Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Chapter 19 Why do you dislike me?


I suddenly heard a sound coming from the living room in addition to some muffled noises. When I came out to check on it, it turned out that Mo Fei had fallen off from the sofa again after she had just fallen off from the toilet. I did not expect that she, who usually looked so elegant, would have such a bad sleeping habit.

Her bra was indeed the half-cup bra; white-laced, sexy, but not flirtatious. It really suited her. Her skin was tender like water, fine like jade; and her smooth belly didn't even have any extra fat. The shallow navel was like a charming small whirlpool, sucking my sight into it...

'Oh no! What am I looking at?!'

I quickly moved Mo Fei back onto the sofa and tucked her into the blanket. Then I took out a paper and a pen from the suitcase, and left a note. In case when she woke up the next day and noticed that her clothes had been taken off, she would not mistakenly think that I had molested her. She might even call the police to arrest me because of it. This was the main reason why I didn't take off her bra. After all, having underwear on and off had completely two different meanings.

"Dad... I'm tired and lonely... "

Looking at her rose-red flushed face revealing the look of a silly little girl, I couldn't associate her with the image of a cold beauty in the company during the day. Her originally not-so-strong heart carried too much weight; perhaps, the father in her dream was her only inner substance. At that moment, I made up my mind secretly; as her friend, I would try to make her happy in the future.

"I'm tired... Dad... "

"Good girl, everything will be fine. Take a good rest tonight so that you won't be tired tomorrow." I stroked her long hair and got up to leave her house.

In the taxi, I took out my cell phone from the suitcase. It had been off earlier, and as soon as I switched it on, I received a few messages. They were from Chu Yuan.

"Why didn't you keep your phone on?"

"Your work finished at five! Why haven't you come back home yet?"

"I am warning you! Get back before seven!"

"If you're not dead outside, you'd better be back by eight!"

"Okay! You have some balls! I have already chucked the food into the bin. I will wait for you for another half an hour, or you will be responsible for the consequences!"

"You are deliberately doing it, aren't you? Fine! Don't ever come back again!"

"I'm going out to find you now! If I am kidnapped by other people, you are dead!"

My little sister almost sent a message every half an hour; and it was not difficult to see that she was getting angrier and angrier as time passed.

"Half-past nine; if I don't see you at half-past nine, I'll tell dad that you were bullying me!"

This was my greatest weakness. I immediately checked the time; the minute hand was directly at the number six's position. It was exactly half-past nine! Before I even had the time to dial Chu Yuan's number, my cell phone rang first. It was that her message again!

"Okay, you won..."

The first three words made me slightly relieved, but when I saw the next part, my face instantly paled.

"In ten minutes, I'll be rolling down the stairs. You just get ready to explain it to mom and dad..."


I couldn't help but curse. I knew the character of Chu Yuan very well. If this bratty girl threw a tantrum unscrupulously, you could ignore her, but if she started to threaten you, then you had to be careful, because she might really mean it.

The scene that had happened five years ago flashed through my mind once again. I was sweating profusely and dialed her number immediately. Then a calm woman's voice that had been cursed by countless people was the one who received my call, "The number you have dialed is currently unavailable..."

Sure enough! Switching her phone off immediately right after she sent me the message. She was really serious. My heart instantly tightened, and my hands and legs were trembling. I leaned forward and urged the driver, "Mister, I'm sorry to trouble you, but can you drive a little bit faster please. I have something urgent, and I need to get there in ten minutes!"

"It's already very fast," the driver said slowly.

"This section of the road often has traffic during the night time. You can literally ask any taxi driver in Bei Tian. Even the fastest driver also needs to spend 20 minutes... "

'Twenty minutes? That bratty girl would roll from the fourth floor to the main road!'

"Please! My wife is giving birth!"

"Giving birth!? Then why didn't you say it earlier!"

The driver's expression suddenly changed; and as his hand flipped the gear dexterously, the engine made a dull growl. The car suddenly accelerated, and the huge inertia almost threw me out of the rear glass. The big iron case shot out of the traffic as if it had equipped a rocket.

