Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Chapter 24 a strange uncle and a strange girl

The fat girl didn't doubt that I was a ruthless, cold-blooded man, so she hurriedly moved back. Only until now did I slowly shift my cold glare to their leader - the only girl, who didn't join in the bullying from the beginning.

To my surprise, she was not scared by my cold glare; instead, she looked at me in the eyes calmly. Her eyes were like the clear water surface, I couldn't detect any emotions. After a while, she said softly, "Let's go."

At that moment, I felt like I was a little insect that was not worthy of her attention.

The spring-roll-headed girl was slapped by me, there was no way she would want to leave without getting anything back, so she hurriedly said, "Older sister Yike, this smelly man bullied me, how can we..."

"I said let's go! Are you deaf?" the imposing manner that the girl suddenly revealed surprised me. She looked very young, somewhere around 18 years old, but her eyes looked very scary as if a little tiger already learned how to hunt, although it had a lovely appearance, once its fangs were revealed, it would easily deter other people.

Three other girls were scared into quickly nodding their heads. Although before they left, they still stared at me angrily, but they still followed the girl obediently. I was secretly relieved, that girl, whose name was Yike, was definitely not an ordinary girl.

The onlookers also soon scattered, the old woman and the kid kept thanking me for helping them. Although the old woman was not injured, it was very difficult for her to move. Since I was already involved, I might as well help them to the end. So while I was complimenting the kid that he was such a good kid, I helped them pick up the scattered empty bottles and cans.

Because the bamboo basket had tumbled down to the road from the stairway, the empty cans and bottles inside were scattered quite widely. After we collected all the empty bottles from the staircases, I walked down the stairways, crouched down and prepared to pick up the rest. But suddenly two long slender legs appeared before me. Looking at the black-and-white cotton stockings, it made my heart skip a beat. Looking up, as I expected, it was that busty young girl.

In less than two minutes, why did she come back? When I was wondering if she brought someone back to beat me, I heard she snorted at me. "Huh! Stupid good guy!"

Then, she squatted down beside me, stretched out her clean little hands to pick up the rubbish on the ground without any hesitation. Only until now did I notice that she came back alone.

"Knowing your wrongdoing and willing to correct them, you are not that hopeless." I could not help but start to like the girl a little bit. She was not that bad.

"Wrongdoing? Uncle, which one of your eyes saw that I did something wrong?" The girl threw the bottle into the bamboo basket and looked at me innocently.

Looking at her big bright eyes, I was stumped.

Come to think of it, swearing and beating were all done by the three other girls, she did not seem to have done anything. Instead, she was pushed by that little kid by mistake and her clothes were dirtied by that kid as well. I let out a dry laugh, lowered my head and carried on to pick up the rubbish. In terms of this question, I really did not know how to answer...

Seeing my awkward smile, the girl snorted again. She then got up to go up the staircase and walk to the old woman. The old woman had the same reaction as me when she raised her head and noticed the girl came back, she also thought that the girl came back to take revenge as well. She hurriedly said, "Young lady, please don't hit my grandson. It is my fault..."

"Grandma, I am sorry, it was my fault earlier, are you injured?"

"Huh?" The old woman was dazed for a second. She could not believe what she had heard. This delinquent girl actually came back to apologize to her!

The girl did not want to explain much. She took out a purse from her pocket, pulled out a small wad of banknotes, bent down and put it on the old woman's hand sincerely, "Take this money and go to see a doctor. Maybe buy some delicious food for this little brother, just consider this a little gift... Ah~!"

Before she was able to finish her words, the little kid suddenly leaped forward and pushed her. Originally, the strength of the kid was not very big, but unfortunately, she was wearing high heels. Unable to maintain her balance, she directly fell down from the stairway...

Fortunately, the staircase she was standing on was not very high from the ground, otherwise, the girl would definitely have been injured. However, although she was not injured, that kind of fall would still be very painful.

"Who wants your dirty money! Bad people!" the kid's hands were on his waist. Clearly he had high self-esteem. Seeing this, I couldn't help but have a wry smile on my face, the kid was still too young. He could not tell that this girl and the other three girls were totally different.

I hurried over to help her up, "Are you all right?"

"I-I'm fine." Although she said that, I noticed that one of the heels was broken. Seeing the girl was still holding the railing struggling to stand up straight, I guessed that she probably had twisted her ankle. Her white teeth were biting the lower lip, the corner of her eyes had a few tears of grievance. Obstinate like a young adult, she forced herself not to reveal her sadness, it looked very pitiful.

