this the first time you are feeling pain? You mustve never been beaten up like this after living as a dokkaebi.

K-Kuhut! Kuhuhut Paul was still smiling despite his blood dripping down. You made a mistake just now. There are special rules in place to prevent people like you from exploiting the solo meeting rights.

Then the system message arrived like it had been waiting.

[You have injured the dokkaebi in the solo meeting s.p.a.ce.]

[500 coins have been consumed as a penalty.]

These dokkaebi, they were really great. They prepared a penalty in case the constellations tried anything. It was a coins penalty. However, I was aware of the penalty and just shrugged.

Paul laughed as he wiped off his blood. Foolish human. You are bringing destruction on yourself with your anger. Yes, try to hit me as many times as you like. The coins you have at the moment

How much coins do you think I have? Paul fell silent. Isnt it strange? How could I become a platinum member when I am an incarnation?

I grinned at his shaky eyes. I have a lot of coins. I made a lot of money thanks to you.

My fists descended towards the pale Paul. The d.a.m.n scenarios I experienced so far pa.s.sed through my head.

[Coins Possessed: 205,902 C]

I remembered Shin Yoosungs dying appearance. These were among the things I told her:

That dokkaebi, Ill beat you to death.

This was the first promise I would keep.

[500 coins have been consumed as a penalty.]

Once again, my fist moved and his nose was broken. I didnt say that it was someones share. In the first place, this couldnt be anyones share.

[500 coins have been consumed as a penalty.]

Kuaaak! An insignificant human dares!


[500 coins have been consumed as a penalty.]

Y-You wont be safe if you do this to me!


[500 coins have been consumed as a penalty.]

Ill kill you! I will surely kill you!


[500 coins have been consumed as a penalty.]

W-Wait a minute! Wait! Stop

His frightened body curled up and I stopped my fists for the first time. For a moment, hope filled his eyes.

Y-Yes. You thought well There is nothing about doing this here

I watched him hurriedly speaking with honorifics and asked, Did you stop?


When Yoosung asked you to stop, did you?

I quietly looked down at him. He didnt say anything and just looked at the ground. Then he raised head and stared at the sky. He felt resentment for the ones who made him like this.

This doesnt mean anything! Your dead companion wont come back to life!

My dead colleagues wouldnt come back to life. He was right.

It means something. However, I raised my fist to the trembling guy. So what if she is dead. Shin Yoosung wouldve done this as well.


Pauls fangs protruded as he rolled across the ground.

Lee Hyunsung wouldve done so as well. Yoo Sangah and Lee Gilyoung also.

My fist slammed into his belly.

Maybe that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Yoo Jonghyuk

My companions outside the dome were looking this way.

Shin Yoosung was forming fists with red eyes. Lee Jihye and Lee Gilyoung were shouting something. Lee Hyunsungs eyes were red as he made a serious expression and Yoo Sangah was staring at me with wide eyes. Yoo Jonghyuk was the last one I looked at before glancing back at Paul.

I-I am outside the scenario! You cant earn coins by doing this! It wont benefit you!


Yes, only the dokkaebis would think like this. Some stories would become coins. Some stories wouldnt become coins.

Maybe that is true.

None of the constellations had made a bounty scenario, nor was there a sub-scenario. However, this behaviour was meaningful. n.o.body was making me do this.

Im not intending to get any benefits from this.


Since the fall of the world, coins had become the principle behind every humans actions. They moved if the constellations gave coins and didnt move if there were no coins. Still, humans often moved regardless of whether there were coins or not.

You dont know it but humans are animals that seek for the meaning of life through these things.


I raised my fist and started beating him again.


The subsequent punches crushed his face, ribs and joints. I didnt have to control my power because there was no fear of him dying. One blow was the best blow. Every time bones broke, something exploded inside of me.

[500 coins have been consumed as a penalty.]

In fact, I knew.

[500 coins have been consumed as a penalty.]

