Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 One-Man Overpowering

In the air, the genius of the God Ranking flipped his hand, taking out an ancient longbow. He gathered his might into his arms to pull the string, aiming at the dojo below him.

Sealing the World with Arrows!

The genius of the God Ranking uttered a roar as he let go of the string, firing more than a hundred thousand arrows glowing in blue, which instantly filled the sky above the dojo like tides with nowhere to hide.

Each of the arrows was utterly terrifying.

How remarkable! Qin Nans eyes flickered. He quickly lashed out a few hundred punches at the three Martial Monarchs' sons, before encapsulating his figure with the Art of Destruction as he charged into the sky.

A strange scene took place. No matter how powerful the arrows were, they vanished when they were a zhang away from Qin Nan.

The three Martial Monarchs' sons cried out in agony after being beaten up by Qin Nan. They immediately set up their defenses, but let out relieved sighs when they did not sense any further attacks. However, a few breaths later, they were aware of the danger pouring down from above.

Whats happening?

Didnt he leave!

Why is he still targeting us!

The faces of the three Martial Monarchs' sons became dark, who instantly defended themselves.

In addition to them, Dao Qianzhong and the rest were busy setting up their defenses too. As for Hua Dichen, he had just risen from the ground when he was struck by the arrows, causing him to cry out in agony despite how sturdy his body was.

Get destroyed! At that instant, Qin Nans figure had arrived before the genius of the God Ranking. He fired a punch forward.

Whos that? Mighty God Possession Art! The genius of the God Ranking was shocked, who immediately executed a powerful forbidden art, causing his body to emit an orange glow. His aura skyrocketed instantly as if he had transformed into a human-figured giant dragon as he lashed out a kick.


Both of their figures were knocked backward.

As Qin Nans figure was knocked backward, he slashed with his right arm, firing a few hundred streams of saber intent enchanted with the Art of Destruction. It appeared to be disordered on the surface, but it actually sealed off every possible escape.

Mighty God Forbidden First! Be gone! The genius of the God Ranking snapped as he threw a punch forward. The illusionary figure of an ancient god emerged behind him, planning to destroy everything it stumbled into.

However, the illusionary figure was easily destroyed by the saber intent.

Whats going on? Even a tenth-layer Martial Progenitor would have a hard time resisting the attack. How was it nullified so easily?

The genius of the God Ranking was startled, who immediately reacted by taking out a Monarch Talisman and pinched it into pieces, causing his figure to be covered in a monarch glow.


The genius of the God Ranking was continuously knocked backward by the slashes.

Qin Nan took a hold of the opportunity to strengthen his attack. Each fist and slash contained the power of the nine Martial Trees and the will of the Art of Destruction, allowing them to overpower the genius of the God Ranking.

Who is it? Dao Qianzhong?

Damn it, Ive underestimated him. I didnt expect him to be this strong!

The genius of the God Ranking was too prideful to accept this outcome. That being said, he had no chance to fight back at all.

Mm? Qin Nan lowered his head.

The figures of the remaining geniuses were encapsulated in brilliant glows as they stared into the sky while performing hand seals. In addition to that, three ancient sabers were floating behind Dao Qianzhong as a great saber aura sprang into the sky.

Obviously, the attacks executed by the genius of the God Ranking had exposed his location to the crowd.

Although they had no idea where his exact position was, they could attack the entire space above the dojo!


Qin Nans eyes flickered as he lashed out fist intent with his left hand, aiming at Dao Qianzhong and the rest of the geniuses.


Dao Qianzhong and the geniuses dodged the intent and unleashed their powerful blows.

Three Sabers Illusion Slash!

Floating Fire Break!

Ancient Demonic Strike!

A few powerful attacks surged upward with shocking intent, especially Dao Qianzhongs move which consisted of an imperious saber aura!

Qin Nan who had expected this immediately dodged aside.

Mm? Did the guy leave? The genius of the God Ranking sensed the pressure being lifted. His eyes flickered with astonishment before his face turned pale after being aware of something.

Brilliant Glow Shield!

The genius of the God Ranking uttered a furious roar as he immediately executed his move, defending himself with a giant shield covering his body.


The shield was shattered. The genius of the God Ranking was sent flying as if a giant had thrown a punch onto his chest.

Unstoppable Step!

Qin Nan increased his speed and arrived above Dao Qianzhong within a single breath, before slashing downward with his right arm.

A terrifying saber intent instantly exploded.

Whos there? Dao Qianzhong was started, causing him to raise the three sabers before him. Despite that, his figure was still knocked a few steps back by the impact.

Qin Nan continued to slash at his target.

Whats happening? Who is this guy?

Such a powerful saber intent! Stronger than my three ancient sabers! Is he the genius of the God Ranking, or Hua Dichen?

Dao Qianzhong quickly returned fire as if he had stumbled into a worthy opponent.

At that instant, Qin Nan raised his left arm and spread his fingers, firing a brilliant ray of light toward the geniuses nearby, before dashing toward the genius of the God Ranking.

Theres someone there!


The geniuses attacked without mercy after dodging the incoming attacks.

Qin Nans figure sprang into the sky with a kick, as he fired several punches toward the genius of the God Ranking once again. Meanwhile, Dao Qianzhong who had just uttered a relieved sigh could sense a great danger approaching.

At that instant, Qin Nan had gained control of the battle with this method.

He had been using his left eye of the Divine God of Battle to determine the location of the opponents while abusing the fact that his opponents were entirely blind, allowing him to move rapidly between the geniuses with the Unstoppable Step.

Not only was he able to attack at will, he also directed the geniuses to attack one another.

The situation had somehow fallen into his control.

The genius of the God Ranking, Dao Qianzhong, and the rest of the geniuses soon realized that something was out of place, thus they all tried to relocate themselves.

However, to their astonishment, no matter where they were at, they were still being targeted by someone!

This Dao Qianzhong is able to see in the darkness! What should I do? The genius of the God Ranking began to panic, his forehead covered in drops of cold sweat.

How is this possible! How is he so powerful? Did the genius of the God Ranking or Hua Dichen conceal their true strength? Dao Qianzhong could feel his heart sinking to the bottom.

Crap! Why is this mysterious expert still aiming for me? Is he Dao Qianzhong, the genius of the God Ranking, or Hua Dichen? Or maybe one of the three Martial Monarchs' sons?

Damn it, is he my enemy? Why is he still chasing after me? Who exactly is he?

He can see us! Its over!

The other geniuses completely lost hope in the situation.

They were unable to see, thus they could only take wild guesses. If they knew it was Qin Nan who was taken full control of the battle, they would have a different feeling.

Time gradually passed. Qin Nan was like a frightening demon in the dark, leaving the geniuses with no room to breathe.

No matter how powerful their moves were, Qin Nan was perfectly unharmed.

At last

Times up!

The voice of the pitch-black man echoed in the sky.
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