Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi Chapter 87

Translator: Nat Editor: Beansprout

Aegir POV

All troops, commence your marching!!

By my order, the mass gathering of troops on the outskirts of Rafen begin advancing to the north. In accordance with the the king's order, I am mobilizing my army to participate in the spring training in the capital. Only during this time, the work around the town has stopped and adults and children alike scrambled to climb to high places to watch over the army. Just a few guards are left in the city.

If we were to get attacked while you are absent, wouldn't there be absolutely no survivors left?

If there are bandits, even the incomplete city walls will be enough to obstruct them. If it's Treia, then they're extremely foolish. The army of the entire kingdom is gathering to hold a training exercise, so to attack during that time is utter madness.

Even if we could respond as an entire country, it would be a great loss if they burned the city down. Besides, Carla and Mel are left there too.

ChiefI mean, Viscount-sama, if danger arises in your territory, our warriors will rush over, thus please be at ease. We will definitely protect your children and wives.

In the case where there are enemies whom the guards are unable to deal with, the mountain nation will use all their efforts to reinforce them, and in the worse case, my family has promised me that they will escape. I have no choice but to trust them at this point.

It's been awhile since we've visited Melissa and the others.

I've also asked them to take care of me

In the center of the army, Nonna and Melissa are on a large carriage. The only ones that are not accompanying us are Carla and Mel, since it hasn't been that long after they've given birth, and their daughters.

The main purpose of this exercise is not simply to fulfil a military objective, but its aim is also to gather the nobles who are typically holed up in their territories and get them to show their faces. Since I'll be returning for a reasonable amount of time, I decide to take my family along with me.

Previously, when we had to move Nonna and the others to the territory, it was unbelievably troublesome, wouldn't you agree?

Pipi doesn't know about it!

At that time, we were attacked by the mountain nation, but right now, they are our allies. In addition, the amount of their soldiers we brought along reach 8000 in number. It might be safer here than to remain in the city.

Aegir-sama, I have taken stock of our squad this time. It would be embarrassing if you are unable to get a hold of the situation during the exercise, so please remember it, 'kay?

Celia hands me a neat chart with the organized formations. There are individual differences between the use of their sentences and it's quite amusing.

Leopolt would have just written the minimal amount on his documents which gave off a feeling that he wanted me to understand what he wrote even without the explanation, causing me to get annoyed.

Adolph politely explains things in his documents but he would really explain things in details so it could get quite lengthy. The way he points out my small mistakes and my clumsiness gets me annoyed just as much.

90 percent of Claudia's letters are useless and there is practically no content in them. It doesn't get me annoyed but it dampens my mood. Nonna has a similar trend too. Recently, Nonna has been in a hurry to get children so I'm worried that she's becoming more like Claudia.

With that in consideration, Celia's writing is well organized, it doesn't contain any strange sarcasm, and I can read it without getting upset. However, there are occasions where she leaves out some crucial parts.

You're about one step away, I guess.

? What do you mean?

I glance at the formation chart while petting Celia's headoh, a misprint.

Eastern Independent Army

Infantry 1200, Archers 300, Spearmen 300, Heavy Cavalry 200

Private Army

Infantry 1500, Archers 500, Spearmen 700, Heavy Cavalry, 300

Bow Cavalry

Bow Cavalry 3000

Supply Squad
Large wagons 50

Total of 8000 in the great army.

Actually, there was a dispute with the mobilization of the bow cavalry. The leaders of the mountain nation could not understand the meaning of training exercises.

Exercise? What is that?

Is it not a fight?

When I was thinking about how I could explain it, Pipi, who has gotten accustomed to our way of living, explains in my place.

In the plains, there are other chiefs who have many warriors under their command. They will gather together and train for battle. If you don't bring enough warriors, they will make fun of you as a weak chief.

What?! That isn't good!

Then, we will gather the entire tribe and have them go along to show the greatness of our chief!!

Please stop. If the capital finds out that there is a mass migration of tribes, it will be more embarrassing for me than having fewer soldiers.

There is no need for that. It isn't meaningful just to bring numbers; they also need to be skilled warriors. If they go through training and are given equipment, 3000 will be enough.

Is that so?

If you bring all the warriors with you, you can get double the amount though.

I'm grateful, but their armors don't match and I don't want to have warriors running around wearing pelts on their backs.

Would 3000 cause you trouble in terms of food?

The warriors of the mountain nation have a duty to kill prey and be hunters as well. If I mobilize too many of them, it may hinder their lifestyle.

The lame horses that the chief has traded to us will serve as food. We won't starve.

We can manage somehow if half of the warriors stay back.

Then it's settled.

