Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1191

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This girl was really personally invited by Chen Yanfeng?

But how is she worthy?

Chen Yanfeng glanced at Ye Wanwan and said with a chuckle, “When we were on the phone just now, I was wondering what kind of trouble you encountered, but now, I finally understand.”

Ye Wanwan’s expression was a bit exasperated. “Sorry for making trouble for you, President Chen.”

Chen Yanfeng hurriedly said, “Nonsense, nonsense. It was a lack of consideration on my part!”

Everyone was confused as they listened to Chen Yanfeng and Ye Wanwan’s conversation.


Chen Yanfeng raised his hand to signal silence from everyone. Then his eyes swept over everyone and said, “Miss Ye Wanwan’s arrival appears to have caused some misunderstanding, so I will now reintroduce Miss Ye to everyone.”

Everyone looked at each other, bewildered. Reintroduce?

Chen Yanfeng paused briefly before he continued, “Miss Wanwan is my dear friend’s daughter. When Wanwan started working, she didn’t use her real identity and name out of convenience and used an alias instead…”

Everyone looked further perplexed when they heard that.

An alias? This woman has another identity?

But what kind of identity deserves a personal invitation from Chen Yanfeng? Moreover, he didn’t even hesitate before going through the great effort of rescuing her out of trouble?

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Chen Yanfeng.

Chen Yanfeng said, “Miss Ye Wanwan’s alias in the industry is Ye Bai. In other words, she’s the Director of the Talent Recruitment Department at Age of the Immortals.”


Chen Yanfeng’s seemingly feather-light words caused everyone present to descend into a strange silence.

Everyone thought they were experiencing an auditory hallucination.

Gong Xu was ready to spring forward to protect Little Candied Plum as soon as the situation took a bad turn. When he heard Chen Yanfeng’s declaration, he was stupefied for a second before cleaning his ears. “W-what did Old Man Chen just say?”

Luo Chen said, “He said Miss Ye’s alias is… Ye Bai…”

Tang Xinghuo interjected, “What the h*ll? Ye Mufan’s sister is Brother Ye? Did President Chen drink too much?”

All the other guests’ reactions were about the same…

“Eh, w-what did President Chen just say?”

“I think he said… he said that woman’s alias is Ye Bai! Sh*t! Ye Bai? Which Ye Bai?”

“How many Ye Bais does the industry have? Didn’t President Chen say she’s the Director of the Talent Recruitment Department at Age of the Immortals?! She’s Luo Chen and Gong Xu’s manager!”

“You’re kidding me right?! Ye Bai’s a man, okay?!”

Liang Shihan took half a day to recover from her shock. She humorously asked, “President Chen, are you mistaken about something? You just said… Ye Wanwan’s… alias is Ye Bai? Age of the Immortals’ Ye Bai? Director Ye is a man!”

Chen Yanfeng glanced at Ye Wanwan before he promptly explained. “That’s right, that’s right. Wanwan does indeed dress as a man when she’s working for convenience. Ye Bai is Wanwan’s alias and identity when she’s working. Hence, all the people who don’t know her think she’s a man.”

Everyone was astonished again when they heard Chen Yanfeng’s explanation.

“Sh*t! Even a movie wouldn’t make up this kind of plot, right? Ye Bai’s actually a woman? This is too ludicrous!”

“But… President Chen was the one who said it, so it’s probably the undeniable truth…”

“So… When the internet rumors said Ye Bai liked men and also likes to dress in female clothes… ‘he’ was a woman to begin with?”

“F*ck me! The explosive scoops from this year’s Golden Orchid Awards are coming one after another!”

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