Peerless Martial God Chapter 2499

Chapter 2499: Final Battles Proclamation of a God

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Lin Feng, be good to your teacher, said the Diviner, smiling at Lin Feng gently. It was clearly the Demon King pretending to be the Diviner.

What a terrifying cultivator!, thought Lin Feng. Demon strength penetrated into his mind.

Lin Feng! A figure appeared in his mind.

Lin Feng was astonished. General! Liu Cang Lan had appeared in front of him!

Lin Feng! Someone else appeared in front of Lin Feng, this time it was Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

Teacher Yan Yu! Lin Feng saw many people appear in front of him: Protector Kong, Protector Bei, so many familiar faces.

Lin Feng. The Fortune Shrine Leader also appeared. Lin Feng felt so sad.

Illusion, its an illusion. Lin Feng tried to control himself. Suddenly, someone shouted, and all the figures turned into demons and attacked him.

Piss off! shouted Lin Feng grimly. However, a terrifying strength bombarded his soul and will.

How strong!He felt a bit scared. In the outside world, absorbing strength suddenly surrounded him, and Lin Fengs face stiffened.

The world, yin and yang, the five elements. I am a god!, thought Lin Feng. He tried to keep true to himself. He didnt let the illusion influence him. He looked at the terrifying absorbing strength churning about him. He released Rulers Godly Imprints and Destructive Demon Imprints, and they merged together. Thunder clashed, and the ground quaked.

Die! shouted Feng Mo furiously. The ground was on the verge of collapse. Lin Feng raised his head and saw energies flowing, brimming with destruction. All sorts of Celestial Dao energies descended from the sky. Feng Mo had been practicing cultivation for such a long time, and had lived so many lives. His attacks had reached the peak of perfection. At that moment, he didnt look friendly at all, he was intent on killing Lin Feng!

Feng Mo was proud, a truly peerless cultivator. He didnt look friendly, like when Lin Feng was weak. He had waited for this moment, the battle to become a god!

Time! shouted Lin Feng.

Time! shouted Feng Mo at the same moment. Their time strengths collided.

Lin Feng flew forwards, releasing an aggressive Qi. He howled furiously and suddenly disappeared.

Seal! shouted Feng Mo coldly. His sealing attack could seal Heaven and Earth. However, Lin Feng was holding his Gods Sword. Feng Mo had helped him make it.

Youre using the sword I made for you to destroy my seals!? Feng Mo smiled coldly.

A mighty gods strength penetrated into the sword, and it turned into an assassins sword, breaking the seal. Lin Feng appeared in front of Feng Mo and shouted furiously. Millions of demons penetrated into Feng Mos body, also containing cursing strength. Mo Zheng had studied all those strengths for him.

Feng Mos body was attacked harshly. However, Feng Mo released Buddhist lights, which purified away the demon strength.

Lin Feng released godly and destructive imprints, throwing his fist at his opponent. The crowd saw a river of chaotic energies behind his fist. It was as if they could destroy everything as they accelerated, getting ready to erupt.

Feng Mo stared at Lin Feng. No wonder that was called the Forbidden Body, being so strong should have been forbidden! How imbalanced!

Absolute Ancient Destruction! shouted Feng Mo coldly. He had studied time strength, he could use many ancient attacks. His entire body turned into a gigantic mountain, his blood boiling and turning into rivers, his eyes turning into stars.

He threw his fist out at Lin Feng. He really looked like a spiritual being at that moment.


Gigantic craters appeared around Feng Mo. Some people were struck by the fallout energies and exploded, all of them dying instantly.

The Demon King had turned into Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon again. He was the Demon King, an ancient and heroic demon.

I am the king of this world! said Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon coldly. He attacked, his energies shooting toward Lin Feng and Feng Mo.

I am the god it is my destiny! shouted the Diviner, releasing destiny strength towards Lin Feng and Feng Mo. The destiny strength was deadly, and almost impossible to block!

Nothing is going to change, I am destined to become a god, a Ruler! rebuked Lin Feng. He turned around and looked at the Diviner, releasing time strength and moving even faster. He threw out his fist, and both attacks collided.

But more strength was moving towards the Diviner. He was going crazy as he defended.

Even if youre a Demon King, I can defy the laws of the world! Chu Chun Qius face suddenly appeared. He was struggling to break free from the control of the Demon King!

Die! said Lin Feng, releasing nigh-indestructible godly imprints. Thunderous impacts followed, and the Demon Kings body was smashed away, shaking him. The Demon King groaned with pain.

The Diviners face appeared again. Chu Chun Qiu, you want to die with me? He hadnt thought Chu Chun Qius will would be so terrifying, still defying the laws of the world. Even if the Demon King had absorbed him, Chu Chun Qiu could still struggle!

I dont want to follow the laws of nature! If I have to, then I dont mind dying! Chu Chun Qius face reappeared. Qi surged up around him.