So, would it be alright to have about 100 women wait on you during this training or whatever?

You fool! It's a gathering of powerful beings! It won't look good if he doesn't bring at least 300 with him!!

If I have 300 of the mountain nation's women surrounding me as I enter the capital, rumors will spread about how I'm some sort of barbarian king. After that, the leaders were somehow calmed down, I took the agreed number of warriors with me and we managed to depart.

Even so, that girl1 seems happy.

Pipi runs up in between Celia and I with her horse. Celiashe's really emitting some serious murderous intent now.

She'll surely become the chief of the next generation.

When I dropped by to mobilize the troops, she came running while holding her large belly. It seems that she wanted me to name the child, so when I listed names of boys and girls, she returned extremely happily.

Pipi also wants the chief's child.

I would be somewhat honored to receive a child too.

Even Luna wedges herself in here. She is more skilled than Pipi as a warrior, and furthermore, she has higher leadership ability, so I had her manage some of the bow cavalry. Those guys won't listen to orders from outsiders besides myself anyways, and if Pipi is the captain, she might actually interfere with our tactics.

The eastern independent army will be under my direct control, while the private army will be commanded by Irijina. However, since this is actually a hybrid composition, most of it will be managed by myself. Leopolt is the staff officer and Celia is the adjutant.

The expressionless staff officer who got on his horse, and the adjutant, who somehow manages to push Luna out of the way, both look at me. They've given me quite the overhyped role.

It would take a considerable amount of time along the path to the capital to march together with the infantry, but once we got on the maintained highway running through Erich's territory, it became a lot smoother.

It even stretches up to here?

If this extends all the way to our territory, then logistics will instantly improve in speed.

Leopolt did not speak beyond his field of expertise, but if this highway gets connected, then the exporting of iron will finally become realistic. Claire is getting pretty annoying with her pleas to extend the path and her demands for the royalty to get to work.

Is everything alright in Erich's territory though?

From what I can see, it isn't as catastrophic as Treia, but the citizens plucking the weeds in the wheat fields are depressed and skinny.

It can't be helped. Everyone isn't as blessed with funds like Lord Hardlett is. Try excluding the funds you loaned from that madam and the gold you gained from the plundered goods.

Indeed, I would be fairly in the red.

But the morale of the guards are that low too?

There isn't anything you could call an army in Erich's territory. That's because I'm supposed to be dealing with things like bandits and barbarians for the both of us. However, I can't watch over every little thing that happens on a daily basis such as petty crimes and thieves. That's why there are supposed to be people who resemble guards but.

As soon as they saw us, they abandoned their spears and raised their hands in surrender.

It's comical to see them surrender to their allies, who are just heading to the training exercise, but if we were actually enemies, even if they deemed it impossible to fight against us, they should have at least ran away to tell their commander.

I'll have to say something to him about this, plus the thing about spreading news about my kid being born too.

Although, I think they'll just come back with twice as strong a group as the previous conflict.

What an indescribably irritating feeling. I pick Pipi up from the horse beside me and sit her in front of me.

Nuuha! Chief, don't rub my face around like that. It won't go back to normal!

When Pipi struggles, my dick pushes up against her ass. Pipi, Ruby and the others from the mountain nation all have such tight bodies, and it's fantastic. When I have the chance, it might be nice to follow the leaders' suggestions and spray my seed in a 100-women orgy.

Aegir-sama, something's heading our way from the west.

Several fancily-dressed knights cross over the hill and head towards us.

You look like a Goldonian noble participating in the training exercise!

I'm Hardlett. And you are?

The knights bow and then start their speech.

We are the knights of Viscount Ordone! We are also on the way to the capital and came here to forewarn you. Our troops are using the highway first, so please standby in this area momentarily

At that time, the trotting group of bow cavalry overtakes me and the knight from behind. The road up ahead gets better so I gave them the orders to arrange themselves into ranks in the front. There should be about 1000 of them. I couldn't hear the knight's words due to the sound of galloping horses on both sides.


While they are passing beside me, the soldiers brandish their swords. After a few minutes in which the roar of their hooves continue, they finally pass us by.

Sorry about that. So, what were you saying?

I pray for your safe travels to the capital.

The knights leave. What was that all about?

Noble families are also concerned about things like who will yield on the roads. Things like pedigree, the authority of your family and the strength of your backing is also very important.

I talk with Nonna, who sticks her head out from the window of the carriage, as we pass the knights of Viscount Ordone, who stare at us with complicated expressions, on the side of the highway. I just hold up a hand as a sign of apology but the knights from earlier seem to make a face like they swallowed some bitter worms. What weird fellows.