I knew very well. No matter how hard I beat him up, it wouldnt give me any comfort over Shin Yoosungs death. The dead Shin Yoosung would never see this sight yet I still moved my fists. I hit and hit him again.


It was just like Yoo Jonghyuk. He kept repeated his regressions until the last moment, even if no one knew his cause.

[500 coins have been consumed as a penalty.]

Then the message of a constellation was heard.

[The constellation Prisoner of the Golden Headband is excited about the unseen development.]

[500 coins have been sponsored.]

I stopped punching for a moment and stared up at the sky. Even this was a story to the constellations.

It isnt an act this time.

[You have returned the 500 sponsored coins to the constellation.]

[The constellation Prisoner of the Golden Headband is very embarra.s.sed.]

Think of it as a free service. Now things would be good for me.

[The constellation Secretive Plotter is interested in your actions.]

[The constellation Demon-like Judge of Fire is thrilled with your actions.]

I started punching again. There were only the sounds of the dokkaebis skin bursting and intermittent groaning.

The constellations silently watched what I was doing. No one gave me any coins but I could feel them watching me. Sometimes, this alone was sufficient.

U-Uhhh I was wrong. S-Spare me! P-Please! Please! Paul couldnt endure it anymore and dragged his body to the edge of the dome.

The wall of the dome made a faint sound but the executives didnt respond. Rather, they were pleased with my actions. Maybe they would be saying something like this:

That coin making b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

d.a.m.n streamer sc.u.m.

The executive dokkaebis didnt like streamers. The executives who evolved from constellations were good at fighting but had no talent in leading the scenarios.

Shortly after, Pauls body became completely ragged. I grabbed at his b.l.o.o.d.y neck. At this point, I asked what I really wanted to know. Where is Shin Yoosungs soul right now?

Dead souls that were part of the scenario couldnt escape from the confines of the contract, even in death. It wouldve been different if the contract itself had been destroyed.

The intermediate dokkaebi Paul opened his mouth after he was. .h.i.t a few more times.

[TThat. I also dont know. You borrowed the power of an archangel and our contract was destroyed]

Indeed, it was like this. The dokkaebis had been handed the disaster Shin Yoosung by a great demon. In the course of the transfer, the strings of the contract were created using the great demons power.

Then Uriels h.e.l.l Flames Ignition had burned those strings. In other words, Shin Yoosungs soul was now floating around the world.

[Y-You. Absolutely, cant, regain, companion Her soul, soon, the labyrinth]

Paul finally collapsed.

[The Dokkaebi Solo Meeting Rights has ended.]

The transparent dome disappeared and the executives whistled.

[Oh, you are in terrible shape even before the disciplinary hearing.]

They glanced at me before moving away with delighted smiles. I watched Bihyung hurriedly chase after them and asked,

Did you get back the money?

-Of course. But didnt you use too many coins?

I still have a lot left.

I hit Paul exactly 124 times.

[Coins Possessed: 143,902 C]

Bihyung sighed as he glanced at me.

I wont be able to communicate with you after entering the bureau. I will keep the channel open so dont get into trouble in the meantime. Please.

I watched Bihyung and thought it was good. Without him, no one would argue with him from now on.

[The scenario error will delay further compensation settlement.]

The administrator of the main scenario had completely left the scene and the scenario development was likely to be stagnant for a bit. It should only be a day or two but that was enough time.

I looked up at the dokkaebis disappearing into the portal and recalled the last conversation I had with Shin Yoosung.

Dont worry. You wont die.

What do you mean?

I can help you resurrect. Ive resurrected twice so it isnt as bad as you think.

In fact, I tried to avoid using this method until the end. After all, according to the design, she must die once. There was also no guarantee that she could revive again.

I dont know how long it will take. If you just wait and dont give up, I will surely revive you.

