Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Chapter 28 Are You Jealous?

Alas, Xiao Yike, you little brat, don't let this uncle meet you again, otherwise, I'll let you taste the pain as well!

The next day when I woke up, I could hardly lift my arm. Chu Yuan, that little bratty girl, almost bit off a huge chunk of meat off my shoulder. If she didn't need me for something else, she would have done it.

The thing that Chu Yuan wanted to talk with me about, was in fact, just checking the opening of a Girls Love story she wrote.

The night I found her "Die if exposed" secret, I gave her some writing guidance, but I didn't expect that this brat was actually quite modest. She made some slight changes in the setting of the story and rewrote it again.

Surprisingly, in three days, she hand wrote nearly ten thousand words. Only after I checked it did she finally ask me, nervously, if she could use the computer in my room.

Last night I learned that Chu Yuan had already started to write stories and publish them on Qiandian, because she didn't have her own computer and was afraid that our parents would find it, she could only hand write it normally.

My old man was very strict, and Chu Yuan didn't like to go to the internet caf because she didn't like the atmosphere there. So she could only try to use the school's computer to type the story up and then secretly use our parent's computers to upload it.(1) Even so, she still couldn't update frequently. This was also the main reason why the performance of her novel wasn't great. At least, that was what she thought.

I didn't bother to find out whether it was the real reason or not, but I also like to read some stories on Qidian, so I also knew this that an author's update frequency was one of the important factors that would attract and retain readers, at least, I myself wouldn't read a book that updated only one or two chapters a week.

So, I agreed to let her use my computer to write her books. This way, she could save a lot of time.

Chu Yuan was very happy, and she forgot about the message that Xiao Yike sent very quickly. I was relieved by this, that damn Xiao Yike, it was all because of the stupid message she sent. It was all her fault.


"Nannan, Do you have the originals of these two copies?" Liusu put two stacks of documents in front of me and said with an annoyed tone. She leaned against my desk, er pretty face was downcast, as if it was going to rain soon.

I was familiar with Liusu's temper, so I stopped reading and closed the browser, and asked with a smile, "What's the matter? Who offended my granny again?"

Liusu snorted in disdain, "It was Zhang Mingjie, that annoying man, huh, just because he has a rich father, he's so arrogant. This granny will not fall for this!"

Zhang Mingjie? My brows twitched, "What did he do to you?"

"Take advantage of me, what else?" Liusu replied with eyes full of disgust, "I was just with the project team to get some documents, and he just happened to be there. He kept ogling me, as if this granny didn't wear any clothes, really disgusting!"

"What's he doing in the investment department?" I asked curiously.

"Who knows, but you should have seen how project team leader Li Qi tried to butter him up, it gave me goosebumps. Ew... I think they're the same type of person." Liusu shivered and said, then she suddenly changed her tone and asked, "I mean, Nannan, why didn't you have any reaction when I said that someone took advantage of me?"

"Wait what! Did he really..." I just realized what she said and there was a fit of strange anger suddenly appearing in my mind.

Hearing my angry tone, Liusu was first dazed for a second, then a smile appeared on her face, she quickly pressed me down back to the chair and calmed me down, "I was joking. He was just like a stalker, following me around asking me out for dinner."

"You agreed?" Although I knew that Liusu wouldn't agree, I didn't know why I still asked this question.

"Hell no. Why would I agree to it? Everyone knows what kind of person he is. He clearly wants to use his money to tempt me to sleep with him, but I, Liusu, am not that type of woman!" Liusu said.

Then she suddenly looked at me in a funny way and giggled, "Nannan, are you jealous?"

My heart suddenly skipped a beat. "Why would I be jealous? I'm just wondering if you like that type of guy." Although I said this, my heart was feeling extremely complex. It felt like my heart was tied by something, and there was a faint sense of panic...

Liusu was playing with the pen that she took from my pen holder, her face showing slight sadness, and I found myself unable to look her in the eyes.

"What kind of man do I like? You want to take a guess?"

I vaguely felt that whether I guessed or not the answer was still very obvious, and it was because of this answer that I couldn't face her. I didn't know whether I should respond to her or not. It was at this moment, the voice of the kind-hearted older sister Liu appeared, and saved me from my dilemma, "Susu, did you get the two documents I asked for?"

