Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 804

Chapter 804 She Already Had A Lover

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Xu Xiyan did not know why he had suddenly asked her this question.

Do you know there was a terrorist attack in the small town of Likee? At Vikio Bar?

Yes, I know. It seems that you were attacked during your tour of the south. I just happened to be there at that time. But, why do you ask?

Xu Xiyan not only knew about the attack, but she had also experienced a terrifying life and death situation there herself.

At that time, there were so many casualties because of the attack on Helian Qingyus tour.

Since Helian Qingyu was asking her this question, was he investigating and collecting evidence relating to the terrorist attack?

Military investigation purposes. Helian Qingyu gave a straightforward answer. He rested his perfectly angled jaw on one hand and gazed at the girls fair face, listening to her intently. Can you elaborate more?

Thats right, it was her who had saved himJing Xi.

He wanted to listen to her explanation personally. He wanted to know how a girl had put her life in danger and boldly saved his life at that time.

Xu Xiyan thought this was a real military investigation, so she told him everything she had gone through at that time. So that was what happened and after that, I returned to Zstan.

Jing Xi, do you know who the person you saved at the time was?

Xu Xiyan shook her head.

She only knew that General Helian Qingyu was attacked during his tour, but she did not know that the soldier she had saved was actually him.

That person was me.

Xu Xiyan: This is too much of a coincidence, isnt it?

Helian Qingyu rejoiced inside that he had finally found her. He raised his glass to her. Thank you. If you hadnt saved me at that time, I may be dead now.

No, its okay. Its really nothing. No matter who was in that situation, I would not just stand idly by and watch.

A general of a country was giving her a toast!

Xu Xiyan felt honored. She stood up and touched her glass with his, then took a sip of her wine before sitting down.

What she was thinking was: She really didnt need his gratitude; she was only being a good doctor and saving him wasnt hard work at all.

Li Ruochu, who was sitting between them, inadvertently stole a glance at Helian Qingyu. She noticed that Helian Qingyus eyes were full of sincerity and gratitude, but there was also a hint of ambiguous emotion behind those eyes, as though he had discovered a secret.

Could he be

Li Ruochu leaned into Helian Qingyus ear and whispered a reminder, You have no chance! She already has a lover!

The mans eyebrows suddenly tightened. His dark eyes darted sideways at Li Ruochu for a moment, then looked at Jing Xi. She already has a boyfriend?

Helian Qingyu had just recognized her and hadnt had time to investigate her background, so he had not known whether she was still single.

But when Li Ruochu said that she already had a lover, his heart clenched up.

What a pity!

It was really a pity!

It was rare that he was able to meet a girl he admired.

As a noble general of his country, Helian Qingyu was not the kind of person who would take someone elses woman by force. If that was the case, he could only swallow down his pain, and said, In any case, youve saved my life. Next time, as long as you have need of my help, I will do my best to repay your kindness.

Oh, no, no. Youve prepared such a rich feast and it is already a very good favor to me.

Xu Xiyan really didnt want him to repay her a favor or do anything like that. Now her tummy was growling with hunger; it would be most practical if she could start eating as soon as possible.

Please help yourselves! Helian Qingyu invited them to dine.

Xu Xiyan exchanged looks with the other two girls, then picked up the chopsticks.

She plucked some food with her chopsticks, but before she could even lift them to her mouth, someone had kicked the door of the private dining room open.

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