Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Chapter 23 You need to hit him!

Once again, I declined Liusu's invitation to eat barbecue together. I told her the truth that Chu Yuan had moved to my place. Actually, Liusu and Chu Yuan had already met each other two or three times, coupled with the complaints that I often used to make when I was in college. Liusu knew deeply about my little sister's personality and the problematic relationship between us.

In Liusu's sympathetic eyes, I trudged out of the company.

The thoughts in my mind were tossed around by the words Mo Fei said before I left the office. For the whole day, I couldn't stop thinking about it. The women's thoughts were really the needles in the sea, no one knew what exactly they were thinking. If she didn't want to say it. I also didn't have the nerve to ask her if she remembered what had happened last night in the bathroom. If she didn't remember, then it would make me look like I was confessing something.

It felt like there was something in my heart. It didn't cause any pain, nor did it cause any itchy feeling. But I could not deny that there was some restless joy in the anxiousness. Mo Fei's friendliness was at least a sign of one thing, she liked me.

Light rain lasted for two days, and for the people who were locked in a cage-like office for the whole day, carrying an umbrella and walking in the rain alone, could be a very special, unique and refreshing experience for them. The gentle cool breeze blew the almost rotten-like smell away from my body, I felt more relaxed, in the reinforced concrete jungle, I seemed to really smell the fragrance of the soil.

I crossed the overpass, arriving at the stairs on the other side. Just when I was about to walk down the overpass to get to the bus station for the bus route No. 2, my mood, which had just been cleansed by the drizzle, suddenly dropped to the lowest point. I was very unlucky to see a very unfortunate scene happening on the stairway.

An old woman in ragged clothes was carrying a shabby big bamboo basket of rubbish. One of her rough hands was holding a dirty little child, who may be her grandkid. When they just made seven or eight steps on the stairway, they encountered four delinquent girls in bright dresses with exaggerated makeup who wanted to go down the overpass.

With such a narrow stairway, it would not be even possible for two people to walk past each other without bumping by accident, let alone four girls walking side by side. The old woman was probably paying attention to the kid earlier when she realized that there was someone before her, she instantly panicked.

"Smelly old woman, did you not see that you have blocked the way?"

Dressed in a gorgeous flowery batwing coat, the blonde-haired girl was holding her nose and swore. Her short hair was curled, making her look like she was wearing a head of red bean paste spring rolls. Her almond eyes rolled up, leaving on the white color as she complained, "Where are the city management officers? How could they let this kind of people walk around in the city to pollute our environment? Oh my god, they are so dirty."

I really wanted to walk over, pat her on the shoulder, and remind her that actually, immoral people were the ones who easily pollute the environment. So for the sake of humanity, she should chuck herself into the bin and think about her own misdeeds.

But before I even made a step, a fat girl had already stood out. She pushed the old woman over and then turned to the girl in the middle, "Older sister Yike, you may pass now. Your clothes are very thin, so you need to go home early in case you might catch a cold."

When my eyes turned to the girl in a ponytail with wine-dyed hair, I couldn't help but be amazed by her look. It even made me forget to help.

White POLO shirt, blue denim mini skirt, and the black-and-white mixed cotton stockings showed her perfect legs which also gave out a faint pretty and flirtatious feeling. She was wearing a pair of at least 7cm heels, which didn't match her cute baby face at all, but strangely, it was extremely eye-catching. And the thing that impressed me the most was the altitude of her mountain-like chests, among the four girls, her body was the most dainty, but her chests were almost comparable to Mo Fei's!

Could it be that this was a legendary girl with a baby face and huge breasts?

Alas, how did you develop those two? I could not help but have the desire to consult her about it. Perhaps her experience would be able to save the poor Liusu so that she could bid farewell to her flat chest.


Seeing his grandma being pushed over, the child instantly lost his mind. For a long time, they had been maltreated by other people; his childlike innocence had already been wiped clean by this cruel world. The hard life had already bred the wildness within him. He suddenly jumped forward like a crazy little bull, pushing away the busty delinquent girl who was walking in the middle, "You bad people! Don't bully my grandma!"

