Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 819

Chapter 819 The End Of Xu Xinrou

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The scene they saw was unsightly. Hua Zhenghong pushed Xu Xinrou off the bed as soon as he noticed a ton of people had just barged into his room. As for Xu Xinrou, she did not even notice them as she was under the influence of drugs.

After being pushed away by her sugar daddy, she climbed over to the people who had just barged in, unable to recognize who was who.

She grabbed onto Yi Xiaos leg and tried to latch onto him but was kicked three meters away by Yi Xiao. She hit her head on the wall and fainted.

How dare she touch me! Yi Xiao scolded in his head. Ugh! Its so disgusting!

Who the heck are you people? Hua Zhenghong scolded. What are you doing in my house? Do you even know who I am?

Who you are? Looks like I have to teach him proper manners! Yi Xiao raised his hand, and his underlings began to kick Hua Zhenghong until he cried.

Please Stop Ill give you whatever you want Just stop hitting me

Hua Zhenghong lay on the ground while spitting blood from his mouth.

Youre the movie director, Hua Zhenghong, am I right? Yi Xiao asked as he stepped on Hua Zhenghongs head.


Ive heard that you are good at directing R rated movies.

Yes That was before

Very good. You can have your old job back.

Hua Zhenghong went back to his old career with Xu Xinrou as his main actress while Yi Xiaos men supervised the whole thing.

There was only one female character in the whole movie, but the actors changed over and over again. They werent technically actors as they were beggars that Yi Xiao had found on the street.

As soon as they saw Xu Xinrou without her clothes on, they began to do what their male instinct told them to do.

That was how Xu Xinrou became a porn actress, a plaything for the beggars.

That was her punishment, a public toilet for the beggars.

Yet, someone was more vicious than Yi Xiao

When Mo Yutians people found Xu Xinrou, they were also disgusted by what they were seeing. After pulling her away from the beggars, they threw her in front of the gate of Moshui Villa.

Even a person as vicious as Mo Yutian was disgusted by her when he saw her as his car passed by.

His subordinates asked him what should they do with her.

Skin her and debone her, then throw her into the lake for the crocodiles. I dont want to see this disgusting thing again.

Yes, sir!

Mo Yutian left the villa and went to pick his younger sister up.

After Mo Yutian had left, his subordinates carried Xu Xinrou to the lake and started to skin and debone her before throwing her to the crocodiles.

And that was the end of Xu Xinrou, the punishment for the green tea bitch. [1]


[1] The term green tea bitch is a Chinese internet acronym that refers to a woman who looked pure on the outside but is instead evil on the inside.

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