One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 335

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He frowned slightly when he saw her looking at his lip and subconsciously licked away the blood traces with his tongue before he coldly turned around and wordlessly departed.

Haughty, aloof, and good-looking. Looking at his fashion and attire, she deduced that he was an elite aristocrat.

Jiang Yutong could not believe her eyes.

She had thought that this kind of man would only appear in dreams and fantasies. She did not expect to see one with her eyes, so she froze on the spot for quite some time. She thought she was dreaming!

Still, why did he come out from Shishi’s resting room?

Can it be that… there’s something fishy between the two?

She started to make wild guesses.

Outwardly, she was polite and friendly to her, but who would not have selfish thoughts inwardly?

Yun Shishi was already famous even before she had a track record.

Let alone the newcomers, even the stars had doubts about her credibility.

Rumors had it that the woman could star in Lin Fengtian’s movie because she had an influential supporter.

If that were not the case, how would a newcomer, without fame or background, be able to clinch a role in the star director’s movie?

It was not only that; what qualities of hers let her attend Huanyu’s annual gala? Why did she have that chance when even Yang Mi and Tang Yu needed to pull strings just to be allowed inside?

If both stars needed to pull strings for that, then how did she make that happen?

She was Gu Xingze’s partner to boot. In fact, it was said that he had personally invited her along.

Was that possible?

He was known for being aloof and haughty within the industry; would he personally invite a newcomer without credentials to be his partner at the gala?

Perhaps, he was after her looks?

Still, looking at the entertainment industry in its entirety, there was no lack of talents, beauties, and personal styles to choose from.

Some were sexy and hot, others were stunningly beautiful and glamorous, and then a handful were sweet and innocent…

The fight to be the best was intense, chaotic, and ruthless.

Beside all these, gaining publicity from her appearance at the gala and her role in the upcoming movie, she easily seized a contract down the road.

With such wonderful resources, who would believe that she had no paymaster to make this happen for her?

This assumption was not fair for Yun Shishi.

The reason Lin Fengtian had cast her as the female lead for his movie was that she possessed all the traits of the female protagonist he had in mind.

Even Gu Xingze, who was known for being picky and critical, agreed that she was most fitted for the role.

Contrary to their wild guesses, the investors had already chosen someone for the female lead role beforehand. It was only because Lin Fengtian had stood by his decision and threatened to quit the production that the investors could not have their way.

As the saying went, rumors were indeed frightening.

This was how these baseless talks privately spread around the industry.

Jiang Yutong did not truly believe these rumors at first.

She only came to believe them after witnessing that today.

She now believed that Yun Shishi had a powerful and influential backer.

Did that mean that the man who had walked out earlier was her paymaster?



A series of questions fired off rapidly in her mind.

Why did Yun Shishi have this fortune? She had given up her studies to come to the capital in her teens to fulfill her dream of being an actress. Back then, she was still an innocent and naïve girl. She managed to come this far of signing a deal after working hard for the last ten years or so.

Why was someone able to get ahead of her and seemed to bypass her so effortlessly… with better results?

How on earth did she manage to do that?

In her heart, Jiang Yutong could not help but be jealous of Yun Shishi.

This was human’s nature.

Hence, because of this, the way she looked at her had already changed by the time the latter handed the coat to her from the resting room.

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