Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous Ceo Chapter 321

Chapter 321 Sure I'm Not Picky

She wished she could find the culprit and destroy him!

“Anning ” Rong Yan sighed, feeling completely helpless about her.

Rong Yan pinched her face out of habit and sighed a little before asking, “I won’t force you if you don’t want to tell me but you must tell me whenever you can’t settle something. Alright?”

“Got it,” Luo Anning said with a nod, appearing a meek as a lamb.

She was just like a kitten which had been stroked; extremely sluggish and a little adorable.


Xu Zhiyuan opened the door and entered with a stack of documents. “Young Master Rong, the memory files have been consolidated.”

“Okay. You may go out first. I’ll be there soon.”

Xu Zhiyuan closed the door and exited. It was already almost noon and Rong Yan still had a meeting so he definitely could not eat lunch with her.

Luo Anning reckoned that since she didn’t have anything on, she decided to let him go first, “Go ahead with your meeting. I’ll go out for a meal and bring you some food back. Alright?”

It was rare for her to be so considerate and thoughtful. Extremely pleased with her, Rong Yan kissed her and said, “Great, of course. Bring a bodyguard with you and be mindful of your safety. Also, if you think it’s boring to eat alone, you may ask Lu Momo along. Get the chauffeur to send her over and accompany you.”

Rong Yan, who had always been self-centered, suddenly became so naggy and wishy-washy. Luo Anning’s heart was filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling. She laughed and urged, “Okay, okay, got it. Go ahead with your meeting. I will take care of myself.”

Rong Yan humphed and pointed at his coral-red lips.

He was obviously giving her a hint.

Luo Anning was helpless yet delighted. She quickly pecked his thin lips, and he happily proceeded to the meeting.

Luo Anning called Lu Momo, and found out that she was accompanying her mother for dinner and couldn’t get away. Hence, she had to give up.

For the past few days, she didn’t have an appetite at all and last night Auntie Li especially asked the cooks to make kimchi which was sour and very refreshing.

The thought of it made her salivate and Luo Anning began to think of having some Korean cuisine!

As soon as she arrived at the company, she ran into Mo Xiyan who was about to enter the office.

Mo Xiyan smiled and walked towards her. “Anning, what a coincidence. Are you going out for a meal?”

She could not be sure of what Mo Xiyan had up her sleeve and hence had no choice but to nod calmly.

“Great, I’m going out to eat too. I thought that you and Yan had already gotten off work so I came by without informing you beforehand. You won’t mind it, will you?”

“Of course not.” I obviously wouldn’t voice it out loud even if I do mind. I’m not a fool!

I still ought to pretend to be cordial on the surface.

Not wanting to give her a chance to see Rong Yan, Luo Anning said, “Rong Yan is still in the midst of a meeting. If you don’t mind, we can eat together. Are you alright with Korean cuisine?”

“Yeah, I’m not picky.”

She didn’t expect Mo Xiyan to agree so readily. She thought that the latter was bent on seeing Rong Yan.

After they decided on a place, the duo headed to the Korean restaurant near the office.

They chatted on and off and Luo Anning stared at the passing cars lethargically. She suddenly thought about the tragic car accident that her parents got into.

Luo Anning began to get flustered.

“Be careful ”

All of a sudden, her body was forcefully pushed away.

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