If Shin Yoosungs soul had fallen in to the labyrinth of the world, it was almost impossible to revive her again. However, that wasnt necessarily the case. She would surely survive if I could regain her soul. The problem was how to find her soul.

I suddenly looked back at Yoo Sangah. Yoo Sangah-ssi.


Shin Yoosungs soul might enter a new world line but in the all, all souls escaped from this world through the Underworld.

I remembered some constellations related to the afterlife. All of them were in a place I didnt dare touch or were beyond my reach. Still, there was one person that I could talk to.

Can you call the Abandoned Lover of the Labyrinth here?

Yoo Sangah hesitated for a moment before nodding. After a while, faint sparks appeared around her. It wasnt the previous method of directly descending due to the increased probability consumption but it was certain that Ariadne nestled inside her.

I opened my mouth. Olympus. I want to do business with you.

The sparks bouncing around the area were rough. Well, our last encounter wasnt great. This time, I had to make concessions. I took a deep breath before getting to the point.

Let me meet with the King of h.e.l.l.

Now it was time to keep the second promise.

Episode 22 Three Promises (3)

I could see Olympuss answer from Yoo Sangahs expression. She became red and then paled. Based on Yoo Sangahs eyes, I thought I was too hasty in bringing up the story.


I wondered what she had heard to make her hesitate while watching me. I felt sorry for some reason.

Can you tell me what the sponsor said?

Sparks flew from Yoo Sangahs body. Ariadne seemed to be running wild. I waited a bit until the situation calmed down. I hadnt realized the aftermath of the three questions and answers would be so large. The sparks soon subsided and Yoo Sangah spoke in a mixed voice. The Father of the Rich Night isnt someone who can be easily met

The Father of the Rich Night. It was the modifier given to King Hades, one of the three head G.o.ds of Olympus.

One of the three head G.o.ds of Olympus, he resided in a famous place that the 12 G.o.ds of Olympus couldnt enter. Hades was far too great for Ariadne to contact him.

I quickly thanked her. Thank you Yoo Sangah-ssi.

By the way, Dokjssi

The smart Yoo Sangah probably already knew that the Father of the Rich Night was Hades. She had a vague idea of why I was looking for Hades.

The story of Orpheus, who visited the Underworld in order to revive his wife Eurydice, was a famous myth in South Korea.

Is it possible? Yoo Sangah wondered.

As a rule, resurrecting the dead was impossible.

I was subjected to the probability correction of the King of No Killing effect, but in most cases, there was no such correction. It was the same for Shin Yoosung. If resurrection was possible then Yoo Jonghyuk wouldnt have needed to regress.

Yet if I could somehow obtain her soul

I cant tell you the details right now. Im sorry.

I didnt want to speak about my future plans in a situation where the constellations were staring at me. There were many constellations who disliked me due to the previous situation.

I threw the bait and now I had to wait and see if they bit. The important thing was to be patient.

I looked at the people around me and opened my mouth. Shall we organize things?

Then my party members approached me one by one, as if they had been waiting. Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung were with Lee Hyunsung, while Lee Jihye stood in a distant place with a slightly sulky expression.

I heard the voice of a low-grade dokkaebi.

[I am the dokkaebi Younggi, who will temporarily take charge of the compensation settlement.]

He was a newbie dokkaebi and spoke in a slightly stiff voice.

[I will now settle the addition compensation for the fifth scenario.]

Perhaps all the higher level dokkaebis had disappeared.

[You have received the Ellain Forests Vital Energy.

People caught the small fruit that fell from the air.

[This is the most popular recovery item in the Star Stream. Even if you are seriously injured, you can recover quickly by eating this and sleeping.]

It was the first time I had seen such a polite dokkaebi and it gave me a feeling of resistance. Then dokkaebi talked to me and some other people.

[Additional compensation for the key contributors will be given this evening. Thank you for all your hard work. I hope you cheer up in the following scenarios.]

