Pet King Chapter 724

Chapter 724: Zhang Zian Had the Red Carpet All to Himself
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"Is it really canceled?" a freckled teenager asked. His voice was filled with disappointment as he stood outside the Cubix7.

"I'm sorry, kid. It might not be shown today," a cinema staff answered with regret. "Go home for now."

"When will you play it, then?" The freckled teen didn't want to give up.

The staff member shook his head. "We are not sure. The only thing we know is that the gentleman in charge of interpretation suddenly fell sick in the hospital. As for when it will be played, we might have to wait for his recovery. I suggest that you go home first and keep an eye on the news."

"But the film festival only lasts ten days. Will that interpreter recover within ten days?" The freckled teen looked sad. "After ten days it will no longer be screened, right?"

He knew the procedures for the film festival quite well, as this was not his first year attending it. He had been a faithful audience member of the Berlin Film Festival and had attended the Kplus screenings every year since he was a young kid. He was finally old enough to attend the 14-plus screenings. He had noticed the Dog Warrior film from the moment he received the viewer's guide and had waited eagerly for the day of the screening.

He didn't have a dog at home, but he loved dogs so much. He could only dream about a dog through this film.

"I don't know, child. I don't know."

The staff member said that he could not do anything else to help. He looked at his watch. It was almost the hour of the screening. Without a miracle, this screening would have to be canceledand that miracle meant that the interpreter would have to suddenly recover and show up on the cinema's doorstep.

"Could you wait a little longer? Maybe another interpreter gentleman will show up" The freckled boy glanced around eagerly, hoping for a miracle.

"Child, it is not that simple," the staff explained patiently. "The interpreter needs a few days in advance to get prepared, and you can't find a random person to replace the interpreterespecially for this film, for it has to be translated from Chinese to English, then from English to German. If anything goes wrong in the middle, the original meaning might be misinterpreted."

"But my English is good. I can understand it without an interpreter," the freckled boy answered anxiously. "Can't you just play it like this?"

"I would love to make an exception, but rules are rules. I'm sorry, child." The staff member shook his head and called upon the other staff. "Come and help me out. We won't need the red carpet anymore. Let's roll it up."

Another staff member walked over. The two of them bent down and were about to roll up the red carpet when someone called out. "Wait a minute!"

A taxi stopped by the cinema. A young man with black hair and yellow skin had not even gotten out the car before he yelled at them through the window in German.

Zhang Zian paid for the taxi fare and then ran over with Famous.

"Sir, what can I help you with?" The staff member glanced over him, finding him somewhat familiar.

"It's Famous!" the freckled boy blinked his eyes and shouted suddenly.

He grabbed the arm of the staff member in excitement and pointed at Famous. "It's Famous! It's the dog in Dog Warrior!"

The staff member had been to the opening ceremony last night and finally recognized Famous and Zhang Zian. In his eyes, all Asian faces looked similar, and it was hard to tell them apart.

"Yes. Hello!" Zhang Zian greeted them in German with a smile. Of course, Richard was doing the talking.

Apart from this freckled boy, there were many other teenage boys and girls outside Cubix7. They stood outside in groups of two or three, all waiting for Dog Warrior. Some of them had left in disappointment after they heard that the film screening might be canceled, while others were still willing to wait a bit longer.

There was no media at the scenenot even one. Without a reporter or a cameraman, it looked quite bleak and quiet in the otherwise festive film festival.

Media that had quick access to information had heard the news that the screening might be canceled. Even the few other media personnel that had already arrived left early to seek more valuable news elsewhere.

Zhang Zian had expected this and was not disappointed.

"Come here! Come here! Famous is here!" the freckled boy shouted at his friends at the top of his lungs.

After hearing the news, the teenage boys and girls felt as if they had suddenly been given a strong dose of caffeine. They quickly came over and formed a crowd. Even if they could not watch the film today, they at least had a chance to get a close look at Famous, which made the trip worthwhile.

The two staff members quickly dropped the red carpet and started maintaining the order at the scene. One of them took the left side while the other took the right so they could stop the teenagers outside the barriers on both sides of the red carpet.

The teenagers took out their phones and began to take pictures of Famous and Zhang Zian.

"Sir, we weren't informed that you were coming..." one of the staff members said in an embarrassed tone after they had things more or less in order.

"I made the decision to be here," Richard answered the man for Zhang Zian in fluent German. "I heard that your interpreter is sick. I happen to speak decent German, and I have been part of the filming process all along. I believe I can take on the task of an interpreter."

"Well..." The two staff members looked at each other. "We need to ask our superior."

One staff hinted to the other one to go inside the cinema and ask their superior.

"Please, go ahead."

Zhang Zian took Famous amongst the teens and allowed them to either take photos with Famous or pet it.

"Sir, sir, I just heard what you said. Are you serious? Are you really going to be the interpreter for this film?" the freckled boy leaned forward and asked Zhang Zian loudly, his eyes full of hope.

"If the cinema would allow me." Zhang Zian smiled.

"Fantastic! I'm sure they will say yes!" The freckled boy cheered with joy. "Right, are you the owner of Famous? Can you sign this for me?"

He handed over a piece of paper and a pen.

"Are you sure that you want my signature?" Richard asked in surprise. "Or do you want a paw print from Famous?"

"Yes, I'd like your signature." The freckled boy nodded seriously. "You are a good man."

Zhang Zian could not help but laugh. He didn't know that good men were acknowledged in such a way in Germany.

He took the pen and paper from the freckled boy, then signed his name neatly in both English and Chinese.

The staff member that had gone inside ran outside, out of breath. "Sir, our superior said yes. Please come in."

Zhang Zian adjusted the tie of his suit, then stepped onto the red carpet with Famous.

The red carpet led straight to the entrance of the Cubix7. It was so clean; there wasn't even a shoe print. Nobody had walked on it, after all.

There were no reporters with microphones, nor any cameramen with cameras. There were only bright smiles from genuine teenage boys and girls, cheering and jumping for him and Famous.

It might have been the most special red carpet walk in the history of the Berlin Film Festival. With the red carpet all to themselves, Zhang Zian and Famous marched forward with their heads up, looking as proud as princes.
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