Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 295

Chapter 295


Even though Chu Hong Guang knew Ye Bai was just trying to drive a wedge between him and Zhou Wen Bin, he still took his words seriously.

Zhou Wen Bin had certainly been too disagreeable recentlyhe undermined him as the chairman umpteen times and he even heard that Zhou Wen Bin had been in private contact with people from the Ye Group…

With that thought, Chu Hong Guang finally said, “Wen Bin, handover the contract. I’ve already made up my mind on this matter.”

“But, chairman Chu…”

Chu Hong Guang’s face darkened. “What? Can’t I even transfer an artiste now? If you’re not agreeable to this, then hand Gong Xu over!”

For chairman Chu to say something like that, he must be really agitated.

“Of course you can… chairman Chu, that’s not what I meant… I… I’ll do it right away…” To prevent agitating Chu Hong Guang any further, Zhou Wen Bin could only take a step back.

Chu Hong Guang humphed and hung up the video call.

It seems like Ye Bai’s right. If Dazzling was run by Zhou Wen Bin alone, nothing good will come of it. If Zhou Wen Bin developed any malicious intentions, all of Dazzling would be cleared out.

But this Ye Bai is too young and recklesshe lets his emotions affect his decisions, stubbornly asking for that Luo Chen guy in a fit. Can Ye Bai really take Zhou Wen Bin on?

After he ended the video call, Zhou Wen Bin made a very angry call to get his assistant and lawyer to come and deal with the handover.

While he was signing the papers, he stared at Ye Bai like he wanted to swallow him alive.

Damn it, I was so close to succeeding yet I failed once again!

After the transfer of Luo Chen to her was done, Ye Wanwan waved the contract, curled her lips and stood up. “Appreciate it, director Zhou!”

Everything happened so abruptly that Luo Chen still hadn’t regained his senses when he saw his own name under the new management contract. It was only after realizing that Ye Wanwan had already stood up and was ready to leave that he woke up and quickly followed behind.

Just as he stepped out, Zhou Wen Bin’s gloomy voice came from behind, “Luo Chen, you better think this through carefully! Do you really want to follow this immature and inexperienced manager with a complete lack of network and resources?”

Luo Chen paused only for a second before continuing to walk in Ye Bai’s direction…

A crash resounded from the office–it was the aftermath of Zhou Wen Bin kicking the coffee table.

Tsk, there are so many fresh and obedient artistes in the companyhe could’ve had any one of them!

This Luo Chen was almost 21 years oldhe was no longer the same as before. Zhou Wen Bin only wanted him because he couldn’t have him, but turned out this new guy doesn’t know what’s good for him…

Good! Very good! I want to see what happens when Luo Chen follows Ye Bai!

In the office at the second storey:

After all, she was someone Chu Hong Guang sent over personally, so she had to appear to have some status. Although Ye Wanwan’s office wasn’t as spacious or grand as Zhou Wen Bin’s, it wasn’t bad. It was minimalist and had great lighting.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Ye Wanwan took out the first-aid kit from one of the drawers.

Luo Chen lowered his head and disinfected his wound silently. Then he placed a bandage over it.

Ye Wanwan pulled out a chair and sat in front of the desk, then sized up the man before her without any expression on her face.

She called him a man but she thought he was more like a teenager.

The present Luo Chen and that teenager she saw three years ago were totally identical.

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