One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 337

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She must have some help to achieve such a high status!

Jiang Yutong knew that, if she wanted to be in on Yun Shishi’s secret and get information about that man, she needed to build a good rapport with her.

That person should be sufficiently powerful to let a newcomer achieve fame overnight, right?

If that was the case, perhaps, she too could get benefits from him through her.

As long as she could have a shot at overnight fame, she would willingly give herself away even to the hidden rules.

Having stayed long enough in this industry, morality no longer bothered her, and chastity was nothing important to her.

After all, she was no longer young. If she did not grab this chance to rise to fame, she might never get another one.

Since she could not glean info through interrogation, she tried a friendly approach, instead. Her face flashed a warm and friendly smile. “Shishi, is that man your boyfriend?”

“No!” She promptly denied, bewildered at Jiang Yutong’s enthusiasm. The latter seemed to have gone overboard prying into her personal affairs.

Is it for her to question my involvement with Mu Yazhe?

As she pondered on this, she walked toward the training room.

Jiang Yutong did not give up and hurried after her, cautiously asking, “Shishi, you probably think I’m one of those that can’t keep secrets. Please don’t. Among all the newcomers, you treat me the kindest, so I consider you as my people now! We are friends, right?”

Yun Shishi slowed down her steps somehow.

When it came to friends, besides Xiao Xue, she actually did not have anyone else.

When she was studying, she was rather reclusive. In school, girls liked to form clichés, and as she could not fit in any of these groups, she was forced into being a social recluse.

Furthermore, her beauty started to blossom in her teens. Her innocent beauty, with sparkling bright eyes, captured the hearts of many boys in her class as well as the seniors.

Many of these seniors were prince charming to plenty of girls in school. As such, their enmity toward her became more apparent.

Lots of boys had pursued her. Every morning, her study desk would be full of letters. Some of the letters contained mushy love notes. The rest were from other girls who sent knives and threatening letters.

She threw away every letter each time without bothering to open any.

She did not have any youthful idealism toward love. Her only aspirations were to enter a good university and live separately from her family after gaining financial independence.

Her act of throwing away these love letters was perceived as haughtiness in others’ eyes.

Many boys in their teens were proud and impulsive. Their reputation mattered the most to them, so when they saw how their dream girl just threw away their love notes without hesitation, the longing in their hearts turned into anger.

Therefore, not only the girls but even the boys ostracized her. She became a social pariah through their ostracization and extensive bullying.

Nobody was willing to befriend her.

She did not seem to need a friend as well.

She might be lonely, but through this forced social seclusion, she avoided betrayals, evil ploys, or troubles, and that was good!

A number of people had taken to calling her a vixen behind her back, though.

Li Qin, Yun Na, and even her classmates had called her names behind her back.

Thus, for a period of time, she felt lost.

She even questioned what wrong she had done to deserve such treatment.

She was not stupid and could fathom Jiang Yutong’s ulterior motive.

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