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Peerless Martial God summary:

Description Do not judge others in ignorance within my presence. Those who think to harm someone should be ready to be harmed. Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect. Those who plot against me are seeking their own death. This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng. TL’s Synopsis: Lin Feng tried to be the diligent and hard-working good guy. He Studied hard, did his best to make his family proud and not get into trouble, but when he saw a girl being taken advantage of, he had to intervene. He had been tricked, sentenced to 10 years in jail and framed for a crime he never committed, all was lost. If his life was over he would take those who ruined his life with him… Suddenly he opens his eyes again. He is not dead, but alive in the body of the Lin Feng of a different world. This Lin Feng had been killed as trash of cultivation. This world where the strong had no regard for human life and would kill freely if they had the strength. Called ‘trash’ and thrown away, with vengeance in his heart he will rise to new heights opposing the will of heaven and earth.

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Peerless Martial God Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 24857 months ago
Chapter 24847 months ago
Chapter 24837 months ago
Chapter 24827 months ago
Chapter 24817 months ago
Chapter 24807 months ago
Chapter 24797 months ago
Chapter 24787 months ago
Chapter 24777 months ago
Chapter 24767 months ago
Chapter 2455 Plan7 months ago
Chapter 24507 months ago
Chapter 24467 months ago
Chapter 2440 Trap7 months ago
Chapter 22109 months ago
Chapter 2141: Bet9 months ago
Chapter 1926: Back10 months ago
Chapter 1913: Foil11 months ago
Chapter 188311 months ago
Chapter 1881: Aoxu11 months ago
Chapter 1866: Fury11 months ago
Chapter 1847: Hell11 months ago
Chapter 167712 months ago
Chapter 1605: Plot12 months ago
Chapter 1537one year ago
Chapter 1450 Doneone year ago
Chapter 1426 Killone year ago
Chapter 1056one year ago
Chapter 1055one year ago
Chapter 1053one year ago
Chapter 1052one year ago
Chapter 1051one year ago
Chapter 964 Stuckone year ago
Chapter 835one year ago
Chapter 756: Fireone year ago
Chapter 750: Testone year ago
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