The voice disappeared and I watched all the people holding the fruit. Characters I didnt know would be dead and some people would be dying right now. Still, we survived. The party members werent sure to be grateful or sad. Once this happened, someone was bound to act as the representative.

I stared at them and slowly opened my mouth. Everyone, you have suffered.

The moment when nothing was decided only remained for a moment. Sadness was sadness and happiness was happiness. If we made decisions then at least these moments would remain meaningful.

You really struggled.

Relief slowly filled the party members faces as I didnt say anything about rewards. They deserved it.

Lee Jihye was the one who spoke first. By the way, it was really shocking Ahjussi. You looked cooler than Master for a moment? I acknowledge you.

Then Lee Hyunsung and Jung Heewon also opened their mouths.

It was wonderful.

I felt refreshed.

These people, this was all they wanted to say to me? A wry smile appeared on my face as they started making a fuss. The biggest crisis of the beginning scenarios was over and Seoul was protected. For the time being, Seoul wouldnt be threatened until a few scenarios had pa.s.sed.

Dokjssi also suffered. Yoo Sangah stared at me and smiled brightly.

Maybe this was the reward given to me.

There was the sound of something hitting me and Shin Yoosung placed her forehead against my side. Lee Gilyoung was somewhat disgruntled but he didnt say anything. I placed my hand lightly on Shin Yoosungs head.

Yes, this as well.

In the evening, the additional compensation for the main contributors began. There were three main contributors who received additional compensation. They were me, Jung Heewon and Yoo Jonghyuk.

[The additional compensation for the fifth scenario is a B-grade skill.]

Someone else might say that a B-grade skill as a reward wasnt right, but it was actually balanced. A low alphabet letter didnt mean the skill was useless.

In addition, the scenario compensation was in the form of a free choice. In other words, I could choose the B-grade skill I wanted. There was a skill that was difficult to acquire among the B-grade skills and I had to get it.

[Do you want to see the list of B-grade skills?]

It was a list with tens of thousands of skills. I was able to avoid a difficult choice because there was a skill I thought of from the beginning.

[Do you want to receive the B-grade skill Lie Detection as compensation?]

I nodded and there was a faint glow as additional messages appeared.

[The exclusive skill Lie Detection has been added to the skills list.]

I finally obtained it. It had been really frustrating not having Lie Detection

I looked back and saw that Jung Heewon was having a hard time picking something.

I asked Lee Jihye who was next to me. Hey, do you know where Yoo Jonghyuk is?

Ah, he was going somewhere with Seolhwa unni.

Lee Seolhwa? Lee Jihye looked at me with pitying eyes, as if she knew what I was thinking.

Sigh, it isnt what Ahjussi thinks.

Really. I watched the whole time. It is completely different from the two of you. Im certain.

I had a headache. Speaking of which, it was certain that they were lovers in the second regressions but I couldnt remember in the third regression. Yoo Jonghyuk had a long road to walk. So where the h.e.l.l did he go? Was it to pick up his younger sister?

[The sixth scenario will start in three days.]

A system message was heard. I think I knew what Yoo Jonghyuk wanted to do. The sixth scenario was when we finally encountered incarnations from other domes.

He was a restless guy so he probably went to get some hidden skills and items that he couldnt get in the last regression.

There were still some hidden scenarios in Seoul Dome. It was a bit upsetting that they would be taken away by Yoo Jonghyuk but it was better than he eating up skills.

Moreover, he needed to be stronger than he was now to make the rest of the scenarios easier.

Ah, thats right. I have a message for Ahjussi from Master?

For me?

Lee Jihye nodded as she grasped her sword and declared in a serious tone. Kim Dokja, the oath period is over.

My heart sank. The Oath of Existence. I had forgotten about it.

Then swear you wont hurt me until the fifth scenario is over. If you cant do that, I really wont help you.

I swear.

We had made this oath. That guy surely he hadnt left me alive because of the oath? Then I remembered strange nonsense.

