Paradise Of Demonic Gods Chapter 956

In an instant, all the swords, sword formation, and Sword Realm were set off. Violent powers surged in the world like countless nuclear missiles had exploded.

If no one stopped this force, it would kill all humans within a range of several thousand lis or even cause half the continent to sink. The tsunamis created by the force would engulf the remaining half of the continent. The global temperature would rise, the magnetic fields would change, and the planet's orbital path would deviate by several meters.

Therefore, in order to assure that the Earth was not affected at all, Ulpian could only unleash his full powers, accurately fending off each stream of prowess from the detonations.

The swords, sword formation, and Sword Realm detonated at the same time, turning into endless energy that vaporized the heavenly river. Simultaneously, sword Qis soared into the sky, and it was like a world that stored all the sword techniques in the world was born in the heavenly river.

A sword mark cracked open on the heavenly river, seeming like an entrance to another world. Many streams of sword Qis extended out.

This series of attacks launched by Fang Xingjian could be said to be extremely rapid. Combined with the effects of illusions, Ulpian was not given any time to react.

The swords, sword formation, and Sword Realm exploded. The force from the explosions destroyed the heavenly river and recreated the Divine Country simultaneously.

This was also something that Fang Xingjian had planned to do from the beginning. After he attained another breakthrough in his sword arts, he gave up all the swords, sword formation, and Sword Realm that he had, setting them off and then recreating his Divine Country.

Fang Xingjian took a step forward and entered the new Divine Country. The energy in the surroundings, which had been sent out from the explosions, were like baby swallows returning to their nests or like ironstones that were being attracted by magnets. All of them were drawn into the Divine Country.

At the next moment, the sword mark expanded rapidly, and the new Divine Country seemed to overlap with the real world.

All the sword intents that were in the White Bone Longsword, Thunder Calamity, Abyss, Panwei, and the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation darted out fiercely toward the Divine Country, causing the spatial structure inside to become increasingly stable. All the sword intents in the Divine Country also became increasingly intense.

At this moment, Fang Xingjian tapped on Ulpian's pressure and caused his swords, sword formation, and Sword Realm to detonate. Then he combined the three of them into one, recreating his Divine Country and reforging his Sword Realm.

The myriad of sword marks was like a web of cracks appearing in space. They extended outward in all directions with Fang Xingjian's body being at the very center. Each sword mark emitted astonishing auras.

From this moment onward, the Celestial Eradication Four Swords and the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation were no more. Fang Xingjian shattered all of them, integrating them into his Divine Country and merging them with himself.

This was Fang Xingjian's Divine CountrySword Realm.

"What guts!"

At the sight of this scene, Ulpian smirked. "This is what you've prepared?"

After consuming a large part of his energy, Ulpian finally suppressed all the repercussions from the detonations. He looked at Fang Xingjian who was surrounded by a myriad of sword marks. The heavenly river seethed, and Ulpian's cold voice rang out.

"It's a pity that it's completely meaningless."

At the next moment, light and shadow flashed. The entire stretch of heavenly river and Fang Xingjian disappeared from Earth without a trace.

'Are they gone?' Edward looked in a daze toward the sky and nodded. 'That's right. If they had continued staying here, Ulpian would still have had too many reservations. Only by leaving Earth will he be able to unleash his full powers.'

In another place, Hui He looked at the empty sky, and the gleam in his eyes flickered as he said, "They've left." Then he turned to look toward Priest Longmai and added, "When Ulpian once again returns to Earth, Fang Xingjian will undoubtedly have died already.

"With Earth as the battlefield, Ulpian will have too many reservations. He won't be able to unleash even 10% of his powers.

"You'll never be able to imagine how terrifying he is.

"After seeing the battle earlier, you should now know that although Fang Xingjian is powerful, he still isn't able to escape from Ulpian's hands. To think that he wasn't able to harm the Central City at all after going all out..."

Priest Longmai's countenance was grim. He looked at the scattered clouds in the sky like he was holding expectations for something.

