Pocket Hunting Dimension Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Teacher Nangong is Indeed a Magnificent Woman

After feeling the pressure from Lu Ze's body, Nangong Jing's eyes widened slightly. There was a trace of surprise in her eyes.

She thought it was already impressive that Lu Ze could reach abstruse martial state level seven, but he actually reached abstruse martial state level eight.

Such talent was almost on par with her.

Her talent can be ranked at the very top even amongst the young dukes.

This meant that Lu Ze's talent was top amongst young dukes.

However, this wasn't going to stop her determination in beating this kid up.

She would let this kid know:

Some things were extremely important for a young girl who was 18 years and 142 months old!!

She raised a brow as a strand of golden color circulated. Then, a terrifying power burst out, shaking the surrounding space.

Seeing this, Lu Ze was slightly stunned.

He thought his power was volatile, but compared to Nangong Jing, he was a little brother.

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