Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 A Little Sweaty...

Chu Yuan's face was as red as blood, and she blurted out, "Wipe your face?!"

"Yeah, why are you so surprised?"

"N... not surprised," Chu Yuan's bright eyes flashed a faint of embarrassment and anger. But she did not overreact this time. Instead, she stuttered in a timid manner, "That... that towel is mine... "

Girls liked to keep their stuff clean. I immediately realized my mistake and put my hands together to apologize to her, "Sorry, I took the wrong one. My towel is also white so I didn't know this one was yours. I will compensate you with a new one tomorrow."

Most men were like this. When they faced beautiful girls, they inevitably felt inferior. This was a mindset that was hard to explain when I actually bathed almost every single day.

"No, I didn't mean that," Chu Yuan stammered. "That... That towel isn't very clean. The red one is the one that is used to wipe face. Don't take the wrong one next time."

'Not clean?' Seeing Chu Yuan turned around embarrassedly and walked out of the bathroom, I instantly woke up. I followed her and said, "Oh, is that the one you use to dry your feet? Haha, it's alright. It's pretty clean, I don't mind." Indeed, I didn't really mind it, but after I said this sentence, even I myself also felt awkward. Why did it sound like I had a foot fetish?

"Not feet! That one..." Chu Yuan responded angrily. She seemed to want to say something, but in the end, she just turned around and walked even faster.

"It is neither for feet nor face, then it must be used to dry your body," I was still bemused, "What is there to be embarrassed about?"

"Are you an idiot?!" Chu Yuan was both angry and embarrassed. She shouted at me, "Who uses a girl's bath towel to wipe their faces? And you are still asking me what is there to be embarrassed about? Are you stupid?!"

But the towel that was used to clean bodies was definitely cleaner than the one that was used to clean feet, right? I was still bewildered, and really could not figure out how I offend this bratty girl, "Why am I stupid?"

"You... forget about it." Seeing that I did not seem to pretend it, Chu Yuan shook her head with a sigh and turned around to enter her room. "Can't believe that you are this dense, no wonder you still haven't gotten a girlfriend."

'Hey, bratty girl, is your butt itchy? You want me to whoop your ass! How does my inability to get a girlfriend have anything to do with using the wrong towel?' I had an urge to press Chu Yuan on my lap and beat her ass so that she would regret poking at my scar...

Thinking about how heartless Ms. Mo was, my heart was aching terribly as if the naughty Cupid shot me with the arrow of love, but ironically, shot Mo Fei with the arrow of rejection. It played me ruthlessly.

Chu Yuan did not know what I was thinking, she just said softly, "Careful with your feet."

"Huh?" As soon as I entered the door, I noticed that on the ground, there was a broken water mug. Probably after suddenly realizing that the underwear she had changed in the bathroom might be seen by me, she rushed out of the door hurriedly and accidentally broke it when

"I'll get a broom to clean it up."

"No need." With a blushing face, Chu Yuan stopped me and pushed me to sit on her bed. She walked straight to her desk and pulled out the drawer. "Let me apply the medicine to your head first."

Although her tone was still indifferent, her soft voice was like the warm air flowing into my body. After all, she was still my younger sister. My years of caring did not go wasted. She still cared about me.

Standing before me, she was slim and beautiful. Imperceptibly, she has already grown so tall. One of her slender hands lifted my fringe hair and pressed it. The other one carefully wiped my head with a cotton swab that was soaked with the liquid medicine. Her lips were pouted out to from a cherry-like shape and gently blew air to my head. It was cool, slightly itch, but fragrant...

Once upon a time, I fantasized about such a harmonized scene between brothers and sisters for countless times. It was just the ordinary things in other people's eyes, but when it really happened between me and Chu Yuan, this sweet and sour feeling just wet my eyes. I didn't even know how to describe my feelings at this moment because I myself also felt very strange about it.

"What's the matter? Did it hurt?" Chu Yuan, who noticed my strange reaction, flustered, and asked with an apologetic tone. It made me feel slightly embarrassed, and even more touched.

"No, no, the smell of the medicine is very sharp; it got into my eyes. I'm fine."

"Oh, okay." Chu Yuan let out a sigh of relief, continued to apply the liquid on my head, and said gently, "Just hold on for a few more seconds. It's almost done."

"Mhm." Although I responded, I still hoped that she could wipe a few more times, and let me enjoy the feeling of being an elder brother and the younger sister's caring, a little bit more. If Chu Yuan could often be so well-behaved, I absolutely did not mind her living in my place. With such a cute and caring little sister, I would only care about her even more...

"Brother, have you not eaten?"

"Mhm, I'll eat it after this."

"Oh... Do... Do those dishes taste good?"

"Delicious, haha, just like mom made it."

"Oh yeah? hee hee, as long as you like it, right... Do my underwear smell?"

"A little fragrant, and a little sweaty, but not bad... "

My eyes were closed while being intoxicated by the little sister's service, so I just blurted it out without thinking it properly. Only after I felt that Chu Yuan didn't move her hand for a while, did I just suddenly realize, 'Oh my god, what did I just say?!'

Trembling, I slowly opened my eyes. I was instantly greeted with a great devil-devouring-soul-like aura. The eyes of the bratty girl were bulging red, while her white teeth were gnashing in anger, making the audible noises. From the look of it, it seemed like she really wanted to put some things in between her teeth; for example, my neck...

"Yuan, Yuanyuan, listen to me... "

"Listen to your ass!" Chu Yuan was so angry that she was almost in tears. Refusing to listen to my explanation, she mercilessly kicked my leg. "Die, you sick pervert!"



Two painful screams appeared at the same time. My leg was in pain, and Chu Yuan's foot was in pain.


"Chu Nan babe, could you massage my feet, please..."

Looking at Liusu, who casually put her both feet on my thigh, I smiled helplessly. "If I don't buy a car, are you going to keep on doing this?"

Liusu suddenly became excited. "You've decided to buy it?!"

"Definitely not," I pushed away her slender legs and said. Seeing the ambiguous looks that many colleagues gave me, my brows slightly formed and said, "Liusu, you need to stop doing this, people will misunderstand it."

"Who will misunderstand it? And misunderstand what?" Liusu looked around unconcernedly and said to me with a smirk smile, "Nannan, are you afraid of being misunderstood by Ms. Mo? Oh yeah, by the way, since you went out with Ms. Mo last night. How was it? Did you make any progress?"

The question, which couldn't be avoided, made me very depressed. Yang Wei, who just happened to pass by, also had a great interest in this. Holding a teacup, he shamelessly approached us. "Yes, brother Nan. The rare opportunity that this brother created for you; you didn't waste it, right?"

I was like a deflated balloon, shook my head weakly. "Sorry, I wasted it."

"Seriously?!" Yang Wei looked at me in disappointment. "That was once in a lifetime opportunity. How many people wanted to have it, but you wasted it?!"

It was indeed once in a lifetime, but it was not an opportunity, but an accident. 'God Dammit. I slapped Ms. Mo's mother. If this isn't once in a lifetime accident, then what is it?'

"Don't listen to him. That's nonsense," said Liusu. She sneered coldly and rolled her beautiful eyes, and then she used a dubious tone and asked. Actually, ask was not the right word. It was as if she was trying to hint or suggest something, "Nanan, I dare you to say that nothing really happened yesterday?"

I shuddered all of sudden. From the confident look in her eyes, could it be that she knew what had happened yesterday?

No way

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