Perfect Match Secret Marriage Chapter 374

It didn't take long for Lu AnLing to fall asleep. For a few days now Lu AnLing had extreme fatigue. It seemed like this was one of her pregnancy symptoms, but Kang Jun didn't mind this in the least because once Lu AnLing was asleep, Kang Jun made his way out of his room and headed straight towards Rong Xin's.

Without care concerning the late hour, Kang Jun knocked on the door.

Once Rong Xin opened the door, Kang Jun said, "Someone might be aiming for AnLing's life. Guard her extra well for now and if anyone so much as tries to touch a hair in her head, kill them."

When Kang Jun spoke about murder, it sounded so normal and yet so sinister. It was something very simple to him, but to most, murder was not even a last resort.

As he heard Kang Jun speak, Rong Xin felt shivers down his spine and while most would feel the urge to run away, Rong Xin felt ecstatic.

Kang Jun was finally back to his old ways... and this only meant that Rong Xin would see some action.

Rong Xin felt a bit disgusted that someone was already after Lu AnLing's life, but in the end, Rong Xin knew that this was the life lead by the Kang's and those they loved. With his life, Rong Xin would guard Lu AnLing, even if he died in the process.

Seeing such determination in Rong Xin's eyes, Kang Jun felt a bit more relaxed but he still had other things he needed to deal with.


A couple of days later, Kang Jun had a meeting to discuss the plans for the Kang Corporations while heading into Q3. Six months of the new year had already passed and so, this was a mandatory meeting in which all of the executives had to attend. This included Kang Nianxi and Kang Liu Ran, who, for the most part, did not speak throughout the meeting.

This was strange to the rest in the room, because usually, someone, namely Kang Nianxi, would try to challenge Kang Jun's authority, however in this meeting, there was no such thing.

Ever since the day Kang Jun had accepted Wang Tingting into the family, Kang Nianxi had become a calmer person. He still didn't like Kang Jun, but his honour would not allow him to heavily attack someone who he had lost to and who had done him a favour. He would have to repay him before he went back to his old ways, but there was nothing Kang Nianxi could do for Kang Jun and he knew this well...

However, this was something the executives did not know about. And so, due to this, the whole table felt a bit awkward but they didn't say anything. Instead, they just continued on with the meeting until it was over. When the company Q3 meeting was done, everyone was about to leave, but then someone spoke.

"What of the infinity project?" An old man said a bit awkwardly.

Hearing this, the grand majority of the executives sat back down in their seats and they began to whisper.

"Yes! The infinity project. Is that still happening?" One man said.

"It was so hyped up but nothing has begun..." a woman said.

"It's probably Tang corporations fault. It's run by Tang Bingyi, she's only 24 years old.... this was bound to happen." Another man whispered.

As these words were being spoken, everyone began to feel a cold piercing glare. They then turned their heads to the one who shot it at them. It was obviously Kang Jun, but no one understood why he was so angry.

One of the executives were about to speak, but then, Kang Jun said,


His voice was low and hollow, yet it was enough to make many of the people in the room's organs feel as if they had stopped functioning and they receded back into their shells.

Kang Jun, with all his executive directors eyes on him, looked at them coldly. He did not frown or show anger, but this was the reaction they feared the most.

Kang Jun: "This isn't a place that allows gossip."

Hearing Kang Jun's simple, but seemingly protective, words many of the executives, who didn't know of Kang Jun's marriage began to wonder if the rumours were true. If Kang Jun was infatuated with Tang Bingyi...

He had just protected her with his words, after all!

But truly, he was not protecting Tang Bingyi.

At the moment, Kang Jun understood the situation Tang Corporation was in and it wasn't an easy situation to deal with. When there was mistrust within a company, mostly with the heads, the corporation usually fell. This had happened with Kang Mu and this had forced Kang Zhi and Kang Jun, with the help of Elder Kang, to fix it.

Because of this, Kang Jun knew that Tang Bingyi had it hard, but this was part of life and so, Kang Jun couldn't care less.

In truth, if she was a true business woman she would take it as it is and improve both herself and the Tang Corporation in the process. But everything of the sort was irrelevant to Kang Jun.

What he was truly doing is trying to minimize the feeling of competition or superiority.

"The infinity project is being dealt with. From now on, the majority of the tasks will be delegated to Kang Nianxi and Kang Liu Ran."

Hearing this, Kang Nianxi and Kang Liu Ran looked at each other with confusion and the executives were sent into an uproar.

The infinity project was not one which belonged more or less to any given Corporation. Meaning that Tang Corporation, Kang Corporation and Halo Stars Entertainment had put equal stakes and equal efforts into what was to transpire and so, they were all in this together. This was a certain safety net, so if one company failed, there would be other giant companies ready to pick up the slack and save the project from failing. But still... Many in Kang Corporations believed Kang Jun's mere presence would make the project possible. Not that of Kang Nianxi and Kang Liu Ran.

The infinity project was important. Not just the the Kang Corporation, the Tang Corporation and Halo Stars Entertainment but to all those in the entertainment industry. The project would create a boom in entertainment both nationally and internationally and so, there was no room for mistakes.

Every member working on the project knew about this, but not making mistakes was easier said than done.

This was why, if Kang Jun was not overseeing everything, the executives worried.

"President Kang,... Is this really the right course of action?" A man said slowly.

Hearing this, Kang Jun turned to the man and glared.

As of right now, the Infinity project had been delayed for about a month, seeing this, Kang Jun was annoyed and impatient. He had planned to leave the country in less than a couple of months and so, he couldn't allow the delay any longer.

"Are you questioning my decisions?" Kang Jun said with complete ravenous anger.

Hearing this, the executive stopped speaking and felt himself choke on his own breath.

"I...I....I..." the executive started but he couldn't finish his sentence. His train of thought had been completely demolished due to his fear of Kang Jun.

Kang Jun's aura was truly crushing the man, who seemed like he was about to have a heart attack on spot, but suddenly, a knock at the door saved him.

"President Kang..." Mr. Long said a bit awkwardly. He had witnessed the scene from before and so, he had felt a bit bad to the executive, but still, it was the man's own fault.

Seeing Mr Long, Kang Jun calmed down exponentially and said, "I've told you not to bother me during meetings."

Mr. Long nodded.

"Yes... I know but..." Mr. Long started as he looked around the executive room, "Miss Lu is here to see you."

Hearing this, Kang Jun, without a second thought, said, "Send her in."

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