Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1264

"So this is the Wretched Disaster Forest?"

Qin Nan was slightly startled seeing the place before him.

The sky ahead gradually dimmed, which was covered in complete darkness as it extended into the distance. It felt like they had just arrived at the demon realm where the ancient demon deities resided. Anyone would feel uneasy looking at the darkness.

Under the dark sky, the entire land was stained with blood, on which stood many ancient trees. The shortest trees were at least thirty zhang tall, while the taller ones were a few hundred zhang tall like titans. Their trunks had obscure runes as if someone who possessed extraordinary power had engraved the Ultimate Principles of Cultivation on them.

Furthermore, the ancient trees were clumped together densely, hugging one another tightly with no visible end. It felt like a large kingdom of ancient trees or a world that had yet to be explored.

Any ordinary cultivator would feel extremely tiny standing in front of the forest, as they were small like ants standing in front of the trees. To an extent, their Martial Hearts would be impacted too.

"Mm? Senior, why can't I sense any presence of cultivators or beasts here?"

Qin Nan collected his thoughts and asked when he discovered the abnormal situation.

Although the Wretched Disaster Forest was infamous due to its extreme danger, there were plenty of experts in the half-God region, thus it would not make sense if the place was completely empty.

"You won't be able to detect their presence on the outside. They are in the trees." said the Sun and Moon Sword God calmly.

"Inside the trees? Does that mean..."

Qin Nan was stunned.

"That is correct, the Wretched Disaster Forest consists of countless ancient trees, and a few thousand of them have their own small space within them. Most of the spaces are deadly and even Martial Monarchs would have trouble coming out in one piece. On the other hand, some contain great fortunate encounters, allowing any cultivator to alter their destiny and soar into the sky."

The Sun and Moon Sword God explained.

Qin Nan could not help but exclaim when he heard this explanation.

The Wretched Disaster Forest was indeed one of the Six Great Forbidden Grounds.

"Of course, if you're lucky enough, you might be able to find the legendary Wretched Disaster Succession."

The Sun and Moon Sword God glanced at Qin Nan and said with a calm smile.

"This place also has a succession?"

Qin Nan was astounded.

"It does. Among the Six Great Forbidden Grounds, only the God Beast Forbidden Ground and the Lost Herb Garden are still growing. The rest of the four are no longer as formidable. None of the chosen successors were successful enough to return the glory to them, thus the real succession has yet to be found."

The Sun and Moon Sword God's eyes flickered as he recalled something.

"So that's the current situation of the Six Great Forbidden Grounds. I recall that Senior Brother is the successor of the Godly Exterminator Forbidden Ground. I wonder if he has acquired the true succession of the Godly Exterminator Forbidden Ground?"

Qin Nan mumbled.

"Come, let's head inside."

The Sun and Moon Sword God said.


Qin Nan nodded. The two flew forward simultaneously.

As they entered the magnificent forest, a shocking event took place. The five towering ancient trees nearby began to glow from the runes on their trunks. The rays of light transformed into powerful attacks that surged toward the two.

"It seems like these runes are all parts of a formation. It is activated when they are intruders. Destruction Domain!"

Qin Nan was not surprised by the ambush. Following a thought, a ring of a black glow burst out from his body, encapsulating himself and the Sun and Moon Sword God.

A series of explosions took place. Despite the power of the attacks, they were unable to shatter the Destruction Domain.

"Dynasties of all seasons, sword of the dragon spirit."

The Sun and Moon Sword God made his move too. His hair drifted in the wind as he flicked his finger facing the path leading into the forest. A transparent sword intent the shape of a dragon sprang forward and ventured deeper into the forest while uttering dragon cries.

"Follow the sword intent."

The Sun and Moon Sword God quickened his pace.

Qin Nan immediately executed the Unstoppable Step and followed tightly behind.

Time gradually passed. After the period it took an incense stick to burn, they stopped in front of an ancient tree.

Unlike the rest of the ancient trees, it had flickers all over it, like the stars in the night sky.

On top of that, the ancient tree was moving at a fast pace.

The Sun and Moon Sword God and Qin Nan leapt toward the tree. The starry flickers on the tree's trunk suddenly unleashed an absorption force that sucked them into it.

A few moments later, Qin Nan could sense his body falling as he arrived at an unfamiliar place.

He raised his head glancing at the surroundings. The ground and the trees were no different than the outside world. The only difference was the completely dark sky above them, which was filled with countless stars.

"Senior, is the piece of the Canglan Tree here?"

Qin Nan blurted out.

"Of course not, this is the Star-Devouring Space, where the Star-Devouring Tribe resides. We have to go deeper into the Wretched Disaster Forest through this Star-Devouring Space." The Sun and Moon Sword God said calmly, "I'll leave for two days to look for something. I'll regroup with you later."

The Sun and Moon Sword God's figure vanished into the distance in the form of a brilliant sword glow.

"We have to go deeper? It turns out that the piece of the Canglan Tree is harder to retrieve than I thought."

Qin Nan murmured. He cast the thought aside before sitting down with the Divine Battle Spirit unleashed.

He could not afford to waste two days doing nothing. He had to cultivate whenever he could.


Qin Nan glanced at the sky in bewilderment.

With his Divine Battle Spirit, he discovered that apart from normal Qi, the place also contained the energy of the stars. It would be extremely beneficial if he were able to absorb it into his body.

"I'm happy to take it then!"

Qin Nan thought as he fully awakened the Divine Battle Spirit.

At that instant, a great storm was summoned with him at the center. The Qi and the Star Energy rolled in his direction, resulting in an incredible sight.

Time gradually passed. A day was gone within the blink of an eye.

Qin Nan had been cultivating for the whole day. He was undisturbed throughout the entire process as if there were no other living things in the Star-Devouring Space.

However, Qin Nan's eyes suddenly sprang open with a flicker.

"Idiotic human, how dare you absorb the Star Energy here!"

A furious roar exploded in the distance like a clap of thunder!

Three tremendous auras approached Qin Nan at a shocking speed, which alone brought a powerful gust. Even the land began to tremble slightly!
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