I was shaken like a dice in a cup, "S-Slow, slow down, not so fast... "

"How can we wait? The baby is coming out!" The taxi driver licked his dry lips, showing off a crazy smile, "Don't worry young man. Let me tell you the truth. I actually had a nickname before I became a taxi driver. I was called 'the eleven minutes legend of the second ring road' I can drive around the second ring road one circle in only just eleven minutes. Your journey is less than half a circle. Five minutes, I'll definitely get there!"

'Mom, this man is crazy'

The legend was indeed true; the man wasn't boasting. After I got out of the taxi, both of my legs didn't have any strength left on it, and my eyes were spinning wildly. Ignoring the feeling of sickness, I began to run while hearing the taxi driver congratulate me, "Young man, congratulations on having a baby!"

Thanks to his kind words, I did have a baby! A problematic baby!

I ran up to the third floor in one breath; and just when I was about to run to the fourth floor, at the stair landing of the fourth floor, I saw Chu Yuan who dressed neatly stand there, look at me, and then look at the watch coldly. Then from her uncompromising mouth, she spat out two words coldly, "Time's up."

Fortunately, my reaction was quick. I hurriedly moved two steps forward, spreading out my arms to catch her as she jumped down from the stair landing. I was exhausted, and both of my legs were still wavering from the crazy ride I had taken; so we almost fell off the stairs together after I caught her. Staggering to my feet difficulty, I scolded her exasperatedly, "What's wrong with you!? I'm already back, but you still jumped!?"

Although the stair landing was not high, from the way she jumped, the injury would've been inevitable. So how could I not get angry?

"It's none of your business!" Chu Yuan pushed me aside, and her face was full of anger. "Since you dislike me so much. Isn't that what you wanted?"

I was perplexed. I did not know what she was talking about, "Who said that I dislike you?"

Chu Yuan's beautiful eyes glared at me, "You!"

"When did I say that?" Although I denied it, I couldn't help but wonder if I had said something during my sleep. She might have gone into my room the night before yesterday and heard about it...

"Everything you did since yesterday shows that you dislike me!" Chu Yuan's voice was getting louder and louder. I wanted to pull her into the flat, but she shook off my hand, "Why didn't you come home early? Why didn't you answer my call? If you think that I'm only troubling you, then I'll leave!"

The more she said it, the more agitated she was. In the end, she even cried, "Yesterday, you came back late. Today, you came back even later. You didn't answer my calls and even switched off your phone. If you don't dislike me, then what is it!?"

Her words made me completely speechless. When this bratty girl finally calmed down, I smiled bitterly and said, "Yuanyuan, you have misunderstood it..."

"I misunderstood? How did I misunderstand it?"

When this bratty girl glared at me with her teary eyes, it made my heart ache; and I couldn't help but feel guilty at the same time. So I told her truthfully what had happened in the past few days. Things like Mo Fei had fired her assistant, so I had temporarily become her driver. In order to make her believe what I said, I also told her who slapped me, and why she had slapped me to emphasize the unfair treatment I had received. The tone I used and the expression I made was so pitiful that I couldn't help but admire my own acting skills.

Of course, I didn't dare to say that I went out to have dinner with Mo Fei tonight. Instead, I said that I accompanied her to go to a dinner party with some clients. In terms of why I said it this way, I also didn't know. I just felt that it was not appropriate to tell her this. Maybe I was trying to gain her sympathy, so it would be more likely for her to believe that I was forced to come home late because of work; or perhaps because I was afraid to expose the fact that I liked Mo Fei. This bratty girl would definitely think that I would forget about her when I was in love. Although it was kinda true...

The cut in my mouth had been initially discovered by Chu Yuan, and just now, she also saw that I was rushing home hurriedly; so she didn't doubt my words. The apologetic expression flashed across her face. After all, I was still her elder brother, even if she was angry at me, she would not help the outsider, "How could your boss do something like that? You were just trying to protect her. Not only did she not thank you, but she also slapped you. And, today, she even had the audacity to ask you to help her again. How shameless is she!"

Hearing her comment on Mo Fei this way, I felt very uncomfortable; so I smiled awkwardly, "Actually, she is not as bad as you think. Tonight, she even apologized to me... "

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