Pocket Hunting Dimension Chapter 120

Chapter 120: This Person Has No Hopes

Just when Lu Ze felt sad that his compliment tactic had failed, Nangong Jing disappeared again.

The next moment, that small fist with golden light appeared before Lu Ze.

It looked just like an ordinary fist with no terrifying pressure, but the dangerous chi contained inside made Lu Ze sweat cold. His eyes narrowed as his entire body tensed.

Oh shit!

She didn't use full power?

Did she add more power because he didn't get beaten up?

for visiting.

She just said she would only use abstruse martial state level eight power. This battle power was a bit over the line.

Lu Ze didn't have time to think. Barely dodging Nangong Jing's fist, a green light flowed in his eyes as he turned into the wind and disappeared.

The fist struck air, and the power finally exploded.


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