Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 803

Chapter 803 A Powerful Man

Chapter 803: A Powerful Man
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Dont worry, the young master would not hurt them, Rong Wei said as he gave them back their stuff. Ladies, could you please come with us?

The girls looked at each other and followed Rong Wei out.

They were invited to a VIP dining room in a hotel, where luxury foods were placed on the table.

Wan Dou was intimidated by it and grabbed Xu Xiyans arm.

Are they going to kill us after we eat? Is this going to be our last meal? Wan Dou asked.

Dont worry, Ruochu is still here, we should be all right, Xu Xiyan said.

Xu Xiyan could not help but commend Wan Dou for her imagination.

Xu Xiyan believed that the soldiers werent bad people, they were only here for Li Ruochu.

Soon after they sat, the door opened, and soldiers lined up to form a passage.

Then a tall man slowly walked into the room.

Xu Xiyan took the chance to take a good look at the man. Good looking, muscular body, sexy eyebrows, and attractive lips.

Yet his stare was cold.

With her understanding of Estan, Xu Xiyan knew that the man held a high position in Estans army.

He was a powerful man.

He Lianqing sat down and looked at the three girls sitting in front of him. He stared at Xu Xiyan longer and then turned to Li Ruochu.

Arent you going to introduce us? Helian Qingyu asked.

These are my friends, Jing Xi and Wan Dao. Li Ruochu introduced them like she had no choice.

Helian Qingyu had been looking for the girl who saved his life, but he never found her.

And now she was sitting in front of him, and her name was Jing Xi.

Even though he could not remember what she looked like, he still remembered her voice.

The moment she spoke in the car, he instantly recognized it.

Jing Xi, Wan Dou, this is the general of all three Estans military groups, Helian Qingyu, Li Ruochu continued to introduce.

The girls could only stare at the man. Theyd guessed that he was powerful, but not that powerful.

The man was the person with the highest military power in Estan.

Even though the girls werent interested in power, they were curious as to why Helian Qingyu was looking for Li Ruochu.

Whats your relationship with him? Xu XIyan asked in a low voice as she pulled Li Ruochu to her side.

Hes hes my debtee, Li Ruochu said.

It wasnt the truth as she was afraid that the other girls would abandon her if they knew the truth.

Xu Xiyan did not pressure any further. The only thing that Li Ruochu could owe him was either money or favor.

And since it would be near to impossible for such a powerful person to come personally for money, Xu Xiyan guessed that something must be going on between them.

Helian Qingyu let out a cough and asked, Miss Jing Xi, is it? Have you ever been to Estan?




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