Pet King Chapter 723

Chapter 723: Splitting Paths
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Out of all the film festivals, the Berlin Film Festival placed the most importance on the children and teenagers' viewing experience. Each Kplus and 14plus stage was equipped with a simultaneous interpreter, which was also emulated by the other film festivals.

However, sometimes the unexpected happened. Maybe due to the bad weather or an overnight party, the interpreter responsible for the simultaneous interpretation of Dog Warrior suddenly became sick and there was no suitable candidate to replace them. Because of this, there was the possibility that the additional showing might be canceled, which was why the film crew decided to change their plans at the last minute.

Feng Xuan informed Zhang Zian of the matter and said to him, "Xiao Zhang, nothing can be done, and walking the red carpet for today's Dog Warrior premiere is much more important. After yesterday's opening ceremony, there will definitely be more people from the media present today. We need to further expand the influence of the film, which is beneficial to both the domestic row piece rate and the rights for overseas distribution."

Zhang Zian was aware that what Feng Xuan said was correct; the film showing for young children was far less influential than the film showing for adults. Many people had only heard of the Golden Bear Award and the Silver Bear Award. They were not aware that the Berlin Film Festival still had two other units, the Kplus and the 14plus, which were specially set up for teenagers and young children.

Although that's how things were

Zian looked down at Famous. It was deep in thought.

Famous was more eager than anyone else to have his real name known to the world. It had worked hard and deserved it.

But, more than that, Famous was more eager to become an angel for the children like Audrey Hepburn, who was still concerned about the starving African children on her deathbed.

With that figured out, Zian already had an answer in his heart.

Zian smiled and said to Feng Xuan, "Director Feng, I think we should split up. You can lead the crew to the Berlin Film Palace while I'll take Famous to the Cubix7 theater. This way, neither side will be delayed."

Feng Xuan immediately panicked after hearing what Zian said. "How can that work? The media is here for Famous and if Famous doesn't make its appearance, then we would be standing them up. You should be aware of what our local media is like. They would definitely feel that the two of you are trying to act like big names"

Zhang Zian had made up his mind and had no plan to change his decision. He laughed and said, "Director Feng, you're wrong. We aren't acting like big names" He looked down at Famous again and met his eyes. "We are the big names!"

Zhang Zian listened to what Lin Feng's assistant had said to cheer him on and regarded himself as the best local star. Since they were the local stars, then how could they not care about the feelings of the local children?

After all, Germany really could be Famous' hometown.

"This" Feng Xuan was speechless.

"Nonsense! This is nonsense! Many reputable senior artistes don't even dare to do that!" Nie Yuan said after he vaguely overheard their conversation. His face turned black instantly. "You're not even well-known and you're already acting like a big shot. If you're a little famous, then your tail goes up in the sky? I think this is as far as you can go in life. It's going to be hard for you to progress any further"

Before Nie Yuan could even finish what he was saying, as if to spite him, Famous' tail stood upright just like a military saber and pointed up at the sky.

Several young ladies who were tagging along with the film crew couldn't help but laugh.

Nie Yuan was speechless. If he had known earlier, he would have pulled out all the stops to prevent Feng Xuan from selecting Famous as the protagonist!

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about it now.

With that in mind, Zhang Zian laughed. "Leader Nie, Famous and I will be taking a leave of absence. We won't be able to join you guys for the visit to the film palace and the European film market."

After Zian said all that he wanted to say, and without waiting for Nie Yuan's approval, he took out the sunglasses that he had kept with him and openly helped Famous put them on.

"It's about time, right? You guys can go aheaddon't let the media in the film palace wait too long. I still have to head back to the room to prepare some things." Zian led Famous to the elevator and returned back to his room, leaving the furious Nie Yuan far behind.

The purpose of him returning back to the room was, of course, to release Richard out of his mobile phone.

"Ga? I was just thinking of taking a nap. Who knows, I might get to see my king's lovely voice and countenance. So, what do you want now, idiot?" Richard said in a sleepy voice.

"Don't sleep. There's something that needs your help," Zhang Zian said. Without any explanation or giving Richard a chance to say anything, Zian made Richard invisible and threw it into the hood of his coat.

When Zian and Famous both went downstairs again, Nie Yuan, Feng Xuan, and the others had already left. They had probably rushed down to the Berlin Film Palace for the premiere showing.

"Famous, do you blame me for making the decision all by myself?" Zian asked as they walked out the door.

"No way. This is what I was hoping for." Famous shook its head. "Another thing change my bow tie back to the collar. Although the bow tie makes me cool, today I want to appear in front of the children with a collar on."

Zhang Zian squatted down and changed its bow tie back to its usual collar. Zian then raised his hands to hail for a taxi.

"Cubix7," he said to the driver.

If it had been a taxi driver back in China, he might have raised an objection or been dissatisfied with Zian bringing a dog into the car, for fear that the dog might relieve itself inside the car. But this taxi driver reacted like it was a common sight. He swept a glance at Famous before he started the meter.

After the car started, the driver suddenly frowned. He stared at Famous through the rearview mirror and observed carefully. "Hey! I know you! You're the dog from the opening ceremony last night, right?"

He wasn't talking to Zhang Zian. Instead, he naturally started a conversation with Famous. Such a habit was usually formed from raising a dog at home or having raised a dog in the past.

Famous barked once as a response.

"Haha! I knew I wasn't mistaken!" the driver said excitedly. "Are you two going to the premiere? Wait a minute, aren't the two of you going to the wrong venue? Your film should be at the premiere showing at the Film Palace!"

Having said that, the driver was about to take it upon himself to change directions.

"We're not going to the wrong place. We're heading down to the Cubix7 for the 14plus additional showing," Zhang Zian said, quickly stopping him.

The driver suddenly realized and said with regret, "Oh, the additional showing for the children It's such a pity. I have work during the day and only have time to watch the films at night. So, when will the DVD for your film be released in Germany? I'm fonder of watching the film at home with my wife, kids, and dog instead of going to the theater."

Zhang Zian took a peek at the driver's sizable beer belly and thought that the seats in the theater might possibly not even be big enough for him. Even if he were to force himself into the seat, it wouldn't be comfortable at all. No wonder he doesn't like to go to the theater

"I'm not too sure about that. Hopefully it will be quick," Zhang Zian answered.

The driver was very talkative. He enthusiastically introduced a few famous landmarks and popular spots as they passed byespecially the restaurants in the vicinity, which he knew like the back of his hand. He knew which restaurant served tasty roasted pork knuckles and which restaurant served a nice beer. Even the most professional tour guide was nothing compared to him.

The Alexanderplatz was not far from the Potsdamer Platz. Along the way, Zhang Zian kept watching the time, hoping to make it to the venue on time.

"We're here," the driver said.

Looking out the window, Zhang Zian saw the theater's staff members who were in the midst of rolling up the red carpet.
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