Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 My Problematic Little Sister

A table full of delicacies was laid in front of me. There were braised pork ribs, sweet and sour ribs, drunken chicken wings, and sliced potatoes dipped in vinegar... All of which was my stepmother's specialties, but unfortunately, I had little to no appetite. With two cotton balls stuffed in up one's nose, who would be in the mood to eat?

My stepmother knew that I disliked drinking, so she poured a glass of Wuliangye for my old man and poured a glass of orange juice for me instead.

"Yuanyuan, I know you really like to play with your elder brother, but you really need to be gentle!"

'Can you even call this playing anymore?!' Upon seeing my old man nod with a smile, I nearly went ballistic.

The cunning, bratty girl picked up a chicken wing and put it in my bowl while they spoke, making my old man was even more satisfied. "I'm relieved to see that you two are getting along well."

'Getting along well... my ass!' The bratty girl would only act cute before you guys. This was why I didn't like coming home. My pent-up, unspoken grievances were really hard to stomach. To hide my dissatisfaction, I stuffed the chicken wing into my mouth and said muffledly, "Relieved? What's there to be relieved about?"

My stepmother suddenly moved her chair close to me. She didn't answer my question. Instead, she grabbed the corner of my clothes and asked, "Xiao Nan, do you know about the relocation of Yuanyuan's School?"

"I know," spitting out the crushed chicken bones that I had stuffed into my mouth while thinking of it as Chu Yuan's feet, I felt much better. My Ah Q's spirit [1] was maturing, making me feel speechless.

"The old campus is indeed way too old. I heard that the new school was completed last year. I even passed by it around two days ago. It was big and beautiful. The teaching facilities were also top quality. It actually seems pretty good."

"It is good, but there are also some inconveniences..." my stepmother smiled in embarrassment. It seemed like she wanted to say something, but was hesitating.


"It's too far from home," said my old man. He took a sip of his alcohol and carried on, "the old school was only two bus stops away from home. Now the new school will need your mom to drive half an hour to send her to school. It is too inconvenient."

I began to have an ominous feeling. Nervously picking up the orange juice, I asked in a shaky voice, "You mean..."

My old man dropped his glass like a judge's gavel and said resolutely, "Let her move into your place."

"Pffff..." The orange juice that I spat bloomed like a lotus flower on my old man's face, "What?!"

"Is it inconvenient for you?" My stepmother looked at me, pitifully as if she was going to cry.

"No... It's not that... It's just that my place is a little cramped..."

My old man wiped his face dry and looked at me, who was trying to refuse, he spoke coldly, "You have a girlfriend!?"

'If I had one, I wouldn't still be a virgin!' I shook my head, painful thoughts in my mind.

"Then why is it small? Two bedrooms and one living room. Your sister can have one of the rooms!" My old man's face was grim. He was not even asking for my opinion. Like a command, he said, "Stay at home today and help your little sister carry her baggage tomorrow. Yuanyuan, later on, pack up the things you want to take with you."

"K..." I saw my little sister nod her head obediently, but the glimmer in her eyes told me that she was proud of her achievement. I also noticed a hint of ridicule in her eyes.

"Oh my dear son, I know you love your little sister the most." My stepmother's kisses were like raindrops landed on my face. How could I refuse it now? Feeling defeated, I could also only endure my stepmother's act of leaving many kiss marks on my face. It almost made me think that she was taking revenge for what I did to my old man earlier.


After lunch, it wasn't even noon yet. My stepmother went out with Chu Yuan, saying that she wanted to buy her a new desk. Although there were spare rooms and beds in my home, there were no extra desks.

My head felt heavy, and just as I was about to lay down for a quick nap, the sound of my phone's ringtone jolted me awake. Looking at the number of the caller, it was the culprit of my hangover - Cheng Liusu!

"Hey, Chu Nan, baby, are you still in the bed enjoying an erotic dream?" Hearing her tone, she was obviously gloating over my hangover.

'This despicable woman!'

"I'm having headaches. Not in the mood to talk. Bye." I really wasn't in the mood to have any sort of conversation right now. The news of my little sister moving into my place annoyed me very much.

"Wait, don't hang up!" Liusu hurriedly said. Noticing that I really did not hang up, she started whining in discontent, "Tut-tut, you are a grown man, don't be so petty. I just made you drink two more drinks; do you really need to hold a grudge against me?"

"Two more drinks! Miss, do you think those two drinks were beers? They were Bloody Mary Cocktails, alright! I really should have left you there."

It was the same whenever she dragged me to a bar. This damn woman was so stubborn when she was drunk. Unless I drank two more drinks, she would not leave. This had already become the prerequisite for her to go home.

Cheng Liusu laughed shamelessly, "Do you really have the heart to do it?"

I sneered, "Do you want to see me try?"

"Cold-blooded! Heartless! You hurt my innocent girl's heart. Wa... I'm crying... Wa..." Liusu acted like a heartbroken little girl.

