Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Chapter 18 Pure or Impure

After the incident, I sobered up a lot. The rest of the drive to the Rose Garden community was very smooth and steady.

Mo Fei was so sleepy after she vomited that I almost couldn't wake her up. Even after she opened her eyes, she could only say a few words, and then fall back to sleep again; but fortunately, I finally found out the exact location of her house.

She was truly the daughter of a rich family. The No. 7 villa she lived in was definitely worth around 5 million Chinese Yuan. The community had been built three years ago; from the time point of view, it should be a gift that Mo Yizhi gave to his niece.

After finding the key in Mo Fei's shoulder Bag, I opened the door. Then all of sudden, Mo Fei, who was sleeping against my shoulder earlier, suddenly straightened up her body and staggered into the house by herself.

"Ms. Mo, be careful!" I was worried that she would fall, so I hurried to follow her. Although Mo Fei was still drunk, she was very familiar with her home. Even if she had her eyes closed, she still found the light switch.

Following closely behind her, while I was amazed by the luxury decoration of the house, I also could not help but sigh. Inside the big and empty space, there was no other noise apart from the echo of our footsteps. No wonder Mo Fei felt lonely.

For certain types of people, having a permanent shelter in their lifetime was already enough to make them happy; and the so-called life enrichment was supposed to be based on spiritually and emotionally. In terms of the material pursuit, it was not very important. At least, that was how I thought.

And I believed that Mo Fei was this kind of person. After all, only a small number of people could afford to live in this kind of villa, so I couldn't say that other people were not happy.

I did not envy Mo Fei. Instead, I sympathized with her. The satisfaction of material life could foil the preciousness of love within a family. Other people might think Mo Fei had a great family; but to her, it was just like the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water; she could see it, but she would never be able to get it. Was there anything sadder than this?

I could not help feeling that Wu Xueqing did not deserve Mo Fei, this daughter and Mo Yizhi was totally a fool.

Mo Fei ran into a room through the spacious living room. I just wanted to settle her down and then go home; so I pushed open the red oak door that was carved with delicate ornamentation without thinking too much. Then my mind went blank for a few seconds.

Mo Fei stood in front of the toilet while both hands were carrying the waist of her trousers that she had just undone and looking at me with her glassy eyes in confusion.

'This is it. In this kind of situation, no matter how I explain to her, she is definitely going to call me a pervert from now on.' While I was thinking this, Mo Fei suddenly quivered a little, and as she frowned slightly, she suddenly pulled down her trousers as if she did not see me...

I did not dare to see it, and I could not see it. Panicked, I turned around, wanting to exit a room. But because I was too nervous, I bumped into the door. 'Fu**!'

For fu** sake. Those rich people really had too much money. Why would you use such a nice door for a toilet! It made me think that this was Mo Fei's bedroom'

While I was pressing my forehead in pain, I heard the pattering noises appear behind me. It was the sound of liquid hitting porcelain. How seductive was this obscene noise to a sexually mature virgin who was in the stage of hunger and thirst?

My face instantly turned red; my claws were shaking uncontrollably on the door handle while my palms were sweaty; my mouth was dry; my Adam's apple was moving constantly; and my heart was pounding like a machine gun.

Mo Fei was peeing!

After drinking so much beer, no wonder she wanted to use the bathroom. But even then, could she not wait?

'Hello, there is still a man here!'

Instantly, it was as if my feet had been nailed onto the tile by something; I could not even lift my feet now, let alone moving out.

Mo Fei let out a sigh of relief after the physical stress had been finally released. The water gradually weakened. However, it was like a babbling river flowing through my limbs, pumping something into my veins.

I started to feel very hot; even my saliva had also become like chili making my body temperature rise rapidly; and my imagination began to run wild.

Suddenly a "Plop" sound appeared. It instantly pulled me back from my fantasy. Subconsciously, I turned around, but then I suddenly realized that turning back right now would only make me want to commit a crime!

But when I saw what had happened to Mo Fei, I was startled. She was lying on the ground beside the toilet, not moving!