I wont kill you. I will hit you once.

I couldnt help gulping. Surely this wasnt his plan? Was he going to learn a skill to hit me?

By the way what oath did the two of you swear?

Shut up.

Yes, it would somehow be okay. Above all, I had the Beast Kings Sensitivity used by the disaster Shin Yoosung. It was also level 3.

I had Way of the Wind through Bookmark and there were also my strong companions.

I met Lee Jihyes eyes as she said. You know that I wont help you against Master, right?

I wasnt expecting anything from you.

Instead, I looked at Lee Hyunsung. I was really impressed when he told Shin Yoosung that he was part of my party, not Yoo Jonghyuks. Lee Hyunsung gazed at me with perplexed eyes before opening his mouth. ThatDokjssi.


To tell you the truth, Im a bit scared of Yoo Jonghyuk-ssi.

Ah, its okay. I understand.

Come to think of it, Lee Hyunsungs strength was because of Yoo Jonghyuk. Dammit. However, it was too early to be frustrated.

I also had Jung Heewon. She was someone who didnt appear in the original novel and I raised her with my own hands.

Then Jung Heewon scratched her head and said, I dont know what this is about but I wont get involved in the fight between the two of you.


I wont disturb the two of you what the h.e.l.l is this?

[The constellation Demon-like Judge of Fire is making a loving smile.]

I suddenly got a chill down my spine. What was that angel thinking?

[The constellation Scribe of Heaven is watching Demon-like Judge of Fire with solemn eyes.]

[The constellation Demon-like Judge of Fire has jumped and changed her expression.]

Dokjssi. I looked up with astonishment and saw Yoo Sangah smiling calmly at me. Dont worry. Jonghyuk-ssi isnt a bad person.

I hope so.

Im sure that he is a good friend.

I heard Yoo Sangahs words and inwardly sighed. I didnt know why but I thought of Han Sooyoung at this time. Apart from me, she was the only one who knew what type of person Yoo Jonghyuk was. Well, she wouldnt have protected me even if she was here

The scenario was over but I didnt know what she was doing now. We finished organizing the surroundings and collected items.

It became late in the night and Yoo Jonghyuk still hadnt returned. Instead, Jung Heewon went to scout and returned with welcome things.

I was amazed. That is still remaining?

Jung Heewon had six bottles of beer and soju with her. She said with a smile. Lets have a drink as a memorial.

We set up a campfire and sat down. I quickly hit Lee Jihyes hand as she grabbed a beer.

Youre a minor.

There are no laws now. Why does it matter if Im a minor?

Drink cider with the kids.

In the meantime, I took a quick swallow of the alcohol. Jung Heewon had red cheeks as she drank while Lee Hyunsung snored like a bear after drinking a few beers. He was weaker to alcohol than he looked.

The mood

Lee Jihye secretly drank a few cups and collapsed with a red face. Surprisingly, Yoo Sangah had already drank four bottles of soju. I couldnt see any signs of her being drunk.

Im a heavy drinker.

Come to think of it, I had never seen Yoo Sangah get drink at a work party.

It is hard to get drunk.

There was sorrow in her words. The company had a few men who wanted to do something to Yoo Sangah while she was drunk. Maybe this was the first time she could drink while at ease.

Isnt it okay for today?

Perhaps it was because she was paler than usual that I looked away with shame.

There was a lonely moon in the sky and the cries of monsters couldnt be heard today. The other drinking groups around us were making loud noises.

I wanted to drink well in this situation but I also thought it was because of this situation that I had to drink.

It was a world where everything couldnt be endured without drinking. Then small sparks appeared around my gla.s.s. The surprised Yoo Sangah looked at me.

I nodded. It was a good thing I hadnt drank too much alcohol. The alcohol poured down onto the ground.

[The constellation G.o.d of Wine and Ecstasy wants to talk to you.]

Olympus had finally taken the bait.

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