Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Chapter 29 Conflict!

I knew this arrogant and domineering punk, his name is Hong Tao, a distant nephew of Li Qi. He was currently working as the deputy team leader of the project team. I've heard he used to be a bouncer for a nightclub, so his background wasn't very clean.

This punk clearly came out to make Liusu's life difficult. If he isn't a petty-minded person, then he is definitely a cunning fox, getting Zhang Mingjie out of an embarrassing situation. With this punk's distraction, he could easily get out of this situation.

Sure enough, a smile appeared on Zhang Mingjie's face as he kindly said, "It's just a misunderstanding, why are you so serious, I think miss Cheng didn't mean to be disrespectful."

"What did I say that was disrespectful?" Liusu was a stubborn person. She carried on with her clear voice, "If I don't want to eat with someone, does it matter who they are?"

After Zhang Mingjie said that it was just a misunderstanding, he bent over and was about to sit down, as if what Liusu said earlier was just her joking around, however, he didn't expect that Liusu would carry on. He instantly stopped, his body still maintaining a bent posture.

Yang Wei and I exchanged a look, and let out helpless smiles tacitly. This granny was in a bad mood today. Clearly, she did not want to give them any face.

Hong Tao may want to show his loyalty in front of Zhang Mingjie, but the situation became much more embarrassing for them. It made his acne-covered- face red with anger.

He stretched out his hand, wanting to slap Liusu, "Fucking bitch!"

I was taken aback, but how could I let him slap Liusu?

Quickly grasping his wrist, I glared at him, "Deputy leader Hong, what kind of man would slap a woman."

Liusu didn't expect that Hong Tao would try to hit her. She jumped up and hid behind me, scared. Yang Wei also wanted to hide, but after Liusu and I both glared at him, he immediately straightened up his back and made a manly spirited posture.

Liusu this bratty girl! Making me clean up her mess after she caused trouble, this had already become a habit of hers.

"Who the fuck are you? Let go of my hand! I'm telling you to let go of my hand, did you not hear me?! Motherfucker, you are looking for a fight?!"

I think my expression was getting very ugly at that moment. The last swear word a motherless child wanted to hear, was like a burning cigarette butt being thrown into a gas tank. I instantly exploded with anger. Even if he was scolding my stepmother, I couldn't hold back my anger, "Watch what you're saying. I'm a nobody, but I can still fuck you up!"

"Threatening me, huh? Fuck you!" Hong Tao naturally didn't treat me, a nobody, seriously. He struggled a few times, but still failed to shake off my hand. Then, all of sudden, he lifted his feet, wanting to kick my little brother.

Fuck! Lao Zi, I, haven't lost my virginity yet, and you want to injure my little brother?!

I was so angry that I instantly kicked him in the shin.

Hong Tao didn't expect that I could react so quickly, and because of the pain in his leg, he instinctively bent over, trying to hold his shin.

I took this opportunity and punched him in the face, and he instantly fell to the ground.

Everyone in the Canteen saw a fight break out, and instantly caused a big commotion. This is a company, not a pub, and everyone is highly educated. Fighting very rarely happens in this kind of place, not to mention that it was a subordinate hitting a superior.

"How dare you! How dare you hit your superior? !" Hong Tao was punched by me in front of everyone, and as his superior, Li Qi felt like his face was also slapped by me in front of everyone.

Feeling humiliated, he grabbed a chair next to him, his two subordinates seeing him grab the chair, also jumped towards me.

Unable to stop now, I couldn't help but complain incessantly.

Zhang Mingjie glared at us angrily with his smiling face and stepped backwards. From this movement, everyone knew that he didn't plan on stopping them, and those who originally wanted to stop the fight, all stopped moving.

Perhaps because they have been doing office work for a long time, they seemed to move in slow motion in my eyes. I swung my fist backwards quickly to hit one of them, making him fall sideways and land on the table.

Liusu saw the opportunity to fight back. She picked up a plate of hot food and smashed it mercilessly onto the man's head, he instantly covered his head and wailed in pain.

At this time, the other man's kick arrived. I dodged the kick, grabbed his leg and threw him like a hammer. He flew away like a kite with a broken string, and then landed heavily on the ground. It's not that I was strong, but they were just too weak.

"Nannan, watch out!" Liusu shouted loudly. I turned around, saw Li Qi was just about to smash a chair over my head. Shit! I was too careless!

"Fuck off!" At this crucial moment, Yang Wei stepped out and threw a punch at Li Qi's cheek. Although the punch was not powerful, it still made Li Qi drop the chair and held his cheek while glaring at Yang Wei.