"Ms. Mo, are you alright?" Mo Fei didn't even pull up her pants, but she had fallen asleep on the toilet! I shook her a few times, but she just whined and didn't even lift her eyelids.

'Oh, my dear god, please stop teasing me!' Seeing Mo Fei was so drunk to such a degree that I didn't know whether I should be glad or sad.

Raising my head while closing my eyes, I helped Mo Fei to pull her trousers up. It would be a lie to say that I did not see anything. However, because I was too nervous, I did not see anything clearly.

"Ms. Mo, wake up, Ms. Mo?"

"Dad... Mom bullied me..." Mo Fei mumbled and hugged my neck; the tears also came out of her closed eyelids, "Dad, I miss you... "

"Bebe, don't cry. Mother bullied you, but I won't bully you. Babe, let go of me... let go... you are going to choke me to death... "

I really wanted Wu Xueqing to see for herself what she had done to her daughter.

Since there was no way to wake her up, I lifted her up and put her on the sofa in the living room because I didn't know where her room was. Maybe it was on the second floor, but walking around in a girl's house was obviously not appropriate.

Anyway, there was a blanket on the sofa. She could make do with it for one night. But just when I was about to cover her with the blanket, I noticed that the clothes on her chests were covered with vomit. Only then did I remember that she had puked on herself earlier.

"That policewoman! It is all her fault!" I cursed a few words, lifted Mo Fei again and took off her coat, but... It looked like there was more vomit on her shirt. 'Should I take off that one as well?' I hesitated. There would only be underwear left if I took off that one...

After thinking it over and over again, I decided to take it off! It was cold during the night time, so she might catch a cold.

I found a towel in the bathroom, wrung it out after rinsing it with warm water, and then returned to the living room. After taking a deep breath, I confirmed the position of the sofa, and turned off the light.

It was an accident earlier that I saw something that I should not have seen, but I should not make the same mistake twice; otherwise, I would be sorry for having such an innocent and pure name.

I groped my way slowly to the edge of the sofa and then helped Mo Fei lean into my arms. I tried to use my fingertips to fumble, and clumsy and carefully untie the buttons on her shirt, and gently help her to take it off.

During this process, it was not possible to avoid holding her bare shoulders. The smooth feeling of her skin made my heart beat rapidly. I kept repeating Amitabha and trying to self-hypnosis: 'I was a virgin, and a virgin is pure and a pure virgin is noble'

After placing Mo Fei flat, I used the towel to clean the vomit on her chest. Although my hand did not touch her skin directly, I still felt the amazing softness of her busty chests; and I vaguely felt that she was wearing the half-cup bra...

After I finished cleaning, my forehead was already covered with sweat. I was so exhausted mentally and physically that it felt like every muscle of my body was melting. Only the thing between my thighs was still very hard and stiffly upright.

I went to the toilet to wash my face while trying to suppress it. After cleaning the towel, I instinctively tried to use the towel to dry my face. Then I suddenly remembered that I had just used this to clean Mo Fei's chests earlier.

Although, I was still a virgin, firstly, I was not a pervert, secondly, I was not like those teenagers or young adults, who have a strange curiosity toward things like underwear, etc, that the beautiful opposite sex used.

But all of sudden, one thing flashed in my mind; the question that had been puzzling me all day and all night was finally solved!

So that was why she was angry! No wonder when I said that I used the wrong towel last night, Chu Yuan would be angry. The bath towel was used to wipe her body; so naturally, it included her chests and even the more private area!

I didn't really mind using my bath towel, which I used to clean my little brother, to clean my face. I also did not mind other people using it, but if other people lend me the bath towel that they used to clean their little brothers... I could not help but quiver a little. It was disgusting!

I had been thinking about this question from a man's point of view, completely ignoring how sensitive it was toward a woman. No wonder Chu Yuan was mad. And thinking that I even asked Liusu this question like a fool this morning...

'Oh, my God, I want to kill myself!'

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