Perfect Match Secret Marriage Chapter 372

"If Kang Jun ever does anything to hurt you, tell me. He'll live to regret the day he was born! From now on, I will always be here for you." Elder Tang said proudly. He really liked Lu AnLing for some reason. The girl was not reserved but she was not too extroverted. She treated people as they had to be treated and she was also kind, even to her enemies.

He saw this with Tang Yiling and Tang Huian.

Lu AnLing could have easily manipulated the situation in order for Tang Yiling and Tang Huian to not only be kicked out by the elder, but also, convinced Kang Jun to kill them.

This was an easy task for Kang Jun. Tang Huian and Tang Yiling were merely weak socialites. Kang Jun could make sure that they were kidnapped, tortured and never found again...

As the King of the Underworld, Kang Jun could do all this without batting an eyelash and keeping his cold and calm demeanour.

The thought made Elder Tang shiver but just as he felt this, he heard Lu AnLing laugh.

Lu AnLing: "Elder Kang told me the same thing."

This caused Elder Tang to laugh and he then said, "Great minds think alike!"

Hearing that Elder Kang felt the same as him, Elder Tang was glad. His best friend was not the easiest man to deal with or please. Even his own grandsons disappointed him every now and then... and Elder Tang knew what it took to marry a Kang; it took grace, wealth, intelligence, power and think skin. At first glance, Lu AnLing was wealthy and somewhat graceful but she lacked the other things.

Now that he looked at her well, Lu AnLing's aura was very familiar with Lu Li Jing's. And this was a problem all on itself due to Feng Zhengyi's distaste for the woman. But even so, Lu AnLing was not Lu Li Jing.

Lu AnLing, due to her past pains had grown exponentially from the girl she had been when she was young and this suited her situation now. And when Elder Tang thought about what he'd seen from her, the elder believed that Lu AnLing was a match for Kang Jun. Much more than he'd have ever expected.

Elder Tang: "But I'm being serious... how is Guanting's grandson treating you?"

Hearing this, Tang Yian and Lu Xiaoling stopped arguing and Tang Yian said, "Yeah I'm curious about this true. And I want the truth little siren."

With a blank expression, Lu AnLing ran her hands through her hair. "I feel like everyone always asks me this... but look... I don't know what you guys know about Jun but he's really kind to me. So kind and caring that I can't even explain it with words."

"I under stand that but you realize he's a man who's done ruthless things. He's probably caused the deaths of many and even tortured many others." Tang Yian said simply. Without shame, Tang Yian mentioned all the things which he had heard Kang Jun had done.

Elder Tang wanted to tell Tang Yian to let the girl be but he couldn't deny the truth of this.

The Tang's, coming front a squeaky clean background, did not do business with the Kang's if it was illegal. Despite being close for years, Elder Tang did not approve of illegal antics, including every and all things that had to do with the criminal underworld. He found them disgusting and sometimes he had even found the things Elder Kang and, in turn, Kang Jun had done horrendous.

He was unsure if anyone could completely love a person after hearing all the bad things a person did. At one end, he understood that the underworld needed order and Kang Jun was it, but at the same time, the man was sometimes unusually cruel... sometimes instead of killing, he would order for others to break an up and coming athlete's legs, or cut off a painters hands. Making them lose what is most important to them.

Kang Jun knew where to hit where it hurts. He researched and analyzed people just to do this.

With a man like that at their helm, Elder Tang worried a bit for Lu AnLing and her children's future...

However, there was no need to worry. This was revealed when Lu AnLing said,

"That doesn't matter to me."

Hearing this, the old man lifted his face to Lu AnLing who just looked at her father straight in the eyes with a piercing gaze. It was unwavering and full of belief.

Lu AnLing: "Whether you believe me or not, I'm telling you this, Jun could hurt and kill as many people as he wants. He can be a horrible person to others but as long as he doesn't hurt or kill me, our children or the people I love, I will always trust, love and believe in him. So far, he hasn't given me a reason to do otherwise, so I would appreciate it if you could cease from saying bad things about him."

Lu AnLing's statement was direct and passionate. As she said this, an aura so cold and dark emerged from her, and yet it was bright and full of love.

Seeing this, Tang Yian smiled, "As long as he treats you well, that's all a father could have ever asked for."

Lu Xiaoling then put her hand on Tang Yian's shoulder and said, "I agree."

Elder Tang nodded.

"I understand. Please understand. I didn't mean anything rude by bringing this up... it's just that I just found out that I have another granddaughter and I just didn't want you to be in danger... being the wife of an underworld King, a Kang, no less, is very dangerous. When your marriage is fully announced, many will put a price on your head." After saying that, Elder Tang reaches for Lu AnLing's hand, and once he was in his own, he squeezed it. "That is the price of power."

Hearing the ominousness coming form his voice, Lu AnLing gulped. It had been a long time since someone had been able to make her fear just by using their voice. Elder Tang was surely something else. But Lu AnLing didn't allow the fear to consume her. Instead, she took the old man's hand in her own and said,

"Grandfather, don't worry about anything. Jun will protect me and the kids... in fact, we won't be remaining in T City for much longer."

Hearing this, Tang Bingyi looked at Lu AnLing with a scowl as Elder Tang spoke.

Elder Tang: "What do you mean?"

"After the Infinity project has been confirmed, and we've tied up all our family relations, Kang Jun and I plan on leaving the country." Lu AnLing said simply.

Hearing this, everyone in the room froze.

"But... little siren..." Tang Yian said in complete shock.

Hearing the voice he took, Lu AnLing sighed, "I know it's sudden, but Jun and I want to live a more peaceful life... please understand. And if any of you want to visit, just come. Our home will always be open."

Elder Tang frowned, "And the children? What of them?"

"They'll come with us. Of course." Lu AnLing said, without batting an eyelash. She would never leave her children behind. Then, realizing the faces of utter confusion and sadness form those in the room, Lu AnLing spoke again. "I realize that we have all our family here and that Mei Xue is still under the custody of Feng Zhengy. That's why, bfore we go, we'll do everything we can to make sure we gain full custody... not only of Mei Xue but Mingyu also."

With that said, no one knew how to refute Lu AnLing. None of them had any right to stop her or Kang Jun, but still, knowing that there was a time limit on the how much they could be together pained not only, Elder Tang but Lu AnLing's parents also.

Their world was quickly changing in front of their eyes and there was nothing they could do about it.

The thought made their hearts heavy.

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