Capital, Goldonia

Welcome back, Master.

Long time no see, Melissa, Maria. No need for those formal greetings.

I stroke Melissa's ass and take her lips when she greets me at the entrance.

Geez! She made such an effort to give you a refined greeting too!

Maria, who was clinging to Melissa, got upset, but she gets a kiss and an ass-rubbing too. I need to remind Maria of a man so that she doesn't fall completely into the depths of lesbian love.

Ah! Aaah, don't!!

As soon as I slip my finger into her vagina, Celia put a stop to it.

Aegir-sama, don't you have to go to the palace first?

Oh yeah. First, I'll place my troops in the garrison and then drop by the palace to confirm my participation in the training exercise. Erich also told me not to go one round at home before coming. So, while Nonna and Catherine were in the middle of entering the house, I reluctantly get on Schwartz.

I won't pay attention to the reason as to why Celia is riding in front with me. I'll just continue to stroke Celia's head as I slowly advance to the capital on my horse.

In the palace, the nobles are bustling as they gathered together. They are probably waiting to be ushered in for an audience with the King. Among those nobles, I spot Erich.

Lord Radhalde, I have something to tell you

I call out to him to complain about spreading the news about my child, but he speaks over me.

Lord Hardlett, you overdid it.


I'm talking about your troop count. Is there anybody who would actually bring 8000 with them?! Even a margrave only brought 3000. You're just a Viscount so you don't have to do so much. From what I can see, you also brought the eastern army with you, but would things be alright in terms of security!?

I get hit by a flood of words. I wonder what's wrong.

It's no problem. I brought the king's army with me to participate in the training exercise, but the reserve forces that I left in my territory is sufficient to deal with the maintenance of safety. Just the other day, they conducted a plan to suppress the barbarians and the threat has declined.

In reality, those reserve forces are the aforementioned barbarians though. As a result of talking with Adolph and Leopolt, I decide not to report that the barbarians have been completely subjugated.

The next day after I slept with Claire 2

Adolph-san, I heard that there is a promising iron mine in the mountain nation territory. Moreover, they have been subjugated and there are no longer any obstacles. I heard it from pillow talk, but if we talk about it too much, it won't benefit either of us. Please exercise caution in the future.

I've been warned as such. In her perspective, she wouldn't want to increase the number of rivals. And it's not like I wanted to tell a lie. But I didn't actually win over all of the mountain nation, since there are a few tribes in the corners of the territory that I couldn't subjugate. Therefore, saying that I've completely dominated them is technically a lie, but let's just leave it at that.

So you still had reserve forces? I was told by His Majesty that it's fine to freely grow your numbers in the private army but there is also a limit to that.

Erich's scolding continues, but I just reply meekly and let his words run in one ear and out the other. I secretly extend my hand out to my side and grope Celia's ass. Since she is unable to let her voice out, she endures it with a flushed face.

That reminds me, while I was coming here, I saw that your residents are facing considerable poverty.

What a forthright person. Well, you're not wrong there. They have still not been able to recover from the chaos of the war. I know that it's painful for them, but I can't reduce the tax more than what is necessary.

Isn't the acting official doing as he pleases?

The previous guy who was taking extra tax and lining his own pockets has been judged but his successor may also be committing injustices to a different degree. Either way, I haven't been able to leave the capital often enough to check on those issues.

Are you that busy?

It's partly due to the conflict you started and its aftermath.

If I continue to joke around, I may say too much. I feel sorry for the citizens of Erich's territory, but I can only hope that he pays a little bit more attention to them.

Lord Radhalde, Lord Hardlett, the King desires to meet with you. Please come this way.

One of the ministers summon us and allow us to enter the room. Just when I've gotten Celia to the brink of climax too. I pull the finger out from her wet hole and follow Erich.

With the customary greeting to the king, I use words I don't typically use and lower my head.

He was astonished at the number of troops I was leading, applauded me for the victory against the barbarians, and warned me about the unsuitable number of troops proportional to my social standing. In summary, that was all that happened.

As soon as the feudal lords gather, we will begin the full-scale training exercise. I believe it goes without saying, but this exercise isn't just about military purposes but rather its main objective is to show off the power of the army to the surrounding nations and to the people. I ask that you do not show any shameful behaviors.


I can see the King seemingly having a tired look. The territory nobles possess vast lands and there are many of them who have the power to unite the surrounding nobles. To call every one of them and ask them to get along with one another must have been troubling. Each of them had to be summoned one-by-one and greetings have to be done, and banquets and balls have to be held everyday. Although the King has increased his authority far greater than that of the previous King's, he isn't foolish enough to start a dispute with an influential noble for a nonsensical reason.