Yang Wei was a loyal brother, but he was not good at fighting. Seeing Li Qi looked like he was about to hit him back, he panicked. He almost wanted to pull Liusu over and use her as a shield.

I quickly grabbed a plate of shredded pork, jumped up on the table, and smashed the dish on Li Qi's fat face, knocking off two of his front teeth. The sauce also splashed all over Zhang Mingjie's clean suit, dirtying his clothes.

"Oops, young master Zhang, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Did It burn you?"

My face held a nervous expression, but obviously, no one believed that my expression was genuine, even Liusu was no exception, she even gave me a disdain filled look. All right, I admitted that my acting skill was very bad. Anyway, this punk deserved it.

Zhang Mingjie's face was extremely livid. He couldn't hold it anymore, but just as he was about to hit me, a cold voice appeared behind the crowd. "What are you all doing here?!"

The sweet voice was like a gust of cold wind blowing past everybody's necks, and everyone couldn't help but shiver uncontrollably. 'Mo Fei!'

I was once again impressed by how fast Zhang Mingjie changed his expression. Taking out an embroidered handkerchief, he wiped the grease on his suit, and smiled, "Hello, Ms. Mo. It's nothing serious. Just a little argument between colleagues, and it has been settled now. Everyone, please carry on with your meal. If your Lunch break is over, please head back to your office. Haha..."

This bastard really knew how to act. With just one sentence, not only did he make the whole situation look less serious, but it also made him look like he wasn't involved in it. By showing his dirtied clothes to Mo Fei, it also made him look like he was a victim. Looking at his fake-upset face, I really wanted to knock him to the ground and stomp his face in.

"Is it?" Mo Fei's sharp eyes glanced at the people that were still lying on the ground and said, "Is this your definition of a little argument?"

"This..." Zhang Mingjie didn't know how to respond to this question. He turned around and glared at those, who were lying on the ground, as if it was all their fault that he was caught by Mo Fei.

Mo Fei then looked at us three.

I smiled at her apologetically, Yang Wei quickly looked away, not daring to look her in the eyes. As for Liusu, she instinctively gripped my arm tightly, and then quickly loosen her grip and stepped back.

I knew that she was afraid that Mo Fei would misunderstand my relationship with her. So I was rather moved by the little action. However, there was also a faint of guilt and disappointment in my heart.

"Zhang Mingjie, you are a department manager of this company, why didn't you stop the staff from fighting?" Based on the way Mo Fei asked, it seemed like she had witnessed the fight as well.

Zhang Mingjie took a quick glance at Li Qi, who was very quiet and nervous, and smiled, "Regarding this, Ms. Mo, this is the internal matter of the investment department. It seems a bit inappropriate if I..." While he was talking, he suddenly saw Mo Fei's face was even more cloudy. Then he instantly realized he shouldn't have said that.

I secretly shook my head. This bastard always wanted to shift the blame to others, but he didn't realize that when he said those words, he just admitted that he intentionally chose not to intervene, so he could watch the people from the investment department making fools of themselves. It could even be interpreted as if it was Mo Fei's fault, and she didn't manage her subordinates properly.

Even Li Qi, that fool, also looked at him in disbelief, while covering his mouth, which was still bleeding. He did all of this for him, and in the end, he just sold him out like that.

"Team leader Li, I'd like you to give me an explanation for what happened today and send it to my office in written form before you finish work today," Mo Fei said. She then turned to me, and said in a softened tone, "The same goes for the three of you."

Her method was direct and efficient. She truly deserved to be called "Iron Lady". We, the two thick-skinned losers immediately responded respectfully, "Yes, Ms. Mo."

Nowadays, you don't have to butter up someone to get what you want. As long as you give people enough respect, sometimes, it's much better than flattering people.

Zhang Mingjie was not stupid enough to say, that it was not Li Qi's fault. After all, it was them, who started the fight. If he wasn't careful enough, his image would be ruined before Mo Fei.

Earlier on, what he said had already offended Ms. Mo, he must find a way to make it up. Therefore, he revealed a smile, that he practiced in front of his mirror thirty minutes every morning, and asked shamelessly, "Ms. Mo have you eaten yet? Would you like to join us? It's my treat..."

Countless contemptuous gaze instantly shot towards him from all sides. The other thing, that impressed me the most, was Zhang Mingjie's ability to filter out all the things he didn't like to see. He simply ignored all those contemptuous gazes.

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