Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1189

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Ye Wanwan quickly added, “Also, he does like to wear female clothes.”

Everyone was flabbergasted by her words.

Sh*t! A super large scoop!

Ye Bai is really gay and has a crossdressing fetish?

Liang Shihan burst into laughter. “Hahaha, you were saying I’m dumb… Ye Wanwan, I think you’re the dumb one, right?! You admitted it yourself!”

This idiot, Ye Wanwan, was truly a pig teammate!

A staff member noticed the argument there and swiftly rushed over. “Excuse me, what’s going on?”

As soon as Liang Shihan saw the staff member, she said, “Manager Zhang, this woman isn’t on the guest list but forcefully barged in. Please look into it!”

Manager Zhang looked at Ye Wanwan, a stunned look flitting through his eyes. “Miss, you are?”

Liang Shihan sneered. “She’s just a girl who does menial jobs at Age of the Immortals!”

Manager Zhang turned to look at Ye Mufan with a conflicted expression. “CEO Ye, may I ask what the situation is with this miss?”

Ye Mufan brusquely snapped, “She’s my sister. Do you have a problem?”

Manager Zhang politely said, “CEO Ye, I’m truly sorry. To guarantee the privacy and safety of all the guests present, this is a closed banquet. Uninvited people aren’t allowed entry, even relatives… Your sister, she doesn’t seem to be on the guest list, correct?”

Ye Mufan snorted. “Who said she isn’t on the guest list? She was personally invited by a call from your President Chen.”

“Earlier, due to the pressure of Worldwide Entertainment and Emperor Sky Entertainment, the event organizers purposefully erased them from the banquet guest list. After the results of the award ceremony came out, Chen Yanfeng personally called them to re-invite them to express his apology.”

Chen Yanfeng used to be very close to Ye Shaoting. After Ye Mufan and Ye Wanwan established Age of the Immortals, they invited him for meals several times and maintained their relationship.

After Chen Yanfeng found out about his and his sister’s situation, he helped them out wherever he could. Luo Chen and Gong Xu’s special training in the special forces was achieved with his connections.

However, due to Emperor Sky Entertainment’s pressure, Chen Yanfeng’s hands were tied sometimes.

Later, Chen Yanfeng personally re-invited them, so they naturally had to give him a way out.

Liang Shihan broke into laughter when she heard that. “President Chen personally called to invite her. What a joke! I say, Brother Cousin, do you think she’s Ye Bai? What a large face!”

All the artists around them also laughed when they heard that.

Even the boss, Ye Mufan, probably didn’t have such a large face, right?!

Who didn’t know Ye Bai was the true boss behind Age of Immortals? The true star of tonight’s Golden Orchid banquet was Ye Bai.

Ye Yiyi frowned and spoke on Ye Mufan’s behalf. “Is there some misunderstanding? Mufan wouldn’t lie.”

Liang Shihan snorted. “Who knows?! Some people like to puff themselves up at their own cost! His sister clearly sneaked in here to bait a whale. Yet he has the nerve to say President Chen personally invited her here! President Chen isn’t here, so he can say whatever he wants!”

Ye Wanwan’s phone suddenly rang.

The caller ID showed “President Chen.”

Liang Shihan caught the caller ID on Ye Wanwan’s screen in her periphery and instantly sneered, “Ah, what a coincidence. As soon as you mentioned President Chen, President Chen calls you! Pretend, keep pretending! You even specifically found someone to pretend to be President Chen and call you! Take the call if you’re so capable!”

Ye Yiyi also stood there expectantly. She thought Ye Wanwan was just putting on an act since it wasn’t the first time Ye Wanwan and her brother used this trick.

However, everyone present was perceptive today. She couldn’t pull wool over their eyes by faking it.

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