If it were me, I'm sure I would be somewhat foolish though.

What are you talking about?

It's nothing really.

Well, let's return home and mingle with Melissa and Maria. Catherine should be running out of patience too.

Lord Hardlett! I heard that your child was born the other day, I'm glad everything went smoothly!

I'm really fortunate to have met you here. I'm actually holding a banquet at my mansion tonight. Since it's been so long that you visited the capital, please by all means join me to deepen our friendship. Count Radhalde as well as Lord Hardlett, if you don't have any plans tonight, please kindly

It seems I'm not as foolish as I thought.


On the way back from the banquet, I enjoy the evening breeze, while only Nonna gets on the carriage back home. At first, Nonna wanted to dismount as well, but I persuaded her that it isn't the best idea for a beauty like her to walk around at night, even in the capital. I didn't particularly think to search for a prostitute on the street.

Aahn, amazing! I've never had such a sturdy noble!!

How about here?

Your huge spear is inside mee! It's so deep that it's painful! But it feels so good!!

By chance, I found a prostitute desperately begging me to buy her, so this was just due to me getting affected by her emotions. I didn't have much time though, so we did it standing up in the back alley, using rough thrusting.

I'm about to cum. Is it fine to let it out inside?

Inside is, a little troublesome. But if you add another silver coin..

In the end, I stuff one silver into her breasts without saying anything, thrust my hips up and ejaculate. The woman's legs float up and she starts to tremble as my meat rod pulses.

Aah, your seed is flowing in. I might have been impregnated by the huge cock of a noble.

I have a bunch of sexy ladies at home, but sometimes it's nice to enjoy snacks like these outside.

Uuu, I can't stand. Could you please take me to the tenement house over there

I accompany the prostitute, whose legs had given out, to her home and in return, she services me by cleaning my dick with her mouth. This happened on a whim so it got late without me noticing. If I don't get back home soon, I'll make them worry.

Stop it!! Noooo!!

I hear a woman's scream and the sound of cloth ripping, then there was a sound of something being hit. At first I thought that it was another prostitute that brought a customer to the back alley, but the scream didn't sound normal. Eventually, I guess her mouth must have been blocked, but the sound got muffled. I should probably confirm it instead of assuming things from the sounds.

Stop it! Let go of my sister!

Shut up, you damn kid, you want to get punched again?!


Kuuh~ Feels damn good. This one's a keeper!!

If that's some sort of play, then she might get turned off if I intervene, so I pop my head out and sneak a glance at them; it appears there are four men who are treating two women roughly.

One of them is probably the younger sister, and she's lying face down on the ground while being stepped on. There are bruises on her face.

The other one is the elder sister who is on her back and one of the men is riding on top and raping her. The other men, besides the one holding down the younger sister, is smiling while the man shakes his hips. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they're playing around.


Haah? Gyah!

I grab the man who is raping the older sister by the hair from behind and pull him backwards with all my might. The man's dick is pulled out of the girl and he continues moving backward until he hits the wall behind him. There is lots of hair ripped out from his scalp remaining in my hand. Sorry, but you might go bald.

W-what's your problem, you bastard! The hell you think you're doing?!

You wanna get beat up?!

The remaining three men are cursing at me, but they're sneaking around at the back of the alley, not to mention they ganged up on women to rape them, so their words are not worth paying attention to.

Take your foot off that girl and get out of here immediately.

It's not like I'm a patrol soldier. If the guy going bald runs away here, then I'll forgive him.

Don't fuck with meee!!

The two men take out knives from their breast pocket. Compared to a sword, the size of those things are like toys, but since they've taken out blades, I should treat them seriously as opponents.

Heyisn't this guy a noble?

The guy who still hasn't taken his foot of the younger sister speaks while getting somewhat uneasy.

That's right. If you get out of here right away, I'll forgive you.

I don't mind if I have to beat them up either. But I just wanted to try wielding around my authority.

Heh! This guy's unarmed. Nobody'll find out if we killed and dumped him somewhere! Get hiimm!!

Two of them charge at me. It's true that if they kill and abandon me in a ditch, nobody might be able to find out. But based on those moves, that's out of the question.

I don't need to hold back against those who wield blades. I bash the face of the man who comes at me first with all my strength. My fist goes straight into his nose, I hear a dull sound and he flies all the way to the wall.

Then, I grasp the hand of the distracted man that was gripping the knife and prevent him from moving.

He-heyhurry up and stand up!

That's probably impossible for them.

Hey! Hiih! He's dead.

Not only did I cave his nose in, I felt some of his bones breaking. He won't survive.