The busty delinquent girl almost fell down. When she finally stood still, she looked down and noticed that her white shirt clearly had two black handprints. A flash of anger instantly appeared on her face. The old woman saw the situation, she quickly put down the bamboo basket and hid the kid in her arms as she constantly apologized to the girls.

"If an apology is useful, what do we need police for!" The fat girl shouted. In order to show her anger in front of the big sister, she kicked the old woman's bamboo basket. The cans and plastic bottles inside all fell down from the stairs.

Seeing the old woman subconsciously reach out her hand to save it, my heart ached. Perhaps those empty bottles and cans might be worthless in our eyes, but for her, it was the only way she could make money, and that might be their dinner money today...

"Why are you kicking a broken basket?" The spring-roll-headed girl stared at the fat girl and scorned at her. She slapped the child's face and said, "You need to hit him!"

"No! Please, please forgive us, we made a mistake, my grandson is still small, he still does not know how to behave properly. I'm sorry, the dirty clothes, we will compensate..." The old woman reached her trembling hand into her pocket, her wrinkled face was filled with pain and sadness.

The fat girl snorted contemptuously, "Compensate? How much do you think this dress costs? I can't buy a sleeve if I sell you. Can you even afford it?"

The old woman used her senile body to protect the small child. However, after failing to find a way to kick the child, the spring-roll-headed girl suddenly kicked the back of the old woman in anger, "So what if he's still little. People who do not know how to behave need to be educated! Since I am here, then let me educate him! Move, you dirty old woman!"

"Don't hit my grandma! Don't hit my grandma! Ah..." the little kid cried out loud and struggled, wanting to get rid of his grandma. At such a young age, he had courage and a sense of responsibility, it was truly admirable. It was a pity that many passersby had not been touched. They either moved past them hurriedly or stood away from them, watching how it will progress. Nobody seemed to stand out to help them. Seeing the crowd's reaction, it undoubtedly boosted those delinquent girls' arrogance, another tall girl also joined and pulled the old woman away.

"What? You want to hit me? You little piece of shit!" The spring-roll-headed girl raised her arm. Before she can even slap the kid, a crispy slap already appeared. She was stunned for a few seconds, half of her face was red and swollen, and she was looking at me in disbelief.

"You are right, people who do know not how to behave should be educated. Since you don't know how to behave, I'll educate you on behalf of your parents." I shook my hand and said. 'Goddammit. How many layers of makeup did she put on?' It was so greasy as if it was the fresh raw pork meat in the market...

"You... Who the fuck are you? Fuck, how dare you hit me!..."

"Slap!" I did not hesitate and gave her another heavy slap, "watch your profanity; otherwise, I will slap you again..."

Now not only were the four delinquent girls shocked, even the old woman, her grandson, and the crowd that was watching were also stunned.

"I..." The spring-roll-headed girl wanted to continue to swear, but seeing my eyes instantly became very cold, she suddenly said, "I am a woman! And how can you hit a woman!"

Probably the passersby also despised me, just because I hit a woman. But I don't care, everyone received the same level of social education, so why should we be treated differently when it comes to bearing responsibilities?

Although I have some male chauvinism, I absolutely agree with the slogan of equality between men and women. I had already given her enough respect; otherwise, I would have already kicked her off the stairs. Anyway, I didn't do it to get the praise from the crowd or something like that. I expected nothing from the bystanders.

"Can't hit a woman? I don't think you hesitated when you kicked her."

The spring-roll-headed girl was choked by my words. While the girl was still thinking about what to say, I glanced around the crowd coldly. Seeing I was looking at them, a few people showed shame on their faces. I snorted contemptuously. None of them were willing to help when the old woman and the young kid were bullied by those girls, and they even had the audacity to despise me?

"How dare you treat us in such a rude manner in front of older sister Yike, are you courting death?!" The fat girl said as she threatened me, but she was clearly a coward at heart. She seemed to be far less clever than the tall girl. That tall girl had already stepped back and moved behind her big sister. On the surface, it seemed like she wanted to show the status of her big sister to everyone, but she was probably just scared of me hitting her.

If talking to them could solve everything, they would not have become like this, since their parents and teachers also definitely would not want them to become like this. Sometimes, you have to use violence against violence, and today they were lucky because they met me. I stared at the fat girl, and said unconcernedly, "You want a slap too?"

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