Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 681

Everyone had a bewildered look on their faces. They now could understand why the descendants of all three paths were speaking so confidently and so certainly.

Because every single one of them was right. Not only did Ling Xian win the title under the Path of Crafts, but he also won it under the Path of Alchemy, and the Path of Arrays.

In other words, he was the winner of three paths.

Though nobody could believe this shocking truth, all the descendants under the three paths vowed that they were telling the truth. In other words, Ling Xian was not lying.

It was just that reality was far too shocking, which caused everyone to question the validity of it.

However, when the Leaders of the three paths showed up and verified that Ling Xian had won. All doubts in everyone's minds disappeared like smoke.

Then, other than the three leaders, who had already experienced a tremendous amount of shock, everyone else fell into a state of bewilderment.

Even the important figures, the Leaders of the Four Peaks, were stunned.

All because what happened was far too shocking!

The Competition of the Four Paths was an important competition to the Shang Qing Sect and it was a competition that required great skills. To win the winning title under any Path was not an easy feat. Because winning meant they have stood out from the rest and meant their capabilities were extraordinary.

Yet under a competition with such difficulties, Ling Xian had gathered three winning titles. How unbelievable was this?

Especially this year, all competitors were geniuses with great talents. Whether it was Xiang Ru Gu from the Path of Array, or Hong Zhuang Luo from the Path of Alchemy, or Ta Ba Feng from the Path of Arrays, all of them had great abilities.

Against such powerful opponents, Ling Xian was still able to acquire all three winning titles. Just how capable did he have to be to achieve that?

How could everyone not be shocked?!

At once, everyone's faces turned astounded and only one thought was running through their minds.

How is it possible that someone so insane exists in this world?

If Ling Xian was able to acquire all three winning titles, it meant he was well-practiced under three different paths, and he was extraordinary with every single one of them.

To know that achieving glory under just two things was already difficult. For someone to be insanely capable under three paths was extremely rare. People like that appear maybe once every 100,000 years!

Yet before everyone's eyes, someone like Ling Xian stood. Naturally, everyone was surprised to a point of no return!

Only after a while, did everyone regain their calmness. Then, the entire place boiled.

Everyone was screaming, everyone was yelling. It was as if they were trying to get rid of all the shock in their chest.

Even the leaders of the four peaks, the important figures who never express themselves much, were full of shock and began a discussion.

"If my memory serves me correctly, only one person in history has won victory under all three paths."

"That's right. That person won cultivation, arrays, and alchemy. He was insane. I cannot believe that after 7,000 years, another insane person has appeared."

"I somehow think, this Xian Ling fella is even more insane. Don't forget, he possesses royal level talent and has already reached the undefeatable realm of the meditational stage."

At these words, everyone became silent.

Because they all had a shocking realization. If Ling Xian possesses royal leveled talent and was already at the undefeatable realm of the meditational stage, doesn't that mean he was capable under all four paths?

Thinking about that shocked the leaders even more basically to a point of no return.

Since the history of time, only one person had won all three titles. That person was commonly agreed to be a rare genius. Then, he became the most recognizable powerhouse of the Shang Qing Sect and led the sect to glory for 3,000 years!

This person existed 7,000 years ago.

In other words, it's been a long 7,000 years since a multi-talented genius appeared in the sect.

This was why after knowing that Ling Xian had won the title for all three paths, everyone was this shocked.

After being astounded, everyone suddenly remembered that Ling Xian was there to participate in the competition under the Path of Cultivation. This made them wonder if he was planning on acquiring the fourth winning title and becoming a pioneer in this competition?

Thinking about it made everyone extremely excited. Their faces filled with high expectation.

Currently, Ling Xian had tied with the current record holder. If he acquires the fourth winning title, then he would be a pioneer!

Therefore, shouldn't everyone be somewhat excited? At once, excited sentences began to rise. They were all asking Ling Xian to participate in the competition.

"Four peak leaders. Please let Xian Ling compete! Let him try!"

"Yeah, this opportunity is once in a lifetime. Please let him try it."

"That's right. Four peak leaders, please agree to it. if he succeeds, then he is the glory of the entire Shang Qing Sect!"

Everyone chimed in, waiting for the four peak leaders to agree and waiting for Ling Xian to break the record and complete a heave defying accomplishment!

Hearing this, the four peak leaders exchanged glances and took a peek at the leaders of the other three paths. They saw the anticipation in each other's eyes.

It was obvious that they wanted to see if Ling Xian could become a pioneer as well.

Plus, he completely qualifies to enter the competition. There was no reason to reject him.

Therefore, the Dao Peak Leader faintly smiled. Under everyone's high expectant stare, he made a statement that ignited everyone's passion.

"Alright, Xian Ling, I allow you to participate in the competition."

At this, everyone smiled and everyone cheered.

Ling Xian smiled as well. A heated gaze flashed across his eyes. It was because he was longing for the winning reward and also because he wanted the glory of being a pioneer.

Plus, after what everyone had said, he realized that he was not the only person to ever win all three paths. He merely caught up to the person who did so in the past.

Therefore, he was very keen on breaking the record and becoming a new legend!

However, one person at the scene had a heavy expression on his face. As if he didn't want to see things unfold that way.

It was Leng Feng.

It wasn't that he was scared of Ling Xian. It was that he was angry.

Originally, he was supposed to be enjoying the glory of being the winner and embracing everyone's attention. Yet Ling Xian had stolen his spotlight. Why wouldn't he be angry?

As much as he was angry, he was also jealous.

What could he do? Someone insane like Ling Xian always triggers others' jealousy.

"Hmmph, you all are talking as if he could defeat me. Do you really think I am a soft persimmon?"

Leng Feng's expression was dark. He vowed silently to defeat Ling Xian and stop him from setting a new record.

Feeling this person's dark stare, Ling Xian frowned slightly but very quickly, he relaxed. With a smile, he said, "It seems like I have made myself another enemy."

Then, he shook his head while smiling. So what he was a dominating Heaven's Favorite?

Nobody could stop him from becoming a pioneer and setting a new record!

Therefore, Ling Xian stepped forward once and got up onto the battle ring!

The moment he got himself onto the ring, everyone exploded with cheers and applause. The atmosphere at this moment reached its peak!

All nine levels of heaven and all 10 levels of hell roared!

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