We were both classmates in college, and we were long familiar with each other by now. Her boyish personality made it difficult for me to treat her like a girl. Dating, you say? That was just not the right word for us. Once, I tried to send her home while we were both drunk. I passed out in her bed with her. When we woke up the following day, both of us were only in our underwear, hugging tightly. However, upon further investigation, we realised that nothing had happened between us.

To me, Liusu was the best brother; To Liusu, I was the best sister.

Liusu eventually got bored with her teasing when she noticed my lack of response. She cleared her throat and asked, "Are you at home?"

"No, I'm at my father's house."

"What!?" She seemed to be very surprised. At the same time, there was a faint disappointment in her voice. "And here I really thought that you still haven't got up, similar to like before."

"Don't underestimate me." Although I said it, if it weren't for the call from my old man, I probably wouldn't have been up yet.

Liusu seemed disappointed. She muttered, "Originally, I wanted to give you a big surprise..."

"What's the surprise?"

"Why do I need to tell you? I'm gonna hang up now. See you at work. Bye-bye."

Hearing the disconnect tone coming from the mobile phone, I was bewildered.

'What is wrong with this girl?'

Anyway, based on her personality, she would probably forget everything in a few minutes. Putting my cell phone aside, I looked at the ceiling and began to think about my little sister's problem.

From the place I rented to her new school, it was only 20 minutes away by walk. It was indeed, really convenient. Chu Yuan has never lived in school before. So I could understand why she did not want to live in the school's dormitory. But just for this reason, would she like to live with her elder brother, whom she disliked most?

Although I knew it was my parents' decision, I believed as long as Chu Yuan opposed it, my parents would listen to her. After all, this bratty girl really knew how to please people. But then why didn't she fight it?

I still did not receive the answer to this question, even after Chu Yuan occupied half of my territory.

The next morning, my stepmother drove my little sister and me to my place. She moved her supplies into my territory, declaring the collapse of my freedom.

Chu Yuan had a lot of luggage. Apart from the quilt, pillow, and teddy bear, there were even two suitcases, three paper boxes, four backpacks, and around eight small bags.

In late April, the weather in Bei Tian City was dry and slightly muggy. I went up and down the stairs a total of five times. After carrying the last paper box to the fourth floor, my shirt was utterly drenched in sweat.

Putting the box on the tea table in the living room and shaking my sour and numb arms, I couldn't help but wonder what the box contained. It was big and bulky. If it weren't for the tape, I'd really like to open it up and move the stuff inside separately. It would've been less tiring to make two more trips than just one.

"Xiao Nan, are you exhausted? Quick, have a drink." It was still my stepmother who cared about me. Unlike her, my cold-blooded little sister was unpacking her stuff and taking over my place.

"Not at all, it was a piece of cake." I laughed bitterly. Taking over the water that my stepmother passed to me, I was drinking while walking towards the door of the room that now belonged to my little sister.

The bratty girl was very speedy. The bed was already made, and at the moment, she was sticking her favorite celebrity posters onto the wall. Why did girls like to stick things onto the wall? How messy was that!

"Where do you want me to put the white box?"

Chu Yuan jumped off the bed barefoot, landing on the floor with just one of her feet. Looking at the mess on the floor, she pointed to the bed and said to me, "There."

Saying one more word seemed to be able to make her tired; I couldn't help but sigh, and then said, "I think it's better to wait till you tidy up everything. Let me see what is inside the box. I may be able to move some light stuff in first. That thing is seriously heavy."



'Scared the hell out of me. Why is she so agitated?' Seeing me looking at her doubtfully, surprisingly, Chu Yuan's face blushed all of a sudden, "I mean, you move that in first, and I'll tidy it up later..."

Why did this girl suddenly get shy and speak in a low voice? After thinking for a few seconds, I realized why. In front of my stepmother, of course, she had to act like a good girl.


When I left the room, I saw my stepmother hanging up her cell phone and hurriedly running towards the door. "Xiao Nan, you can help Yuanyuan to tidy up first. The furniture company has arrived. They are waiting downstairs. I need to talk to them first."

"Oh," I responded and lifted the weighty box.

After a break, the box seemed even heavier. I staggered into the room, and before I had taken a few steps, I heard my little sister scream, "BE CAREFUL!"

"Ouch --" something tripped me. I fell forward, and my little sister's box was also thrown into the air.

The box cracked from the bottom and the contents inside spilled all over the floor. It was so painful that I almost could not open my eyes. However, when I finally sat up and saw the things that had fallen out from the box, I was utterly stunned.

'Oh my god!' My eyes were wide open, and my eyeballs almost popped out and fell onto the ground with my tears!

There was a DVD case near my hand. Of course, if it had been just a typical DVD case, it wouldn't have surprised me much. What surprised me was the cover of the case!

Two naked women held each other in seductive and obscene postures. Their almond eyes shone with a lustful gleam, their faces were flushed. A silvery ray of saliva hung between two tender red tongues. Four jade-like mounds were pressed against each other, with even the tips left uncensored! Two slender fingers could be seen exploring the dense black forest between their milky-white thighs, and I could faintly see a small creek flowing downwards...

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