Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Chapter 31 What is love

The smoke from the sandalwood curled up from the incense burner, quiet, elegant and pleasant. Chinese style dcor filled this spacious and bright study with a bookish atmosphere. Like the two glass cups placed on the antique-like mahogany round table, Wu Xueqing and I sat opposite to each other.

After Mo Fei left the room and closed the door, I let go of all my restraints, took out my phone, and put it on the table, then I picked up the glass cup and sniffed the fragrance of tea. Light and soothing, they were definitely good tea leaves.

"What? Too embarrassed to thank me in front of Feifei?"

"Huh! Who said I wanted to thank you? Don't flatter yourself, young man." In a sense, Wu Xueqing and I are the same kind of person. We both have a side that we don't want to show to other people, so I wasn't surprised by her attitude.

"Don't worry, I didn't expect you to thank me, and I wouldn't accept it if you did anyway," I said quietly, putting down my glass cup. "Because I didn't want to help you at all, I just didn't want Feifei to get hurt."

"You..." Wu Xueqing didn't expect me to be so straightforward, so she was at a loss for words. After taking two deep breaths to calm herself, she said, "Young man, the reason why I asked you to come here isn't to argue with you, so save your energy and stop talking nonsense, how about we make a deal?"

"A deal?" I suppressed my curiosity, maintaining an indifferent expression and asked, "What deal?"

Wu Xueqing suddenly smiled and said, "You like my daughter, right?"

This was my only weakness, however, she still discovered it. Although I quickly hid a faint of panic on my face, it was still detected by Wu Xueqing, who was as cunning as an old fox.

"Whether I like her or not, does it matter?"

Although I wasn't willing to admit it, the hook Wu Xueqing cast out did catch me, like a greedy fish. She was drinking tea leisurely as if she had expected my reaction, "If you do like her, then we can continue the conversation, but if you don't like my daughter, then you can leave now."

So, this is how you're going to play? I thought to myself that I had nothing to worry about, and said, "You can go on."

"Good, as I expected, you are a clever man," Wu Xueqing acted as if she knew me very well. It made me want to throw the contents of my glass at her face, "I can help you marry her."

As if thunder just clapped right next to my ear, my brain completely short-circuited, and I was unable to think straight. I looked at the woman sitting opposite me in disbelief, "You... What did you say? Say it again, I didn't quite catch that."

"Look at you, do you really need to be that excited," Wu Xueqing said contentiously, but the joy in the corners of her eyes was clearly visible, "I said, that I can help you chase her, and help you marry her."

In the past, people often said that misfortunes were always accompanied by fortunes, and with every fortune, there would be misfortunes. If something good happened to you, it could often be followed by a big disaster. This is the reason why there is the phrase, "Joy begets sorrow."

Therefore, even if I had dreamt countless times that I could marry Mo Fei, I still didn't believe Wu Xueqing, "How are you going to help me marry her?"

Wu Xueqing was very cautious, "You need to tell me first whether you want to or not."

I thought again, then nodded affirmatively. "Yes, I want to marry her!"

"That's good, but..." Wu Xueqing stopped smiling and said sternly, "You have to promise me one thing."

There is no such thing as a free lunch, she had a plan after all. "What is it?"

"I know you are an ordinary man, who doesn't have a house, car or money, but strangely my daughter seems to like you, so it isn't something impossible," Wu XueQing's lips curved into an evil smile, and her eyes flashed with the light of greed, "Mo Yizhi doesn't have a son or daughter, I think you know that already, as long as you marry Feifei, it basically means, that you will inherit that old bastard's property. Fengchang corporate group is so large, it won't be hard for you to take a little something, right?"

Although I'm not a smart person; apart from feeling like a fool in front of Chu Yuan, I still think that I am quite a good schemer, "What do you want? Money?"

"Yes! After it's done, I want two million." She said it slowly.

Two million Chinese Yuan and you sold your own daughter just like that?!

I repressed my anger, and looked at her evil eyes with distrust. "Two million? Auntie, you're very funny."

"You think that I'm kidding with you?"

"Are you not?" I said coldly, "There might not be a ridiculous amount of rich and powerful young masters, who want to marry Feifei, but it is definitely not a small number either. Two million is a drop in the ocean for them. You don't go to them but come to me, Huh! You want to set me up, don't you!"

Wu Xueqing was not flustered, a faint of helplessness flashed in her eyes, as she gave a wry smile "You think I want to work with you? Who knows my daughter's temperament better than me, her mother..."

Motherfucker, you still say that you're her mother? I nearly flipped the table and hit her head with it. Then I heard her continue, "There are many people who want to chase her, but she isn't interested in any of them, you're the only exception, god knows why she likes you... You don't believe me? Oh,let me tell you, if she had no interest in you, there is no way she would ever invite you to come to this house, as far as I know, you are the only man who has ever entered this house, apart from Mo Yizhi."

Although I knew that this woman was definitely saying just something that I wanted to hear, I still couldn't help feeling thrilled inside. At least, apart from me, someone else could also tell that Mo Fei treated me differently than other men.

Wu Xueqing was very satisfied to see the expression I made while fantasizing about Mo Fei, she once again revealed a confident smile, "What do you think? As long as you nod your head, my daughter is yours, and once you take over Fengchang, two million is just a small number to you. Besides, what do men want in their life the most? It's nothing but money and women, but once you get Feifei, you will have both, and I'm the only one who can help you to get her."

"Very tempting indeed," I said coolly with a frown, neither accept her offer nor reject it. "But what makes you so sure that Feifei will listen to you and marry me? To tell you the truth, our relationship now is nothing but slightly close friends."

Such a question clearly showed my eager attitude towards her offer, Wu Xueqing was also obviously very confident in her daughter's charm.

From her pocket, she took out a small bottle, and set it down on the table in front of me, then said mysteriously, "With this."

I looked down. It was a small tawny potion bottle. "What's this?..."

"GHB, also known as G water, a friend from Hong Kong gave it to me," Wu Xueqing smiled shamelessly, "I heard Feifei say that last time when she had dinner with you, she was very drunk at the end. So, I want you to ask her out for dinner and then put this in her drink... Don't worry, I have already diluted this. Nothing serious will happen. She may not even remember anything at all."

I may be a virgin, but I am not an unworldly idiot! Suddenly realizing what it was, I lost my cool and shouted, "Date-rape drugs?!"

"Shush! Keep your voice down!" Wu Xueqing almost rushed over to cover my mouth. Rolling her eyes, she carried on, "Don't worry, Feifei is actually a very conservative person. Since she already likes you, once she sleeps with you, she will definitely want you to take responsibility. Even if she suspects you, she will not do anything."

What kind of mother is she! Even the most vicious tiger wouldn't eat its own child, but she could easily feed her own daughter to a pack of hungry wolves without hesitation...

Is she testing me?

"There are many women like her, who see chastity is something that is more important than their own lives, and once she had that kind of relationship with you, even if she couldn't remember anything, she would still stay with you forever. Huh! Love? What do you think love is? Love is nothing but a hymen, it belongs to whoever breaks it."

Even if I was angry, I still felt embarrassed to hear her so blatant analogy, but she still carried on, "Love is like a flower seed. After the seed is buried, you need to use your heart to cultivate it. As long as you treat her well, the flower will blossom eventually."

The more she spoke, the more I felt that if she had a heart, that was as malicious as a snake's or a scorpion's. While she was saying the words that not a single decent human would say, her eyes were still filled with complex expressions, as if she felt pity... It made me really want to tear off her mask and take a look at what was behind.

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