Lin Feng turned his attention to Feng Mo and said, Continue fighting!

Chu Chun Qiu, piss off! shouted Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon, his face reappearing as he took control of the body again.

However, Lin Feng and Feng Mo ignored him and continued fighting.

Lin Feng, you became incredibly strong. However, I wont lose! It is the last step for me! Today, I will become a god! Feng Mo said solemnly. His body swelled in size, and he turned into a giant. He shook his hands and godly marks appeared all around him, before shooting towards Lin Feng. Suddenly, Feng Mos demon strength was constricting Lin Feng!

Die! said Feng Mo. He was using his full strength now, releasing even more energies. Back in the days, he had seen gods battle. Now, a spot was free, he couldnt miss this opportunity!

Lin Feng was still standing there in the sky, looking like a peerless demon god, dignified and majestic. He had a Forbidden Body, he was a god in his own world, who could be better than him to become a god?

He condensed his strength and shouted furiously. Soundwave strength made the space tremble. He also released god and destructive strengths, which turned into Rulers and Demon imprints containing all sorts of strengths. He destroyed Feng Mos attack and both of them collided, shaking the space around them.

Lin Feng was thrown back, yet still looked aggressive and brutal.

Feng Mo watched Lin Feng coldly. He didnt believe that Lin Feng could defeat someone like him, who had practiced cultivation for so long.

Transformation of the Three Lives into the Ten Thousand Things of Creation! shouted Feng Mo coldly. All his clones appeared, astonishing everyone.

Thats Dharmadeva the supreme cultivator!

Hes the supreme cultivator of Nature!

Many people who were extremely old were shocked to their cores when they saw some figures. All those people were the Three Lives Emperor, they were all Feng Mo?! How many of his clones had become peerless Saints!!?

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He suddenly moved like the wind and turned into an illusion. Many people appeared around him, all of them Lin Fengs clones. All of them merged into his body.

The crowd was astonished again. Just how many clones had Lin Feng created in the last few hundreds of years?!

Last attack! If I fail, it means I am not qualified to become a god, said Feng Mo solemnly.

Lin Feng nodded. If I fail, I, the Forbidden Person, am not qualified to be called a god or a ruler, replied Lin Feng calmly. He was focused, his thoughts were pure. He was true to himself.

Feng Mos clones all started forwards. The air began to scream as their strengths began to rise.

Die! shouted Feng Mo furiously. His clones all moved at the speed of light, using time strength to accelerate. It was an explosive and intense attack beyond what anyone there had ever seen.

In response, Lin Feng suddenly closed his eyes, condensing world strength in his body.

The attacks rained down on him ceaselessly. Lin Feng had the impression he was carrying the whole world on his shoulders, as if his body were slowly being crushed. piece by piece. However, he was standing there and condensing forbidden rulers strength.

Die! shouted Feng Mo, aiming at Lin Fengs head. Lin Feng just looked on. It was as if everything had stopped around him.

Nothing is going to change, I am destined to become the god, the Ruler! shouted Lin Feng furiously. His forbidden rulers strength cut out in all directions. Space and time ripped and tore. The clones exploded one after another.

Lin Feng charged at Feng Mo and threw his fist at him. Thunder exploded, and Feng Mo was smashed away

Lin Feng coughed a few times, blood coming up.

Feng Mo and his clones had turned into one again. He raised his head, knowing he had lost. He wouldnt become a god?

Never mind. From now, I will have a natural and unrestrained life, said Feng Mo smiled as he gave up.

At that moment, magnificent lights suddenly descended from the sky and illuminated him. Feng Mo was astonished as he was suddenly surrounded by divine lights. He stretched out his hand, as if he could control the space.

Shen Layer! Feng Mo burst out into laughter, he looked up at the sky and smiled. I see, I was too obsessive!

Feng Mo has become a God! The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng had defeated Feng Mo, but Feng Mo had become a god!

At that moment, the Demon King was roused, and released a new and terrifying strength.

Who stole my control! demanded an ancient voice. Chu Chun Qiu, the Diviner, and Saintly Emperor Xis faces disappeared.

Finally, I resuscitated! The Diviner and Saintly Emperor Xi the Demons faces appeared, smiling. They had made a mistake due to a strange combination of circumstances, yet in the end, the Demon King had come back to life!

His face changed several times before stopping. His face was Mara-Deva, the Diviners face, not Chu Chun Qiu, and not Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon. However, their traits were still visible.

Im a god! said the Demon King, looking at the sky. Divine lights also surrounded his body. He looked at Lin Feng and said, Lin Feng, I never thought that I would become a god even if I didnt fuse with you. The prophecy was true: when the Forbidden Body appears, gods appear! Unfortunately, you didnt become one!

Actually, I would love to recruit you as a disciple, but you must die, the Demon King said to Lin Feng calmly.

Lin Feng pulled a long face. Suddenly, he felt hopeless. Was this really the end? Why?!