It hurtsss, stopp itttt!!

I tighten my grip on his hand. Due to the pain, he drops his knife to the ground, but I don't let up.

Stooooop!! Aaaaaah!!!

I can hear a creaking sound coming from his hand and lastly, after a large snap, the man reaches his limit. I release his hand and the fallen man could no longer get back up.

The tremendous groan resonates throughout the nightscape of the city.

With such a loud voice, people will gather immediately. Hurry up and get out of here.

However, the man who has his foot on the younger sister doesn't remove it. Even if I let him pass this time, he will continue to cause women to suffer, which will obviously tick me off, so I send him flying with a front kick.

Blood is-! My leg-! It won't move!

Oh, so you got so scared of seeing your friend getting beat up that you can't even move? I did something bad then.

His stomach must have burst, since he's writhing in pain while vomiting blood. I apologize to him in my mind and pick up the younger sister. Fortunately, other than her bruised face, she only suffered light scratches and her life isn't in danger.

Rather than me3-! My sister!

Fumu, she is quite the good kid that cares for her sister. I feel a little healing from this after I was shown something so dirty.

Are you okay as well?

The elder sister stares at me dumbfoundedly but after regaining her senses from hearing her younger sister's voice, she desperately tries to gather her torn pajamas and hide her body. From what I can see, she has no external injuries, but unfortunately she was still raped. There are no injuries, but this might be more serious.

The elder sister puts her underwear on and eventually the patrol soldiers came running over from hearing the screams.

What's the ruckus?! State your name!

I'm Hardlett, Viscount of the Kingdom.

After confirming my attire and my face, the patrol soldiers get flustered and bows.

Pardon me! Lord Hardlett, what is the situation here?

Those ruffians were getting rough with women. When I stepped in, they attacked me, so now they're lying over there. The two of them should still be breathing.

The guy with the broken wrist and the guy who's going bald should not be dead yet. The one who's coughing blood and writhing around is sluggish. It might be the end for him.

It's just as the noble said, we were saved by him

The younger sister is desperately appealing to the soldiers but they don't pay her much attention.

Tie up the ones who are on the ground!

So, can these girls and I leave now?

Yessir! Looking at the situation here, it's clear that these guys have committed a crime! Shall I send you home?

No need. But for knives to be pulled here, the capital is quite the dangerous place at night, don't you think?

I am ashamed at that fact

The patrol soldiers must have thought I was blaming them, but they hit the lowered head of the ringleader of the men.

You did something unnecessary! Now walk, you baldy!!

You reap what you sow. It's unavoidable. I tell them I would send the girls back home and let the patrol soldiers handle the rest.

Are you alright? If some of his semen got into you, we could go to an inn with a bath.

When I look at the elder sister who has calmed down, I can see that her breasts are quite big and that she has a gentle beauty about her. It's not a surprise that other men would try to make her their belonging by force.

On the other hand, the younger sister has a flat chest, her body is also thin and doesn't arouse me. Her shortly cut hair isn't treated well. No wonder she wasn't raped.

You saved me before he was able to let anything out soum, our house is right around the corner so

She just got raped so she doesn't want to be near men right now. I should just obediently leave her alone.


The younger sister gets in front of me and lowers her head.

Hardlett-sama! You were so cool! Thanks for saving me and my sister!

Sure, from now on, don't walk around so late at night.

The siblings bow their heads deeply. The younger sister is especially staring at me passionately. I'll get her to thank me a little.


I tilt the chin of the younger sister and give her a soft kiss, just brushing against her lips.

Eh? Eeeh!? Why!?

The younger sister seems confused and the elder sister is holding her hand to her mouth in astonishment as well.

Did you dislike it?

Idon't hate itbut why?II am

If you didn't dislike it, then it's fine. I pet the younger sister's head and left. It has been a while since I've done a good deed, so it made me happy.

After that, I return home and brag to Nonna about the good deed that I did, but since I drank alcohol, I even told her about the interaction I had with the prostitute, so I end up receiving a flurry of her headbutts. That didn't go so well.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Spring.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. King of the Mountains

Assets: 9980 gold (6800) (Materials -200 gold) (Labor Cost -400) (Campaign -400) (Nonna -20)

Family: Nonna (wife), Rita (imitation maid), Catherine (lewd), Melissa, Maria, Sebastian (butler), Ruby, Miti, Alma, Kroll

Territory: Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Yoguri (house guest)

Sexual Partners: 51, children who have been born: 9

Nat: appears to be an unrelated random girl from the mountain nation. Nat: I believe this is a flashback Nat: she uses boku here, which is a masculine pronoun, just wanted to point it out

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