However, just then, the television live broadcast continued. Ulpian had restored the destroyed hall to its original. Then he returned to the rostrum and continued his speech. It was as if everything that happened earlier had been an illusion.

"There have been some minor mishaps. Let's continue."

"Minor mishaps?" Looking at Ulpian who was projected on the television, Priest Longmai let out a sigh.


On Mars, light and shadow flickered. The Milky Way had appeared on this planet that was filled with gravel.

Fang Xingjian was slightly stunned. At the next moment, he reacted, 'He directly translocated the space I was in? But why is it that I didn't sense his actions in advance?'

Suddenly, Fang Xingjian's eyes squinted as he looked at the silver river and said, "You performed illusory arts earlier?"

He understood it now. It was like how he had masked Ulpian's senses earlier, preventing Ulpian from stopping the detonations in time. Ulpian had also masked Fang Xingjian's senses, preventing him from stopping the Spatial Translocation.

With a rumble, Fang Xingjian was struck by an invisible power. In that instant, he became a myriad of light spots, and it was as if he had died completely.

"Altering electromagnetic signals? I learned it when you performed it the first time around."

At the next moment, light and shadow flickered once again, and the two of them appeared on Jupiter.

Wind and sand that kept on moving at supersonic speed clashed against the silver river. The sudden appearance of the massive heavenly river instantly brought about a change to the strong gales on Jupiter.

Fang Xingjian stood in void space.

Earlier on, Ulpian had assaulted him with illusory arts, and he had faked his death with illusions as well. However, Ulpian then used illusory arts to masked Fang Xingjian's senses, once again performing Spatial Translocation.

Right now, Fang Xingjian's emotions were extremely grim. After this series of exchanges, Ulpian's grasp of illusory arts was no longer weaker than Fang Xingjian's. Paired with his Spatial Translocation ability, Ulpian's grasp of illusory arts was now slightly above Fang Xingjian's.

Sand and dust floated about in the air on Jupiter, and a cold gleam shot out from Fang Xingjian's eyes. "You've split up a part of your heavenly river, arriving in another planet at superluminal speed. Then you keep on changing the location that we're in using Spatial Translocation?"

"You've got the right answer, but it's still meaningless."

Light and shadow flickered once again, and they arrived on Saturn. The surroundings were filled up by an ocean of hydrogen and helium. Clearly, the two of them were getting further and further away from Earth through Ulpian's Spatial Translocation.

However, at the next moment, Fang Xingjian broke into a grin. "Are you certain that this is really Saturn?"

The entire stretch of space shattered slowly. After the space shattered, what appeared was the scene of Earth's Central City.

"It's useless. Different parts of the heavenly river are located on different planets. I can observe through the different parts at any time to verify the location of the main body.

"Unless your illusory arts are able to encompass all the different parts of the heavenly riverwhich means that it'll have to cover the distance between several planetsyou won't be able to deceive me."

At the next moment, the scene of Central City that was filled with people had once again turned into the ocean of hydrogen and helium on Saturn. However, Fang Xingjian had already disappeared.

Fang Xingjian's cold voice rang out from the ocean. "I can't change your perception, but you're unable to find me either."

.Ulpian smiled. "I might not be able to find you, but do you know where you are?"

The world before Fang Xingjian's eyes shattered once again, breaking up. The world took on blue and white colors, and the atmosphere was filled with hydrogen atoms. There were all sorts of rocks, icy matter, and a large amount of frozen methane under his feet. This was Uranus.

Fang Xingjian was stunned for a moment before he reacted. 'We've reached Uranus for a while? The period of time spent on Saturn earlier was fake?'

Ulpian's voice continued to ring out, "My powers are stronger than yours, my calculating abilities are stronger than yours, the range of my power control is wider than yours, and I also possess the Spatial Translocation ability.

"It's impossible for you to win against me. As long as I'm willing to, you won't even know where you are."

However, at the next moment, a myriad of sword light split the heavenly river apart, cutting off the Spatial Translocation that Ulpian had used against Fang Xingjian. This prevent Ulpian from shifting Fang Xingjian to the next planet like he had done previously.

Ulpian's brows raised. "How did you discover it?"
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