Paradise Of Demonic Gods Chapter 954

An overwhelming amount of sword Qis clashed fiercely against the seething heavenly river. However, almost at the very instant they collided, the sword Qisas well as the tailing plasma flames that were formed from the friction in the airwere directly transferred.

The 30-kilometer-long sword Qi and the tailing flames were instantly diverted and condensed to one point. Then they exploded behind Fang Xingjian.

Faced with this sword Qi that arrived suddenly, Fang Xingjian laughed. He slashed out toward his back, dissipating the sword Qi that could annihilate an entire city.

At the next moment, he appeared within the heavenly river in the atmosphere with a flash, slashing out with his sword.

As he slashed out this sword attack, it was as if there were several ten thousand or hundred thousand swords slashing out. A million streams of sword Qi tore through the world, bursting out from his body as if wanting to stir up the wind and clouds, and destroy the atmospheric currents in the sky above the continent.

"Light speed movement?" Ulpian, who had taken on the form of the heavenly river, was surprised. The silver river gushed out. Wherever it passed by, all sword Qis were engulfed and released toward outer space.

Fang Xingjian did not stop there. He instantly turned into a sword tempest, moving amidst the atmosphere at light speed. Each time he stopped, he would release a myriad of sword Qis, sending them tearing through the atmosphere and stirring up a vacuum.

"Aren't you going to save humanity? Then I'll first wipe out mankind!"

With an explosive bellow, violent powers seethed within the atmospheric layer. They turned into high temperatures and lit up the atmosphere in flames, casting a red light over the entire sky.

With Fang Xingjian's powers, such unrestrained attacks could destroy the entire Earth's ecological environment within a few minutes and turn the surface of the entire planet into hell, killing 99% of all humans.

"You're courting death!"

At the sight of this scene, killing aura seethed in Ulpian's heart. The silver river in the sky turned into a roaring silver dragon, charging out toward Fang Xingjian.

Swooshing and rumbling sounds rang out incessantly in the sky. The silver heavenly river that had previously encompassed the entire continent seethed and gushed out toward Fang Xingjian like the eye of a typhoon.

Leaving no blind spots, they encompassed Fang Xingjian from all directions and used the silver river to negate and transfer Fang Xingjian's sword Qis.

Everyone in the continent was astonished by the abnormality in the sky. Many television stations and internet media platforms were starting to report the astonishing battle occurring in Central City.

Edward looked in great astonishment at Fang Xingjian who was in the sky. "To think that he really wants to fight to the death with Ulpian?"

Concurrently, the violent silver river kept compressing the space that Fang Xingjian was in. Streams of heavenly rivers that were over several thousand kilometers long came roaring, gushing out toward Fang Xingjian like huge seething dragons.

Even though Fang Xingjian was capable of moving at light speed, the heavenly river did not leave any gaps at all. This meant that if Fang Xingjian wanted to charge out, he had to come into contact with the heavenly river.


As the heavenly river became increasing turbulent, it continued to compress the space that Fang Xingjian was in. Fang Xingjian, who was being repressed, charged out to the left and right but was still unable to break through. Then a thought suddenly came to Ulpian's mind.

In that instant, it was as if a world-shattering sound had rung out, and the silver water that was comparable to the Yellow River went crashing toward the spot where Fang Xingjian was.

The silver river that weighed millions upon millions of tons crashed with a world-shaking prowess. Almost the entire world seemed to be tremoring. The terrifying backlash caused the silver water that had crashed to be transmitted out at a speed of several thousand meters per second. The shock waves they formed wiped out the cloud layers within a range of 10,000 lis.

The pure collision force from Ulpian's attack was secondary. The even more terrifying thing was that the heavenly river's Spatial Translocation ability was activated concurrently, splitting up the target's body into a billion parts and then scattering them across the entire ocean.


However, at the instant the collision occurred, the White Bone Longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand released a myriad of sword light. The sword force reached all the way to the microscopic world, clashing against each and every particle in the silver river. The force reached the limits of the microscopic world and was no longer influenced by the heavenly river's Spatial Translocation ability.

"Hmmm? To think that he has cultivated his sword arts to such a level..."

Through Ulpian's senses, the tip of the White Bone Longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand seemed to have turned into an extremely small dot. Each force from the sword attacks directly affected the Planck space volume, impacting the smallest volumetric unit measurements in the universe that was at the ends of space.

Each sword attack would crash against each quantum of the heavenly river. As force fought against force, the heavenly river's Spatial Translocation ability was negated.

It was only after attaining this realm that it would be possible for Fang Xingjian to target the heavenly river's acting forces and then retaliate, negating Ulpian's Spatial Translocation ability.

In that instant, the silver river that weighed several million tons was vaporized into white gas. The White Bone Longsword crashed intensely against the heavenly river's omnipresent particles. With each collision, it seemed that the space would distort and countless microscopic black holes would disappear and appear.

Wherever the longsword passed by, a space with an area of 1,000 square meters would be separated out, not allowing the silver river to surmount it. The moment the silver river came gushing over, it would be slashed up by the White Bone Longsword and then vaporized.

In the past, when he battled against the Heavenly Lion King who had the Heavenly Lion's corpse and could perform Spatial Translocation, Fang Xingjian was incapable of dealing with Spatial Translocation.

However, his sword arts was now reaching the pinnacle of the microscopic realm. This meant that each bit of his sword force would be directly applied onto the Planck space volume, preventing his sword force from moving away easily.

"Ulpian, is this all that you've got?" Looking at the silver river that was unable to cross a single step, Fang Xingjian laughed. "Then take this attack from me."

At present, Fang Xingjian's martial will had reached 8,000 points. What kind of concept was that? It was a power that could shift continental shelves, change asteroids' trajectory, destroy the world, and kill all humans.

Amidst Fang Xingjian's maniacal laughter, a myriad of sword light and sword Qis dissipated abruptly. He raised the White Bone Longsword in his hand high up. Then at the next moment, he slashed out fiercely at the Central City under his feet. It was the All-Conquering Sword performed at full-power!

The moment this sword attack came down, it was as if the world was inverted, and the sun and moon passed into oblivion.

Wherever the longsword passed by, everything in the world started to disintegrate. Powers distorted space, forming a stretch of darkness that charged out toward the ground.

When the powers reached an extreme, everything insideother than space itselfhad already been completely expelled. There were not even any light left. Therefore, under everyone's gaze, they could only see a stretch of darkness plunging toward the land after Fang Xingjian slashed out.

The range within 100 lis seemed to have instantly entered absolute darkness. The pure darkness tore apart the heavenly river like shock waves and charged out toward the land.

The moment this sword attack hit earth, it could shatter the continent. The condensed area of darkness would engulf one-third of the land, while seawater would drown over half of the land.

Several quadrillion tons worth of soil would soar into the sky from this attack, filling up the atmosphere. The sky on earth would be covered in dust and sand for the next decade. The sunlight would be covered up for several decades, and humanity would welcome the cold winter of the end of the world.
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