"I'm asking Chu Nan for the originals at the moment," Liusu said.I clearly saw a trace of pity flash by Liu's face.

Opening the documents that Liusu gave me, I took a quick glance at it. It was the letter of the intent for cooperation that sister Liu asked me to copy and send to the operation team and the project team two days ago. I could not tell whether I wanted to change the topic or change the mood, I casually asked, "Got rejected? Is this project not possible?"

The team leader Liu Xinlei said helplessly with a smile, "it's not that it's not possible, they just don't want to do it. Heng Xiang Real Estate is just an average company, and they just went through a big change. Moreover, after the higher-ups of that company were replaced, a young person was selected to lead the company. The people from the top don't want to work with such an unstable company. Besides, this 50 million investment has a long cycle but a low return, so the project team and the operation team decided not to do it."

The older sister Liu suddenly lowered her voice and whispered, "I heard that our company is planning a big project, which will be directly led by the people from the top. They have already notified Ms. Mo to focus on the short-term investment at the moment, mainly to recoup enough funds. So our group will not be very busy for a while. Hehe."

The process of recouping funds is simple, but it is a grinding job. However, from the general operation team's point of view, it was great news, because most of those things would be done by the other five teams, but we would still get dividends after we got the money back. This was the advantage of the general operation team, and this was the reason why people would often use "High salary, low ability" to describe our team.

At noon, Liusu, Yang Wei, and I arrived at the staff canteen together. Just after we got our food and sat down, we saw that rich and handsome guy Zhang Mingjie walking straight towards us with the team leader of the project preparation team, Li Qi.

Liusu's face suddenly changed and sat instinctively closer to me. Without even asking, I knew this guy was here for Liusu.

"Miss Cheng, what a coincidence. I didn't expect to meet you here," Zhang Mingjie greeted Liusu while ignoring the rest of us. He then carried on saying with a smile, "May I have the honor to sit here and have lunch with you? Of course, the meal is on me."


Even the aunt cleaning the 27th floor would find it hard to believe him. Who didn't know about the young master Zhang's dissolute character? Just like the last time I met him, it was as if those aggressive eyes were fitted with filters, and except for Liusu, he ignored everyone else. Even Brother Wei was ignored, let alone me.

Many foolish girls looked at Liusu with envy. This was somewhat understandable, but what made me almost puke blood was that the few good colleagues of mine from the investment department were looking at me with sympathy.

Fuck, those fuckers definitely thought, that Zhang Mingjie was here to steal my girl blatantly.

But Liusu was still Liusu, she didn't even bother looking at him and said, "Sorry, our table is full, but if the young master Zhang 'likes' this table so much, we don't mind moving to another table."

After she said this, the entire canteen fell silent.

I thought to myself that Liusu, this bratty girl, truly has a sharp tongue. The reason why she intentionally called him young master Zhang instead of Manager Zhang, was to indirectly make fun of him, and that he was able to get into the company because of his family, not because of his own ability, and mentioning how much he 'likes' the table was even funnier because now everyone would be wondering if he really had some weird attraction to tables or not.

"Cheng Liusu, How could you talk to the young mast- I mean manager Zhang like that?!" Li Qi said angrily as if he was a servant trying to protect his master. However, he didn't know that what he was doing, made Zhang Mingjie look even worse.

"Team leader Li, what's wrong with what I said?" Liusu moved even closer to me and looked at Li Qi without any fears.

"You..." Li Qi was speechless because her words were very ambiguous and could be interpreted many ways, so of course, he wasn't able to point it out.

It was only until this moment, did Zhang Mingjie notice me. And a faint surprise flashed in his unfriendly eyes, "You are..."

Since he recognized me, I stood up politely and said, "Hello, Manager Zhang..."

But before I even finished speaking, a tall and thin man with small eyes and sharp chin suddenly came out from behind Li Qi. He pointed at Liusu and said angrily, "How dare you, you are just an ordinary employee. How can you disrespect manager Zhang and team leader Li! Apologize to them!"

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