Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1652

Chapter 1652 The Crack On The Barrier

Wan Xiao, who was not far away, shuddered and immediately flew to Qin Nan. His eyes glittered, "Did...did you find a way into the nine illusionary dragons?"

He was also a Peerless Genius just like Qin Nan.

The successions in the palaces were not bad, but they were nowhere enough to let him ascend too.

"Bring the cultivators in these two palaces out."

Qin Nan pointed at two palaces beside the Palace of the Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard. He straightened his face and performed a series of hand seals.

"Got it!"

Wan Xiao did not waste any time. He turned into a purple light and went into the palace.

A while later, many cultivators flew out of the palaces with furious looks in their eyes.

Even though they were no match against Wan Xiao since he was a Peerless Genius, they were displeased still to be forced out of the palaces as they were competing for the successions.


A shocking aura rose into the sky.

Qin Nan had put on his Crimson-Golden Battle Armor. Together with the crimson-red glow shrouding him, he looked like a peerless killing god, sending chills down the crowd's spine.

Even the immortal auras of the three cultivators that were about to ascend as immortals were incomparable to Qin Nan's aura.

"Such a strong presence!"

"Which Peerless Genius is it from?"

"It's the God of Misfortune, Qin Nan! Why is he here too?"

It immediately attracted the attention of the cultivators in the palaces and in the open. Their eyes were filled with respect, doubt, curiosity.

"What do we do now?"

Wan Xiao returned to Qin Nan and asked.

The cultivators that were driven out from the palaces immediately withheld their anger upon seeing this.

They did not dare to reveal their emotions knowing the two Peerless Geniuses had teamed up.

"Go far away into the distance, there's a chance that I might fail to open up the entrance, and it's going to be very dangerous."

Qin Nan said by transmitting his voice. His eyes sharpened as the Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand began to buzz unleashing its saber intent.

"What? There's a chance that you might fail? Qin Nan, didn't you just tell me to prepare myself to enter the nine illusionary dragons..."

Wan Xiao was stunned for a moment, before glaring at the man.

This guy is such an asshole, did he really just trick him again?

However, Qin Nan did not let the man finish his sentence as usual. He patted on his back and knocked him flying into the distance. He then rose into the sky.

He directed his aura at the three palaces in front of him.

"Is he trying to..."

The cultivators were startled.

"Take this!"

Following a deafening roar, the crowd saw Qin Nan emitting a brilliant god glow as he slashed at each of the three palaces.

Each slash was as strong as the attack of an immortal.


The palaces immediately shook vigorously.

The Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard, and the other two palaces collapsed from the terrifying impact. The formations and the traps in them were all destroyed.

"He...he's attacking the palaces?"

The cultivators and Wan Xiao were flabbergasted.

They clearly knew that not only did each palace hold a certain succession, they also had terrifying killing formations deep within them.

If anyone tried to attack these formations, even a Human Immortal stood no chance against them, let alone a Peerless Genius.


As they expected, three thunderous roars of beasts were heard.

A giant shadow of a beast, an icy shadow of a beast's claw, and a pair of pitch-black eyes showed up from deep within the palaces, with an overwhelming aura.

The cultivators were astounded. They subconsciously executed their Immoral Arts to flee for their lives.

"Death Upon the Area!"

Qin Nan did not stop there. He flung his saber.

Streams of saber intents rammed into the invisible barrier.


Wisps of immortal intents appeared out of nowhere and surged like a fierce tide as they rose into the sky. Their icy intents even covered the palaces with a layer of frost.

In comparison to the danger from the three palaces, the power of the barrier felt even stronger.

"Did...did he just attack the barrier too?"

The crowd of cultivators was left speechless.

This Peerless Genius was clearly asking for his death!

However, something unexpected took place as the thought crossed their mind.

The three existence that was awakened from the palaces stopped staring at Qin Nan after they sensed the presence of the barrier.

They were glaring at the wisps of immortal intents instead, firing various kinds of energy to attack the barrier.


A series of thunderous explosions took place across the place.

Strong gusts swept the area within ten thousand li like blades. Many cultivators felt their faces hurting from the wind.

The impact was comparable to a fight between two first-layer Earth Immortals.

"It worked!"

Qin Nan was relieved.

He had a bold speculation after observing the situation inside the Palace of the Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard. It was very likely that the nine dragon immortals had forced these beasts to build the palaces.

Or perhaps, it was the experts of the dragon tribe that forced them to build the palaces.

If his speculation was right, after he triggered the traps protecting the palace and the barrier, they would turn against one another instead.

Even if his speculation was wrong, the palaces were incredibly close to the barrier.

When the traps were triggered, there was a chance that the power of the traps would simply crash with one another.

As such, he was willing to take the risk.

"There's a gap!"

Qin Nan was startled.

The collision had left a crack that was over ten zhang long on the invisible barrier.

"Wan Xiao, don't just stand there, use whatever you have to go through the gap now!"

Qin Nan groaned and executed the Sky-Stride Blow.

Wan Xiao who was still immersed in great astonishment immediately collected his thoughts. However, he hesitated slightly when he saw the collision between the four killing formations.

Even though there was now a crack on the barrier, it was still very dangerous for him to sneak through the barrier.

"Screw it, it's now or never!"

Wan Xiao clenched his teeth and turned into a purple light ray.

"He used the danger inside the palaces to blast a crack on the barrier?"

The cultivators slowly collected their thoughts, yet their faces were still filled with disbelief.

They initially thought the man was asking for his death.

"Here's my chance!"

They quickly prepared to take hold of the opportunity to pass through the gap too.

The cry of a dragon echoed across the place.

One of the nine illusionary dragons seemed to have woken up from a deep slumber. It reached out its enormous claw and slammed it on the barrier.

Following it, the killing traps, the strong gusts, and the crack completely vanished, as if nothing had happened at all.
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