Perfect Match Secret Marriage Chapter 373

When the doorbell had rung at the Kang Manor, Kang Jun did not expect to see Qiao Lan at the door but once he saw her, the man's jaw stiffened and then he began to frown hard.

"Get out." Kang Jun said coldly without asking why she was there.

"Look..." Qiao Lan started a bit awkwardly, "I know you don't like me, but please listen to me..."

Kang Jun didn't give the woman a chance to speak more. Instead, he said, "I told you to leave."

"No! I need to tell you something, please listen!" Qiao Lan said with a nervous voice, one which she had never truly utilized. It was so panicked and shocking that she herself couldn't believe it came from her own mouth.

However, no matter her panic, Kang Jun was stone cold.

Kang Jun's aura was already bad enough when he was slightly angry but Qiao Lan was a person who Kang Jun hated at his core and so, he was a lot scarier.

And right then, it was at its worst...

Kang Jun was not used to people acting without fear in front of him, and so, the man approached Qiao Lan with his aura of death.

Once he stood closely in front of her, Qiao Lan could not help but hold her breath.

"Qiao Lan, I don't need to explain to you what will happen if you don't leave." Kang Jun threatened.

Hearing this, Qiao Lan gulped.

She would die...

Qiao Lan has no doubt in her mind that the man would kill her, but thinking back, what made her have such an assumption?

She knew nothing of Kang Jun's word in the criminal underworld and, in the past, it was because she had believed that Kang Jun had killed Kang Zhi, but now she knew this was a lie.

Her grandfather had done that...

Reminding herself of this, Qiao Lan lowered her head and then took a deep breath before she said,

"I know you hate me but for right now, please put that aside. I need to tell you something. Your wife... her life is in danger... someone is planning on hurting her..."

Qiao Lan was about to tell him who it was but she didn't know how to phrase it. To her knowledge, Feng Zhengyi and Kang Jun's relationship was not completely destroyed and so, without proof, she didn't know how to bring it up.

Hearing this, Kang Jun felt his blood boil.

"What..." Kang Jun said.

Kang Jun felt the strong urge to reach for Qiao Lan's neck, grip it and squeeze until all life was sucked out of her but he fought this urge

Looking at Qiao Lan's face, Kang Jun did not know if he could trust her. There was no lie on her face and yet, Kang Jun didn't believe that people could change so dramatically. It had not been long since he had stripped everything away from her.

What if she wanted revenge?

Kang Jun could not take the risk of trusting her.

Almost as if she sensed that the man could not trust her, Qiao Lan said, "Please believe me! They plan to at best hurt her... and at worse kill her! I want to help you stop this person!"

'They...?' Kang Jun thought.

At first, Kang Jun wanted to ask questions about how she knew this, but hearing the words 'kill her' Kang Jun felt his whole body on edge and said,


Saying almost all she had needed and thankfully, she had not died, Qiao Lan scurried away. She did was she had come to do, but this didn't feel like enough...

Qiao Lan didn't truly care about Kang Jun or Lu AnLing but she knew the consequences of what Rong Yue Wan had planned to do to Lu AnLing. Because of this, Qiao Lan needed to act. To be strong, for once.

For all Rong Yue Wan was doing, Qiao Lan would make sure to ruin her. Yes, Qiao Lan was angry with her grandfather for killin Kang Zhi, and she would make him pay for this, but for now, Qiao Lan wanted to concentrate on Rong Yue Wan. No one double crossed her family and would get away with it!

Even if it wasn't by Kang Jun's hands, Rong Yue Wan was going to die and no one could do anything about it.

As Qiao Lan left, Kang Jun watched the woman like a hawk to see if she was going to do something suspicious, but nothing of the sort happened. She just left.

When she did, Kang Jun went up to his room where he began to pace.

Kang Jun wasn't an idiot. He knew he couldn't trust Qiao Lan's words. At least not completely... and so he wouldn't, but that didn't mean that he wasn't going to take it as a type of warning. Kang Jun was a very serious person. If someone threatened him, even in the smallest of ways, he would take it seriously. He would take steps.

After a small while, the man took a seat on his bed and contemplated his next action as he waited for his wife and children to come home.

Once Lu AnLing was home, she had made her way to the bedroom. There, Kang Jun sat In the dark.

Seeing her, Kang Jun put his arms around his wife lovingly. He held her tightly to his heart like he wanted to consume her into himself; protected her and yet cage her at the same time.

She was his precious treasure. The one and strongest entity in his heart.

He loved her. He treasured her. And these thoughts only brought up fear concerning what was to come.

Qiao Lan's words, whether they were a threat or a warning, were something that Kang Jun would take seriously. Even if Qiao Lan was just trying to play a trick on him or divert his attention, Kang Jun didn't want to take the risk that something bad could happen to his wife.

Feeling Kang Jun's body heat on her back and his tight squeeze, Lu AnLing touched the man's knuckles as she leaned back into him.

"Darling, what's wrong?" Lu AnLing asked.

And with that said, Kang Jun was going to tell her everything. But then, when he remembered that the doctor had said that Lu AnLing should manage her stress, Kang Jun felt a battle waging inside him.

On one hand, this was something that was important for her to know, but on the other, the knowledge of this could endanger their unborn child and if anything happened to that child, Kang Jun knew that both he and Lu AnLing would be devastated and Lu AnLing might have a relapse, similar to what had happened to her when she had found out about her father.

Remembering the destroyed room and the blood on her hands, Kang Jun felt his heart tip apart.

He couldn't tell her...

Sometimes ignorance was truly bliss.

So Kang Jun decided against telling her the full truth, instead he said, "I'm just worried about you..."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing smiled and turned to Kang Jun.

Lu AnLing: "I'll be fine. With a man like you by my side, who would even dare try to harm me? They would be the stupidest people in the world."

Kang Jun couldn't help but agree.

Who was stupid enough to test the extent of his rage as such!?

The thought made Kang Jun's blood boil but he didn't want to make Lu AnLing suspicious or worry and so, he forced himself to calm down and after that, the two went to bed.

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