Alright, its over now, said Mara-Deva, landing in front of Lin Feng. He threw his hand out at Lin Feng. Lin Feng used as much strength as he could to protect himself, but it didnt work, his opponents hand still went through. He was so weak in front of a god

You Feng Mo was stupefied. The Demon King looked at him and said. You just became a god, you want to fight against me?

Feng Mo was speechless. He realized that gods were not almighty.


Lin Feng!

On the ground, the old ox, Zhe Tian, Hou Qing Lin, they were all shouting, what was happening? How was this possible?

Piss off! shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released a terrifying strength and closed his eyes. He was actually hopeless.

The world in his body trembled and started breaking apart. Was he so weak?

Lin Feng! Lin Feng inspected his world with his godly awareness. He saw people who were panic-stricken, devastated, afraid; he saw his parents, he saw those close ones who were just emperors. They could all sense that Lin Feng was going to die.

Lin Feng! Meng Qing was crying. She was desperate. She tried to smile and said. If you die, Ill die with you.

Me too! said You You, raising her head.

Lin Feng saw many people he loved: Qiu Yue Xin, Duan Xin Ye, they were all there, and Mister Huo, Mister Chi, they all looked desperate.

I understand, said a voice in the sky suddenly. Meng Qing and the others were stunned. Lin Feng appeared in the sky. He smiled and said, No wonder my world is so weak. Something is missing. A real world is a world with feelings.

Emotions were also part of the sources of life, an integral part of life. People werent people if they didnt have feelings. And there were no feelings in his world.

His world trembled and changed. He had thought it was perfect before, and now it truly was.

The shaking faded away slowly

In the outside world, the Demon King looked at Lin Feng in shock. Youre going to die and youre smiling! Lin Feng, if you reincarnate, I hope youll become my disciple in your next life. I owe you for this one!

However, Lin Feng smiled and said, I dont care about becoming a god. Im already a ruler, its the same as a god, or a spiritual being. Theyre all the same.

Lin Feng threw his hand out at the Demon Kings arm and cut it off instantly. Blood gushed out.

The Demon King was astonished. How was this possible?

Feng Mo was stupefied too. He looked at Lin Feng meaningfully and said, The Forbidden Body appeared, it is the dusk of gods! The legends were true.

Lin Feng looked at the Demon King indifferently. Go now, forever.

Then, he punched the Demon King.

His fist contained all sorts of strengths. The Demon Kings body exploded and vanished. The new god couldnt withstand a single attack!

Everything seemed to stop at that moment.

Lin Feng, congratulations! After a long time, Feng Mo smiled and congratulated Lin Feng. He was happy for him.

You should call him Master, said a voice coming from the sky. More people appeared. Lin Feng recognized one of them.

Mister Time! Lin Feng smiled.

Feng Mo nodded and said. I will remember that. I should call him Master.

Brother Feng Mo, just call me Brother Lin Feng, Lin Feng smiled. Strength was all that mattered in the cultivation world, not age. Feng Mo didnt need to call him master, they were like brothers now because they had a similar level.

Hahaha, finally, two new friends! Lin Feng, I forgot to tell you, I also have a Forbidden Body! said Mister Time.

Lin Feng was astounded. Mister Time, are you the leader of the Time Shrine?

Kind of. But the Time Shrine is too powerful, it doesnt need to exist in this world. Its doing just fine in Ganges Time. Lin Feng, this is the God of Light, and this is the Cursing God. They were bored, so I called them up to tag along. Feng Mo can be the Demon-Sealer God, and what would you like to be called? said Mister Time smiling.

We cant have the same name, so I dont know. Ruler God?

What about Peerless? Mister Time smiled. Everybody chuckled.

Its just a name, it doesnt matter, agreed Lin Feng. He didnt really care that much.

Thats true! Lin Feng, Im off, dont scare people. Zhe Tian, Qiong Sheng, are you coming with me?

Were not coming, teacher, said Zhe Tian, shaking his head and smiling.

Alright, alright. Little Ye, come with me. Feng Mo became a god, when are you going to become one? asked Mister Time, glancing at the Godly Weapon Master.

He looked so young, especially as he scratched his head and smiled fatuously. The inhabitants of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were astonished. But the Godly Weapon Master did look extremely young

Brother Feng Mo, release Kong Ming, Lin Feng asked calmly.

Very well, Feng Mo agreed. He released Kong Ming, who looked back at him calmly.

Youve been practicing cultivation alone for an entire life. Lin Feng wanted me to release you, go back to the Buddha Shrine.

Very well, Kong Ming replied. Then he nodded at Lin Feng to thank him, and left without hurry.

Lin Feng, my daughter is still in the Sealed Imprint Mountain, when will you bring her out? Feng Mo asked him.

Lin Feng smiled, looking embarrassed. Brother Feng Mo, I have things to do. Im off.

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