Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 939

936 Breaking The Array In Seconds

The night was dark like ink and the moon hung high in the sky.
Faint rays of light reflected off the land and brightened this mountain rage that was without people, making it look even lonelier than normal.
Ling Xian descended from midair and Huang Jiu Ge turned into her human form. Their eyes were flickering with anticipation.
"We are here. The grave of the omnipotent." Han Qing Xue smiled.
Hearing this, the space between Ling Xian's brows lit up and a violent storm generated and stomped across the mountains.
Then, he sent his soul to search around but didn't find any unusualness or traces of traps.
He stopped worrying. After all, Han Qing Xue was merely a stranger and he had to be on guard.
"You are no longer worried now, right?"
Han Qing Xue smiled faintly and clapped her hands, "Let me introduce two people to you. Don't worry, I will split my share of the treasures with them."
Just then, two young men appeared. They were both at the peak of the original level.
"This is Xu Chuan, that is Fang Wu. Neither of them are weak and I believe they can provide some protection for our journey."
Han Qing Xue pointed at the man in white and then pointed at the man in black. She then smiled, "I don't believe you mind this?"
"Since you already said their prizes will come out of your pocket, I have no reason to object." Ling Xian smiled and did not decline.
First of all, it won't hurt his profitability. Second of all, it was always better to get more helpers. However, he became more cautious. After all, these two people were all here because of Han Qing Xue.
"Then good."
Han Qing Xue grinned and looked over to the two men, "After we enter, we must cooperate. We cannot split ways."
"Hmmph, you do not need to tell me that." Xu Chuan hissed, his attitude was a little arrogant.
Fang Mu agreed with a smile.
Han Qing Xue didn't care about this. She tightened her fists and a moon shaped white jade appeared, sending out soft light that engulfed this place.
The ground split open and the space quivered. Next, trembling noises arose and revealed a secret path before everyone.
"Let's go. That is without a doubt, the omnipotent's grave."
Han Qing Xue brightly smiled and walked on with soft steps. She was the first to enter the secret passage.
At this, Xu Chuan and Fang Mu followed.
"Let's go as well." Ling Xian grinned in response and followed.
Just like that, the crew walked down the path and after some time, a black door appeared before everyone.
The black door was made out of giant stones that had a flawless appearance and was covered in dust. When looked at in detail however, one could see how there were intricate carvings that formed an unknown array.
Everyone frowned and once again looked over the Han Qing Xue.
Against this, Han Qing Xue smiled confidently and took out the moon shaped jade again. Soft and milky light lit up the secret passage.
"This jade was acquired by me from a rural family. The knowledge I have about this place is also from that family."

Han Qing Xue explained and smiled confidently. "So, everyone, please do not worry. I can definitely open this door, but after this, we can only rely on ourselves."
Then, she pushed the jade into the moon shaped imprint on the door. Immediately, the door expanded with a dizzying amount of light.
This made Han Qing Xue even more confident. Others were also relieved.
However, the milky light merely lasted for a short while before dimming down. The stone door turned untouchable again.
"What is happening?"
Han Qing Xue raised an eyebrow. She didn't think the jade she has would fail to open this door.
"Is that even a question? Your key doesn't work."
Xu Chuan snickered, "Luckily, I brought someone to break the array. Go away."
Then, he took out the Array Breaking Plate and came right before the door. Then, he used the technique associated with it to activate it in an attempt to break the array.
At this, Han Qing Xue's eyes brightened. She ignored Xu Chuan's unfriendliness. As long as he can open the door, all is well.
Fang Mu had high hopes. It looks like he was very confident about Xu Chuan. Or in other words, he was confident about the Array Breaking Plate.
"Array Breaking Plate…"
Ling Xian laughed and shook his head. He didn't say much and merely checked out the array on the door.
"Just you wait. This is something I put in much effort to obtain."
Xu Chuan was proud. He felt like this Array Breaking Plate can definitely break this stone door's array.
However, after moments, the door remained unmoving. The Plate on the other hand, was getting dimmer and dimmer. By the end of it, it was basically gone.
Everyone felt dim alongside it, especially after the loud "Crack". Then seeing the Plate crack, their hearts dropped.
Xu Chuan shouted and stared dumbfoundedly at the pieces of the Plate. As much as he was in disbelief, he also felt like he lost face.
Han Qing Xue and Fang Wu were surprised by this. They couldn't believe a treasure of such caliber failed to lift the array.
"Could it be… we cannot enter even the main door?"
Han Qing Xue smiled bitterly. Fang Wu did the same. Their hearts dropped.
Only Ling Xian remained calm, as if he had predicted it.
When Xu Chuan took out the Array Breaking Plate, he knew that the Plate cannot even nudge the array on this door.
Because the array set by the door was a godly array. While this Plate was pretty good and can solve a master leveled array, it cannot do anything against a godly array.
Therefore, he wasn't at all surprised.
"Allow me."
Ling Xian smiled and decided to no longer conceal himself. Or else he will have to go home.
Hearing this, Han Qing Xu and Fang Mu all looked up at him inquisitively.
Xu Chuan said unwelcomingly, "The key is useless, the Plate is useless also, what method do you have?"
Hearing this, Ling Xian glared at him and ignored him.
Xu Chuan already felt underestimated. With the Plate breaking as well, he felt more embarrassed than usual. Therefore, he coldly smiled. "You have no abilities and you dare to act worthy? The array on this stone door isn't one you or I can lift."
"Use your pronouns right. You cannot lift it but that doesn't mean I cannot."
Ling Xian said quietly, "go away, don't waste my time lifting the array."
Xu Chuan was furious. He wanted to say something but Han Qing Xu stopped him.
"Xu Chuan, I asked you here to help, not to do the opposite."
Han Qing Xue said softly, "Let him try."
"Hmmph, I'll give you some face."
Xu Chuan hissed and said in disdain, "But, you should be mentally prepared to be disappointed."
Hearing this, Han Qing Xue frowned and looked over to Ling Xian, "Friend, just try it. If you cannot do it, we won't blame you."
Then, she softly sighed. It was obvious that she didn't think Ling Xian would have the ability either.
Ling Xian was too lazy to explain this. He merely made a hand seal, tapped the door on the left and then the one on the right.
Then, this door, before everyone's astonished gaze, opened up.
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