The old woman was also in a dilemma, five or six hundred Chinese Yuan to her was not a small number, originally, she would have no qualms about accepting this money, but then her grandson suddenly pushed the girl...

I put the bamboo basket next to the old woman, took out two hundred Chinese Yuan from my pocket, pinched the little boy's childish but angry face and smiled, "Silly boy, she did something wrong, so she should compensate you, why don't you take it? How about this, just think that it is the money this older brother, I give to you and then take this as well. The rain will get very heavy soon, so take your grandma and go home soon."

Although the child probably did not know how much that amount of money was worth, at least, he knew that money could buy delicious food, it was because of the little stubborn pride within him that made him refuse the money the girl gave him. But when he saw that I also gave the money, the boy blushed and said, "Thank you, kind older brother."

The old woman also began to thank me. It made me feel embarrassed. I did not have much money in my pocket. Compared to the girl, I looked very stingy. Seeing the old woman and her grandson were soaking wet. I then decided to give them my umbrella.

After watching them leave, the girl turned around and stood there, holding onto the railing. She looked at me angrily and with her tiny mouth, she pouted in dissatisfaction. "Shameless, it was clearly my money, why did you say that it was yours? And you even have the audacity to call yourself older brother, clearly, you are an uncle!"

Uncle? Are you blind! No matter how other people look at me, I am still a fresh-faced young adult. This is an absolute insult to me, a direct personal attack! But I am magnanimous, I don't want to dispute with you.

"If I didn't say that that money was mine, do you think he would take it? Or do you prefer to see the old woman refuse the money?"

"I..." The girl was about to speak but then fell silent, and looked away in a fit of pique. Seeing her react like this, it seemed like she also agreed with me, it was just that she did not seem to want my help. Once again, my impression of her improved a little bit more. Although she looked like a bad girl, actually, she was pretty kind-hearted, she was much more lovely than Chu Yuan.

At the thought of Chu Yuan, my hair instantly stood on end. That little granny said that she had something she wanted to discuss with me tonight. I must not arrive home late tonight again.

But before I even made a few steps, the girl behind hurriedly shouted, "Hey! Stupid good guy uncle, are you just leaving like that?"

"Huh?" I turned around and looked at her in confusion. "Yes, I can't just stay here in the rain, can I? If I don't hurry up, I'll miss the No. 2 bus."

The girl was both angry and anxious. She pointed to her right foot that had been lifted up, and the high heel that was broken and said in a pleading voice, "If you leave, what about me? I sprained my ankle, and it aches badly. How do you have the heart to leave me here alone?"

"Just call your friend to come back and pick you up," I groped my phone in my briefcase, and took it out and said. "If you don't have a phone? You can use mine..."

"Are you kidding? The girl slapped my hand and said something that made me speechless, "if someone knows that I, Xiao Yike, is doing some good things, how on earth can I have the face to carry on living in this world?!"

What! There are people in this world who are afraid of other people knowing that they are doing good deeds? What's this girl's head made of?


"Uncle, don't move your hands everywhere, don't take advantage of me." The girl named Xiao Yike wrapped her arms around my neck, holding my briefcase in her right hand and her broken high-heeled shoes in her left hand.

To be honest, though my hands were touching her tender tights, the feeling I got from my hands was far less intense than the feeling I got from my back.

A pair of enormous bosoms, which was not supposed to be something that a girl at her age group should have, were pressing against my body tightly, making my imagination run wild. Through the wet shirt, I could even feel the temperature from her two soft breasts. I regretted taking off my suit jacket and giving it to her.

In order to follow the fashion trend, modern girls often dressed in very thin dresses. The same as this girl, not only her clothes were very thin, but she also wore a mini skirt. Although she was wearing safety pants, it was still not good. I could only lend my suit jacket to her so she could cover it. But then I was so cold that my teeth were constantly chattering.

Fuck, I must have insulted the god's daughter in my previous life or something. I was doing a good deed clearly, but why was this shitty rain getting heavier and heavier?

"I can still sense the baby smell from you. Do you even have anything that I can take advantage of?" I was not in a good mood so I retorted in an irritated tone. Watching her friends bully an old woman and a child without stopping them, now that she had finally met her retribution, broken her heel and sprained her ankle, but she was still so shameless that she wanted me to carry her home. It was her who was taking advantage of me, and not vice versa!

But I did not expect that this Xiao Yike was exactly like Chu Yuan. Hearing that I was making fun of her age, she immediately rubbed her body against my back repeatedly and said in a huff, "What do you mean that I still have a baby smell? This granny is already nineteen years old. Are you blind? Haven't you seen how mature this granny's body has developed??"

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